Monday, October 21, 2013

Kawaii Weekend, Day 4 – Goodbyes

The next morning we woke up, had breakfast and Emilie packed her last things, since she would return home on this day. While Emilie was busy, I checked my Facebook and read that Misako and Rinrin were leaving for Japan that day as well. Emilie’s flight would depart around 3 pm and I knew the next flight to Tokyo would leave around the same time, so I said to Emilie: ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if we ran into them at the airport?’ We laughed and then went downstairs, where we took some pictures with my pug Catootje.
Emilie wanted to cycle one last time, so we cycled to the supermarket where she got us some drinks. We sat down for a while and enjoyed our drinks and the sunlight. The idea that in a few hours Emilie would be home in Switzerland again was so weird… I didn’t want to think about it. ^^’
We returned home, where we talked a little about everything and nothing. I tried to do a special hairstyle from Misako’s book (looped braids with a hat) and then it was time to go. My mom drove us and Emilie’s suitcase to the train station, where Emilie said goodbye to her.

Glittery Bag
Emilie’s glittery luggage.

We dragged the suitcase up the stairs, waited for a little while and then the train arrived. We sat down and just talked a bit and looked out the window. We were still a bit tired. ^^’ Luckily when we arrived at the airport, we were reenergized again! We went up the escalator and we couldn’t help but wonder if we would see Misako and Rinrin again, but we didn’t really believe it. We looked at the signs to see where to go and went to the luggage hall. When we walked around the corner of the hall, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Just a little further away, I saw two girls dressed in bright colours! Misako and Rinrin! Emilie and I just couldn’t believe it! We walked up to them while they were busy with their suitcases. When I addressed them, they looked up and their eyes widened when they recognized us! They were both really happy to see us and they were so kind! We told them Emilie was going home as well (and we ensured them we weren’t stalking them, haha)! Misako and Rinrin complimented us on our matching outfits and I told Misako I made the hairstyle from her book. It made her happy. :3 Rinrin also asked to take pictures! ♥

Unexpected Encounter
I am still so surprised by this massive coincidence!

I was really impressed (and surprised) by the fact they were both travelling in Lolita! I was wondering if it was to keep space in their luggage or just pure dedication? Poor Misako and Rinrin looked a bit tired and Misako made a very jealous face when Emilie told her her flight would only take about one and a half hours opposed to their eleven hour flight. At least they could watch movies. :3 While someone asked Misako and Rinrin for a picture, we talked a little with Salla and then it was time to say goodbye. We thanked the girls again for the amazing event and we hugged them. It was so great. ;_; ♥

Ririn and Misako
Rinrin and Misako, even pretty while travelling!

Emilie checked in her bag and we went to Burger King to have something to eat. We both had a Hot Brownie (the same thing we had at the airport in Geneva) and Emilie tried a nice drink as well.

Our last food together.

We sat down and talked a bit. Suddenly, a random guy dropped his entire drink on the floor and just walked on, without reporting it to a staff member! I was really pissed off, so I went to warn them myself. Some people…
It was time for Emilie to leave and we slowly walked to the customs. We hugged, said goodbye, hugged again and then Emilie went through customs. We waved one last time and then she was gone. I was so sad. ;_; We had had such a great time, both in Paris and during the Kawaii Event, and now it was all over…
I took the train back home, where my mom picked me up. Sometime later I got a message from Emilie that she had arrived home safely. I really hope to see her (in real life) soon again! I really love her so much as a friend, she truly is my Lolita Soulmate and I am glad I got to share these amazing days with her! ♥ Let’s hope there will be an opportunity like this again soon! :3


  1. I'm happy you've had a good time! :) Wow, Rinrin and Misako looked wonderful while traveling, amazing!

    1. Thank you very much. ^^
      Haha yes they do right? =D