Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Kawaii Weekend, Day 2 – Kawaii Event Evening

Emilie, Eveline, Agata and I left Karel V and walked around town for a bit. We took some pictures of the beautiful buildings and we soon arrived at a street I recognized. We passed a lot of people that looked in surprise at us, but we didn’t even really notice it anymore. ^^
Eveline knew the way to a little Bubble Tea place. We soon arrived there and we took a look at the menu, but since they couldn’t accept payment by card I needed to get money first. Only a few steps away was a HEMA with a pin machine, where we went inside. Two older ladies complimented us on our outfits. They were so kind. ^^ I put my card in the machine, but out of nowhere it said it couldn’t accept my card! I was quite surprised, but I thought maybe the machine was just having a malfunction. We went to another machine, but it also didn’t accept my card! For a moment, I panicked, until I took a good look at my card. It turned out to be my old one, which was apparently finally blocked by the bank. My new card worked fine. ^^
We went back to the Bubble Tea place and we ordered some delicious flavours. :3

Bubble Tea
My Bubble Tea~! You can see Eveline’s reflection in the mirror.

We drank our Teas while walking to the Domtoren. I had suggested to take a look at the courtyard garden there, but when we arrived there they were just closing! The guy working there said he was sorry, but he couldn’t let us in even though we looked so beautiful. I forgave him because of that comment. XD
We sat down on a bench and just drank our Bubble Teas and chatted. Some people passing by asked for pictures, some didn’t. One guy was especially very rude, because he just continued to snap pictures without asking, so I told him: ‘We will look cuter when you ask!’ So then he asked. Well, sort of. Weirdo. -_-
After we finished our drinks, Emilie and I practiced the Misako dance and recorded it for Emilie’s future video of the event (you can see it at the end of this post. :3). It was interesting to dance in the middle of the square without any music! I just hummed a little, haha! We also took some pictures in front of the closed doors to the Domtoren garden.

Dom Door
Four different Lolitas, four different poses.

Agata told us she had to go to her hotel to get changed for the evening event, so we offered to come with her. We had no idea where the hotel was located, but Agata said she knew the way from the station. So to the station we went. We got our stuff and just when we were about to go, some loud guys in Indian-like scooters drove up the square. They got out and told us they were having a bachelor party (they pointed at the groom-to-be, dressed up as Big Smurf) and if we wanted to participate in their trading game. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything trade-able with me, so we just took a picture with them. XD
We went on our way again and walked through the street leading up to the conservatory (I know this place very well), when suddenly a photographer approached us. We had a lovely conversation with him and he asked us if he could take some pictures for the Facebook page called ‘Humans of Utrecht’ of us. We were of course fine with it, so he took (a lot of) pictures of us. He also wrote down our names, but he got them all wrong on the site except for mine. Oh well, haha!
We continued our way, passing a lovely couple asking us about our ‘lovely outfits’ and reached the station (we drew quite some attention). We walked all around it, entered it, walked out again, passed some other bachelor parties, walked through many, many streets of Utrecht and finally reached the hotel. There, it turned out Agata’s hotel was actually really close to the Dom, where we had started our walking. Of course! XD
Agata’s hotel was really lovely and her room was quite spacious with a lovely view! It was so nice to rest a little, sit on her bed and get freshened up! We really needed to recharge before the evening event! We chatted about everything and nothing while Agata changed into a super cute Sugar Hearts outfit. ^^
Finally, it was time for us to head to Tivoli, the venue where the evening event was held at. Luckily Eveline knew where to go, that helped. We walked into a long street along the Oudegracht (‘Old Canal’) and we saw some colourfully dressed girls in the distance that had to be Lolitas. We reached Tivoli and started talking to some of the girls already there.

Waiting Group
Some of the girls waiting to enter Tivoli.

Slowly, more girls joined us, including three girls that were also colourfully dressed, but not Lolita at all! It’s still a mystery who they were and why they were there…
We were also joined by Hoa (aka Harlyharlekin)! It was lovely to see her after the Paris Tea Parties. She looked so amazing in her beautiful dress. Emilie and I talked a little with her and took some pictures.

With Hoa
Together with Hoa! ♥

Slowly, more and more girls joined us. Some had changed into different outfits, others were still wearing the same as during the Tea Party. There were also some people that hadn’t attended the Tea Party, but were there just for the evening event. When we were with a large group, some spontaneously started singing songs from the Spice Girls (including me, haha)!
Finally, we were allowed inside! The guards checked our stamps and then we walked through a long hallway, up the stairs, up some more stairs and then we arrived in the Spiegelbar (‘The mirror bar’). There was a bar, a knee-high stage, lots of lamps and some tables with goodies! There were tables with clothes and accessories from MFashion, but also tables with other items that looked like goodies from Misako and Rinrin. Emilie and I were some of the first, so we were able to take some pictures in front of the stage.

