Thursday, December 10, 2015

22 Lolita Things

Today it’s Thursday the 10th of December, which means it is my birthday today! I am turning 23 today, oh my God.
I know it sounds stupid and childish, but I really don’t like the number 23. I am really going to miss that double two, haha!
Anyway, let’s get to the point. Or just any point rather. x) Today it’s my birthday! I’m afraid it’s not going to be an exciting one. When I am writing this, I haven’t planned anything fun and I am not really expecting any presents either, because I simply don’t know anything I want. I might update this post on the day itself if anything happens, haha! Thankfully, I am celebrating my birthday with a Lolita party on the 20th of December and I will not do it just by myself! Stay tuned…
Last year I wrote that I wasn’t doing very well and I’m afraid I am not doing any better these days, I am worse in fact. There’s not much to say about it, but in case you’re worried about me: please don’t. I’ll survive. Eventually.
In order to get through the days I try to find a ray of sunshine in little things. Last year I made a blogpost with a summary of ‘the 21 Lolita things that happened while I was 21’. I decided that, in order to cheer myself up a bit (since looking back on fun things is quite nice), I wanted to do a post like that again this year. I hope I can come up with 22 things though, pfew! So without further ado:

22 Lolita Things That Happened
When I Was 22

I made some special collages with pictures like last time, only now we have one picture extra! Just click the links to go the blogposts where I talk about these events. ^^ The pictures are not in order of time because of lay out appearance, but I am sure you will be able to match the right picture to the right event~!

1. At the end of 2014, I celebrated my birthday with a wonderful Lolita birthday party. It was the second time I threw a Lolita party myself and it was such a wonderful day! For the party, I had chosen a fairy tale theme and I dressed up as my take on ‘the Snow Queen’. I really loved my outfit that day! The other girls looked amazing as well and I was so happy I got to celebrate my birthday with friends. It was an amazing day filled with beautiful and super sweet girls. I had so much fun!
2. At the end of December, right before Christmas, I attended Summer Tales Boutique's special shop day. I got to wear my lovely Melody Toys dress by Angelic Pretty for the first time and my mom bought me a beautiful head dress as a present for Christmas.
3. I officially started my own YouTube channel! During this year I discovered I really enjoy making videos about my trips and Lolita adventures. I hope you will check out my channel if you haven’t yet! ^^
4. Together with my friend Michelle I visited the Dutch Lolita store MFashion. Unfortunately, this store was about to close down and since I hadn’t visited it yet, I felt like it was my Lolita duty to do so! It was a lovely day and I am happy I got to spend it with such a dear friend as well. This small event was also one of the first videos I uploaded onto my new YouTube channel.
5. February came with an absolutely spectacular event: La Vie en Rose in Paris, organised by Street Fashion Europe. I had so much fun at this event! It featured amazing brands like Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Triple Fortune, Syrup and Grimoire and I was incredibly happy and honoured to meet all the designers. I got to talk with so many amazing friends, old and new and I absolutely adored the fashion shows. It was an incredible day! To express my gratitude, I made a special video of me singing a song with videos of the event. Aaah, I still can’t listen to it, it’s so hard to hear my own voice! x) But I am overly grateful people liked it.
6. The day after the La Vie en Rose event was the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party! I really loved my outfit on that day. I had hand made several items for it and commissioned a beautiful head dress and veil to copy Misako’s bridal look from a fashion show. The Tea Party was amazing: lovely venue, amazing people and wonderful outfits! It was incredible.
7. I also won a big prize in the raffle of the Tea Party! I still can’t believe I won a full Baby, the Stars Shine Bright set: jumperskirt, blouse, tights and hair clip! I still haven’t worn any of them (boo me), but I hope to do so soon!

