Tuesday, June 12, 2018

London ’17, Day 5 – Last Time Shopping and Going Home

Tuesday was our last day in London and since our plane would leave in the evening, we had plenty of time to do some last sightseeing and shopping.
We left our packed suitcases at the hotel and headed for our first destination: the M&M’s store.
We’ve been to this store before, but we liked it so much we decided to visit it again. The store smells of delicious chocolate, is very colourful and has numerous fun photo-worthy spots!

M&M's Goods
Taking pictures at and of items at the M&M’s store.

I really love walking around in this store, because it’s just so colourful. It’s like walking around in a rainbow! And they sell the most varying merchandise, like t-shirts and blankets, but also candy jars filled with M&M’s of course! Several floors are filled with amazing goods.
During our previous stay in London, my mom fell in love with this really colourful M&M’s shirt, but ended up not buying it. She regretted it ever since. That had been several years ago, so we didn’t expect the store to still sell this particular shirt. However, we ended up finding it after all! And this time, she did buy it!

M&M's Stairs
My mom walking down the stairs to the basement floor.

We walked around the entire store and got some things we liked. I got myself a cute M&M’s case filled with red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple M&M’s, to use it to store rings in after I had eaten all the candies inside.

M&M's Wall
One of the many very colourful walls at the M&M’s store.

After we had seen everything, we went to the checkout register and paid for our things. My dad ended up getting an cute blanket on a discount, which was very nice. When we left, we walked into a huge blue M&M walking around! We couldn’t resist taking a picture with him, haha!

Blue M&M
How often do you encounter a wild M&M roaming around!?

We left the M&M’s shop and walked on to Chinatown. Two people managed to convince me to participate in an interview for a YouTube video, which I did. I never looked up the video though. I lost like 40% of my English because I got so nervous. x)
We crossed through Chinatown and I got some very nice bubble tea at a cute Taiwanese place.

Posing with my bubble tea.

We walked on to Covent Garden, which is this really nice roofed place filled with shops and little cafés. There often people performing their art, like music or acrobatics. Today there was a lady singing opera pieces inside.

Covent Garden
Arriving at Covent Garden.

We went inside and looked at some shops, after which we picked a cute café called ‘Sweetheart’ to have tea, coffee and cake at. I ended up with a huge piece of red velvet cake which was very delicious. I have to admit I was a bit scared when the waitress came to bring our food, because of the incident that happened the day before. Up until this day I’m always a bit anxious when hot food and drinks are being brought over.

Time for tea, coffee and cake!

While we were sitting, the opera lady left (my mom adored her and gave her money) and a new group came in: it was a string ensemble consisting of young musicians. They were really good and fun!
We then continued our way to Artbox: a shop that sells all kind of cute items from for example Japan! After a bit of roaming around we found the shop.

Kawaii Artbox
The supercute Artbox shop!

The shop was really cute inside and I didn’t know where to look: the walls were covered in shelving stands with plushies, bags and other goods. The shop wasn’t very big, but it made for a very cosy atmosphere which I liked very much!

Kawaii Shop
Adorable and pastel items at Artbox.

My mom loved browsing the shop, but my dad stayed outside since he didn’t care that much (which is understandable. XD). I didn’t have any money left so I couldn’t buy anything, but my mom ended up offering me the cutest little notepad, which I very much adored!

Kawaii Notebooks
Aren’t these notebooks sweet?

We left the shop again and my mom and I followed my dad to our next destination: the Animals in War memorial. When I went to London with my school when I was around 16 years old, I had spotted this amazing scenery from our bus. I had told my parents about it and my dad figured out where it was, so we decided to go see it.
The memorial was beautiful and very touching. My mom cried quite a bit.

Animals of War
The Animals in War memorial.

By now it was time to head back to the hotel to pick up our luggage, so we took the bus. We bought some drinks and two cute postcards at the station we stopped at and then went on to our hotel. From there, we took another bus and a train and arrived at the airport very much on time. We couldn’t even check in my suitcase! After a bit of waiting, we checked in and entered the airport. Unfortunately the airport was really small and frankly quite boring. We spent most of our time browsing on the internet and having dinner. I did eat an amazing sandwich though! Something with goat cheese and sweet peppers, so good!
Finally, after a long time it was head to our gate and get on the plane. The plane was quite small and there were so few passengers that we could just sit wherever we wanted! My parents sat on the right while I sat on the left. The plane took off and we waved goodbye at London.

Bye London
Bye London!

The flight was quite short and within no time we arrived back in our own country. The sun was setting and turned the sky beautifully orange. It was good to be home again.

Dutch Sky
Back home after a short but great trip.

When we arrived home I was happy to see our dogs again. I had quite missed them! It had been a wonderful trip, but I was glad to be able to sleep in my own bed again.

Purchases of the Day
Purchases of the day

Thank you for reading! ~☆~

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