I really like this picture. I look so happy! ^^

After that, we quickly went to check out the tables. I wasn’t planning on buying anything brand-related, so I walked past the MFashion tables. The other tables did have Misako and Rinrin items! There was a CD from Rinrin and post cards and there were posters and pins from Misako. You could also buy Misako’s book! I wanted it for ages and now it was just in front of me! And the prices were so nice! I couldn’t help myself and almost jumped on the table! XD I ended up buying Misako’s book, a Lolitina pin and a Misako poster. I was so happy! *^^* Unfortunately, Leyla didn’t have any elastic bands to keep the posters rolled up, so I ended up using one of my bracelets. I thought that was pretty smart. XD
I put my goodies in my bag and put my bag away, when suddenly one of the cameramen walked up to me and aimed the camera at me. He asked me what I had bought, so I told him. Then he asked me where I would hang the poster. I told him I would hang it above my bed (even though then I would have to move my Hobbit poster away, but I couldn’t think of a better answer at that moment, hihi)! ^^
Most of the girls had entered the room now and Emilie and I chatted with some lovely girls, including May, who wore a beautiful red outfit (I didn’t even recognize her from the Tea Party, bad me! -_-).

Lovely Ladies
Some of the girls waiting for the event to start!

After a while, we were all asked to come up to the stage, where Leyla and Salla welcomed us to the evening event. Then, Misako and Rinrin entered the stage. ^^ They had both changed into different outfits. Misako wore a lovely outfit with her Juicy Baby Love Love Berries dress (I love that dress so much ;_;) combined with a hat filled with red fruits. She looked so pretty! Rinrin wore a custom-made red dress (I heard it was made by Angelic Pretty) with a bunny tail, a crown, bunny ears and even a candy cane-coloured scepter with a bunny on it! She looked sooo cute! *_* Misako and Rinrin welcomed us and were happy to be there with us. ^^

Salla, Misako and Rinrin
Misako and Rinrin in their new outfits! Misako looks very serious, hihi!

Leyla told us the program for the evening: Misako and Rinrin would perform their songs for us, everyone participating in the outfit contest would show their outfit in a fashion show, the Dutch Lolita Indie Brand 4 O’clock would have a fashion show, Scarlet Penta would perform some songs and then the winners of the outfit contest would be announced. It sounded like a fun evening! ^^

The audience listening to Misako and Rinrin talking. Emilie and I were completely in the front, hihi! ^^

Then it was time for Misako to prepare for her performance. Emilie and I were so excited! We had practiced so hard and now we could finally give it our best! Before she started, Misako went over some of the movements with the audience, so everyone could dance along a bit. Then, finally the music started! I could barely contain my excitement and Emilie and I couldn’t stop smiling! As soon as Misako started singing, we danced along as well! It went so great~!

Misako Performing
Misako in the middle of her performance! It was such a great moment. ♥

Emilie and I were some of the few that knew the whole dance and Misako was visibly happy we did! =D We couldn’t stop laughing, we had so much fun! I cannot tell you how happy I was that we had learned the dance after all! Oh I wish I could go back to that moment…

Everyone either danced or took pictures!

Finally the song was over and everyone cheered. Then it was Rinrin’s turn! Misako’s song had already been aired on Youtube, so we already knew it, but Rinrin’s song was a mystery. It soon became clear she would actually perform multiple songs!

Rinrin was clearly very nervous, but there really was no need to be! ♥

Even though we didn’t know any of the dance routines, everyone danced and jumped along! She performed three songs: ‘Kira Kira Dreamy’, a cover song called ‘Ramu no Love’ and ‘Oyasumi Kiss Me’. My favourite was the first song: it was so cheerful and cute! In the last song formed the word LOVE with her hand when that word was sung and we all picked it up quickly. Despite her being very nervous, Rinrin’s performance was amazing and full of energy! It was so much fun!

Rinrin Performing
Everyone enjoyed Rinrin’s performance to the fullest!

After Rinrin was done, we all had some time to walk around, chat, shop and all that before the outfit contest started. Everyone had gotten quite hot, so Emilie and I went to the bathroom to get some water and check our hair and makeup. We looked surprisingly nice after such a long day already! We walked around for a bit and talked a lot with many people.

With Fans
Rinrin and Misako with some fans and taking a self picture. ^^

Finally, it was time for the outfit contest! Leyla asked Misako and Rinrin what the participants of the outfit contest had to keep in mind while showing their outfit. Misako told us (translated by Rinrin) that we had to show the ‘point’ of our outfit. It sounded quite funny (‘What is the point of your outfit?’ XD), but she meant that we had to show the most important aspect of our outfits. We also had to make sure that we made some poses at the end of the runway long enough in front of the camera. Rinrin told us to smile and have fun on the runway. Then they both walked the runway to give us an example. It was quite cool to see them ‘modeling’ for us, especially because they both had their own unique style! ^^

Misako and Rinrin showing off their modelling skills!