8. My friend Michelle celebrated her birthday with a Lolita party! She called it ‘The Curiousi-Tea Party’ and the theme was ‘all things mysterious’. So I dressed up as a bunny! x) A very curious bunny though, haha! However, Michelle looked absolutely gorgeous and the party was amazing. She put a lot of work into the food and decoration and we played Just Dance! It was so great!
9. At the end of April I did a Gothic Lolita photoshoot with Josine and Marcella. I was super nervous, but the two girls modelling were amazing and just looked smashing! In the end, we had quite a nice series of pictures and I am still very proud of what we accomplished.
10. I spent an absolutely lovely Lolita sleepover with my friend Iris! She let me wear her dresses and we made videos together. It was such a lovely weekend. Reminds me I should do this more often :3
11. This year one of my dreams came true (actually, a lot came true, but I’ll get to that): together with Iris I attended the Japan Tag in Düsseldorf. Iris lent me her gorgeous Angelic Pretty hat and gloves which resulted into a great outfit if I may say so. I felt really pretty and despite the bad weather I had a great day. I met many lovely people and I also got to meet two of my favourite cosplayers after the stress of thinking they had left already! I am so glad that happened. Great day! :3
12. Right at the beginning of July I went to Paris with Iris. And another dream came true: we visited the Japan Expo. I had always wanted to go there but unfortunately it never happened. It was super hot though, especially the train ride back to Paris was awful. However, I had a great time. I discovered the amazing group Takarabune, shopped a lot and met my Lolita Idol RinRin Doll, who just happened to walk around there! I was so happy I got to meet her again. ;_;
13. The day after the Japan Expo was the Angelic Pretty Tea Party. In the morning, we visited Princess Crêpe to meet RinRin again. Being able to talk with RinRin so much during this weekend was amazing. She really is my idol and she is so incredibly kind! I wish for every Lolita to meet her one day.
14. Even though it was really hot and I felt like fainting the entire the day, the Angelic Pretty Tea Party was still a highlight to me. I wore an outfit that I was really proud of and I got to talk to many lovely people. I was happy to be able to talk some more with Maki, Asuka and RinRin, who all mean a lot to me. It was also such an honour to witness an exclusive Angelic Pretty Fashion Show right at the Tea Party, featuring a print that no one in the world had ever seen yet! It was so cool.
15. During my last day in Paris I joined the Harajuku Fashion Walk. It was much cooler that day so I felt a lot better and it was lovely to talk a bit more with Maki, Asuka and friends.

16. The weekend of July 25th and 26th was very special, worldwide even! Because during that weekend, all around the world International Harajuku Fashion Walks were being organised. I was very happy and honoured to take over the organisation for the Dutch Fashion Walk together with two friends. I had a lovely day: everyone who attended looked amazing and everyone was so nice too! Thank you so much again for coming!
17. Another dream came true: my Angelic Pretty Tea Party outfit was featured in the
Gothic & Lolita Bible
. I am so incredibly honoured and humbled my outfit was chosen and placed among such lovely ladies. I still can’t believe it!
18. In October I went to Japan, with my mom. I am still working on the blog posts and videos, please wait a little. ^^ While in Osaka, I found one of my Ultimate Dream Dresses: Crystal Dream Carnival. I still can’t really believe it and every time I look at my closet and post this dress, I can’t help but smile…
19. I haven’t written a blog post about this yet, but I wore Lolita in Harajuku again. Although it was hot and I felt uncomfortable at times, it still felt special to walk around in my favourite style at the place it originated. I wore Wonder Cookie, one of my most colourful dresses and that I had actually bought in Harajuku during my last trip. It was almost like taking this dress home, haha!
20. Not long after the La Vie en Rose event, I was asked by my friend Josine to join her Dutch team for Street Fashion Europe, since the next event would take place in the Netherlands. Under the Sea, as it’s called, is going to be absolutely fantastic, I can tell! We are all working so hard for it to become amazing and I really hope everyone who will attend will love it!
21. Of course, special guests will join Under the Sea and next to our main guest Juliette et Justine we are also welcoming Akira! I cannot tell you how excited I am to meet her and for everyone to meet her too! I still can’t believe she is coming! *fangirling*
22. Please keep an eye on the Under the Sea event page, because more will be announced soon. It’s very exciting, I can tell you… ;) At least, I think it’s exciting. So I hope you think so too. ^^

So there you have it: all the Lolita things that have made me happy when I was 22 years old. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to come up with 22 events, but in the end it was easier than I thought! Let’s hope there will be more than 23 when I look back around this time next year…


  1. Happy birthday! I hope the upcoming year is a good one for you and your party goes off wonderfully.

  2. Happy Birthday, dear! I am sorry things are still not very good for you right now but I'm glad to hear that you know you can pull through. The fact you were able to list so many wonderful things that happened in the past year (so many fun events and travels!) suggests that even more positive things are to come. Stay strong <3
    I recently turned 22 and I agree-- it's a good number! I hope you will grow to love 23, too!

    1. Thank you so much sweetie! Your comments always make me so happy. <3

  3. I hope 2016 can be your year, I am rooting for you! It looks like the last year was filled with fun things, you make me so sad about missing the Paris events hahaha, but I am happy that you went though ! sounds [and looks] like you had a most wonderful time and that's what matters right! ignore the heat and uncomfy layers ;P hahaha. looking forward to your adventures in the new year. *hugs* [and ps. happy birthday but I already told you because this comment is supa late xoxo]