After that, we grouped up in a line. Salla was busy putting everyone in the right order while Misako and Rinrin, the judges, sat down on chairs close to the stage. Some girls who were participating were missing, but soon we were all standing in line and ready to go. I was right after Emilie, that was nice. ^^ Emilie had given her camera to Eveline to take some pictures (and she took a lot, hihi). While we were waiting for the show to start, I practiced some poses and suddenly, a cameraman came up to me. He asked me what the point of my outfit was (*^^*)! I told him my point was strawberries and cherries and I pointed at the print on my dress and at the cherries on my head bow. Yay, interviewed again!
The music started and Salla ushered us on the stage one by one. It was really cool to see everyone showing off their outfits in different ways! Everyone looked so incredibly amazing and the photographer’s pictures turned out so wonderfully, I decided to not make one, but two collages showing the incredible models (in no particular order)!

Models One
Clockwise from the top left: Jennifer, Marina, Irvina, Jannike, Kathleen, Stacey, Nancy and Giulia.

Finally it was Emilie’s turn and then mine. We bowed to each other (huhu :3) and then I walked up the runway. Despite my nerves I had fun and smiled, just like Rinrin had said. I made sure I posed long enough and then I did a pose from the Lolitina song. Misako and Rinrin smiled, yay! ^^

Models Two
Clockwise from the top left: Renske, Ina, Kari, Josine, May, Marloes, Katie and me.

Finally, everyone had had their turn and Misako and Rinrin went into a separate room to choose the winners. We had some time again to chat and walk around while the dj was playing music. Misako and Rinrin quickly returned and I got the chance to have Misako sign my poster! ^^ I was so happy!

Misako Signing
Misako signing my beautiful poster! The bartender was so kind to hold the poster as well!

I also asked Misakowhich of the pins she preferred (there were two versions and I had been doubting a bit about which one to take). She liked the one I had chosen best, yay!
Emilie and I walked around a lot and whenever we got too hot, we walked to the staircase, where it was much cooler. There, we talked to some of the lovely German Lolitas and I also took some pictures with my Milky Berry twin Giulia! ♥

Milky Berry Twin
I really like this picture so much~! ♥

The DJ was playing nice music and somehow, I don’t really know how, we started dancing. And when I say dancing I don’t mean a bit of moving around, no, dancing! At first it started out small. We were standing in a big circle, jumping around and showing off our moves one by one in the middle and then more en more people joined us! It was sooo much fun! The dancing was even greater with our big and poofy petticoats!

Dancing Lolitas
What started out small soon became a mass of rustling petticoats!

I was having so much fun, when suddenly someone grabbed my shoulders and everyone formed a line behind me. I was the front of the polonaise! My dream came true! XD It was so much fun to lead everyone around and we were joined by more and more girls. The cameramen didn’t know where to film first! XD

A long line of lovely Lolitas! ♥

Finally the line split up and when Gangnam Style started playing we went totally wild! Who says Lolitas can’t dance!? Well I can tell you we do, woohoo! We formed another circle and one of the camera men quickly lay down on the ground and filmed us all while spinning around on the floor. It was so cool~! I can’t tell you how much fun we had, haha!
Finally, Emilie and I had gotten too hot and we stopped. Not long after the music got softer and it was time for the 4 O’clock fashion show. I just sat down on one of the chairs to cool down again. I had a nice view on the show while sitting, so it was fine. The dresses that were being shown in the fashion show were absolutely stunning (please check out the 4 O’clock site if you have some time, Linda Friesen makes the most amazing things), but I felt a bit sorry for the models who had to walk on the most difficult, Lady Gaga-like shoes. They were so high and heelless! One of the girls almost tripped. ^^’ But at least they kept a really nice posture.

4 O'Clock
Some of the amazing dresses! I especially love the white swan-like dress Linda Friesen is wearing in the last picture.

The show was over and I talked to some more people, including Hoa. We talked about school and work, which was really interesting. She told me she would be going to the event on the next day as well and I was a bit sad Emilie and I couldn’t attend (although later I didn’t regret it at all, we were so tired!). Then, it was time for Scarlet Penta to perform. She sang some beautiful songs and when she sang a song from the Japanese movie Nana, one of the Kawaii International crew members went totally wild, haha! He loved the song very much. XD

Scarlet Penta
Scarlet Penta performing in her beautiful dress.

Meanwhile, Emilie and I finally got the chance to have Rinrin sign our self-made cards! Rinrin was very happy to hear we liked the picture we chose of her so much (her wearing Candy Treat from Angelic Pretty) and she wrote some really sweet messages. ^^ I also got Misako to sign my book, yay! ♥
Scarlet Penta’s performance was finished and it was time for the outfit contest results! Misako and Rinrin climbed the stage and told us they had had a very hard time choosing the winners, because everyone looked so beautiful! In the end, they chose three girls and the prizes were provided by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright!

Misako and Rinrin ready to announce the winners!

The third place went to Miriam, one of the German girls, in her all-pink Lady Rose outfit! Misako and Rinrin told us they liked how the point of her outfit was clearly pink. ^^ Miriam received a beautiful brown Baby umbrella. The second place went to Josine, a Dutch Lolita, in her Snow White-like Alice and the Pirates outfit! Misako and Rinrin said they could really see her character in her outfit. Josine received a beautiful bonnet and wristcuffs set. Then the first place… *drumrolls* … went to Renske, also a Dutch Lolita, in her mermaid-like, mainly Taobao outft! I have never seen Renske so happy! *^^* Misako and Rinrin thought she looked like a Barbie, hihi! Renske received a beautiful, limited edition Baby, the Stars Shine Bright heart bag.

The three winners: Miriam, Josine and Renske! Renske just couldn’t believe it yet!

There was also a special prize, that went to the German Marina! Misako and Rinrin really liked her unique, colourful outfit. Marina received a jar with candies from Rinrin’s favourite shop. ^^

Winners Picture
All the winners posing with Rinrin and Misako!

The cameramen set up their gear to film the winners and Misako and Rinrin walked to the side of the stage, where they waved happily at us. They were so cute! ♥

I love them both so much! ♥ They are truly my Lolita Idols!

While the winners were being filmed, the others prepared for a big group picture. Finally the girls joined us and we took the picture! We also waved at the camera and said ‘Kawaii International’ simultaneously. ^^

Group Shot
The evening group! ^^

Finally, the event came to an end. Emilie and I thanked Leyla for all her hard work. Hopefully there will be an event next year again..?
There was still time to get things signed by Misako and Rinrin, but since my parents would pick Emilie and me up, I was glad we had already done that. We collected our things and quickly went to say bye to Misako and Rinrin. Misako thanked us and Rinrin asked us whether we would be at the event again the next day. She was so sad to hear we wouldn’t join them, but I promised her to send her my blog links as soon as I was done with the posts. She was happy and hugged us. She was just so sweet! ;_; ♥
Emilie and I said goodbye to whoever we could and left. It had gotten dark outside and I was hoping I would find the car soon. Emilie and I were talking about how great it was and how much fun we had had, when suddenly two guys on bikes stopped and asked for a picture. They looked pretty tough, but turned out to be quite sweet. ^^
We soon found the car and my dad helped us to get our stuff in the back. We sat down in our seats and suddenly felt how tired we were. I didn’t feel so sad about not going to the event the next day anymore. We talked with my parents about the event and other things and finally we arrived home, where we changed into our pajamas and went to bed. It had been the most magical day ever~! ♫

To finally end this post, here is the wonderful video Emilie made. Please go and have a look~!

Pictures are either taken by Emilie, by me or by M. E. Fotografie.
You can find him on Facebook or his website.


  1. Wow, that is a looooong blogpost :O But it sounds like you've had so much fun! You all looked amazing, and the events look very nice too. It made me smile even reading about it ^__^

    1. I knooooow right? XD It took me aaaaaaages! We had so much fun and yes, it was amazing. I wish I could go back in time! ;_;
      Thank you for reading dear!!! <3

  2. Wow, so cute and perfect *___* I want to go there too ;A;

  3. ;_; oh my god, what an awesome event! It would have been sooo awesome to be there. :D You all look so happy!

    1. It was amaaaaaaaazing!!! If there will be another event like this someday, please come~! I'd love to meet you! <3

    2. Hope there will! I have friend who is a huge fan of RinRin, so if RinRin ever comes back, me and my friend might attend if we have the time and money. :D

  4. ^-^ I had such a great time that day. I love the pictures <3 especially form us waiting to enter Tivoli ^-^ cute lolita together with all the poof. I never have seen my dress from the back :D funny.
    Seeing this blog post brings me back too a awesome afternoon i wish i could go back too that day now 0.0

    Thank you for a great day <3


    1. Me too dear! I loved spending that day with you! Haha, your dress is even pretty on the backside. ;)

      <3 <3 <3

  5. this sounds like such an amazing event, so many beautiful outfits and fun activities and everything ;v;

  6. Wow! It all sounds like so much fun! Gorgeous photos! And great job to Emilie on the video! <3