Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Summer Tales Boutique Very Merry Christmas Tea Party

On the 13th of December, only three days after my birthday, my friend Katie organised a Christmas-themed Tea Party for her brand Summer Tales Boutique. I had missed the last Tea Party so I was very eager to attend this one. I was very happy to obtain a ticket, since the Tea Party sold out quite fast! Go Katie and Summer Tales Boutique! :3
I had already started planning my outfit in my head when the announcement came that everyone who wanted could apply for the outfit contest. Out of all the applications, five people would be chosen. I decided to try out this time again. And I was chosen! I was so happy~! So now I had to work extra hard on my outfit! ^^
When thinking of Christmas, there are so many themes you can come up with to use for your Lolita coord. Christmas decorations, a Christmas tree, a Christmas angel, etc. I decided to go with… a Christmas gift! Of course I like getting gifts, but making other people happy with gifts honestly makes me even happier! So I decided to make that my theme. I decided I wanted to wear one of my new dresses: Angelic Pretty’s Toy Drops in pink. I bought that dress in Tokyo, so I haven’t written about it on my blog yet. Sorry…^^’ I wanted to wear this dress, because the print reminded me of colourful wrapping paper! I wanted to add bows and pearls and decorations wherever I could, like a big festive present box! I also decided I wanted to add something special to my outfit, so I decided to craft a small present box filled with glitter, which I would sprinkle around during my outfit contest talk. So a couple of days before the event I confiscated our entire dinner table at home with all my craft supplies and started working on my outfit. Not everything went smoothly (the cardigan I had in mind first didn’t match the outfit at all), but in the end I was satisfied. :3
The day before the Tea Party I was getting really down. I always lay out outfit in my head, I rarely try them on beforehand. Somehow I was afraid my outfit wouldn’t turn out well, but in the end everything was ok! I ended up really liking my hair, make up and outfit so all was well. ♥
This was my outfit. I really hope you like it! ♥ These wonderful pictures were taken by my friend Poppy.

Me One
☆ Christmas Present ☆
My outfit rundown:
Head piece: Summer Tales Boutique
Glasses: Wego
Blouse: off brand
Cardigan: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Jsk: Angelic Pretty’s Toy Drops
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Candy canes: offbrand
Gift accessory: handmade
Rosetta: Summer Tales Boutique
Garlands: offbrand
Bracelets: offbrand
Wristcuffs: Angelic Pretty
Rings: Angelic Pretty and Six
Bag: Disney

Me Two

Me Three

Me Four

Me Five

My mom was kind enough to drop me off at the Tea Party location on her way to something else, so I quickly joined the other guests who had already arrived and were waiting at the stairs on the side of the building to enter. Soon we could walk on and have our names crossed off the list by our host Katie (who looked lovely as always).
I had a bit of trouble finding a seat, since I didn’t want to be in the back of the room (walking around then would be harder). So I ended up at a table to the side with my dear Poppy and Saltje. ♥
I decided to walk around to greet everybody I knew and introduce myself to everyone I didn’t know yet. I had decided I wanted to talk to as many people as possible since I haven’t been to a meeting for a while. It was really nice to talk to everyone and look at their beautiful outfits! ^^
Then it was time to sit down and listen to Katie’s welcome speech.

Katie welcoming everyone to the Tea Party.

Katie also told us about her new collections coming out. It all sounded very exciting!
Together with Saltje and Poppy I went outside to take some outfit pictures. Some other girls joined us too. Everyone looked so pretty. *o*

Outfits One
Saltje, Joke, Poppy and Charlotte. ♥
Pictures by Poppy.

Don’t these girls just look lovely? Saltje, Joke and Charlotte also participated in the outfit contest. Saltje’s hat and Joke’s head dress and dress even lit up!

Blue Crew
‘The blue crew’.
Picture by Poppy.

I did take pictures that day, however not that many. That’s why you will see mainly other people’s pictures. I decided for myself I needed to have 100% fun for once, instead of hiding behind my camera all the time.

Lolita Paparazzi
Lolita paparazzi.

Then it was time for food! Our wonderful chef (and Katie’s boyfriend) had been working day and night to provide all the guests with delicious treats, such as sandwiches, cupcakes, chocolates and even scones with clotted cream and jam (which tasted really good)!

Some of the delicious food!

All the food was so good!
I now want to show you some pictures of the other guests. They were actually taken at the end of the Tea Party, but who cares? Everyone looked amazing on this day, so I had to make a selection. Here come some lovely outfits~!

Outfits Two
Liv, Petra, Savannah and Romy. ♥
Pictures by Summer Tales Boutique.

Outfits Three
Katie, Cenpai, Evy and a girl whose name I sadly forgot. ♥
Pictures by Summer Tales Boutique.

Outfits Four
Willemijn, Marinda, Michelle and Anna-Jorina. ♥
Pictures by Summer Tales Boutique.

Everyone really worked super hard to create the best outfit they could! It was amazing to see. ^^

This picture was just too cute, I couldn’t NOT post it!
Picture by Summer Tales Boutique.

Then it was time for the outfit contest! Whoa, I was so nervous for my speech! Everyone looked so amazing and had great stories. I was the last one! So I told them my story about making people happy with presents and how I incorporated the theme into my outfit. Everyone was really excited and surprised when I started throwing glitter around, haha! x) The voting didn’t take long and soon it was time to announce the winner. It was… me! It was me! *o* I couldn’t believe it (and I still can’t) and I almost cried (I am so lame haha). A really big thank you again to everyone who voted for me, I was and am so happy! Also, if you didn’t vote for me that’s okay because the choice must have been so hard!
But thank you. ;_; ♥
After the outfit contest, we took a group picture in the dark. It was so late already!

Group Picture
Picture posted by Summer Tales Boutique itself, but I agree wholeheartedly. ^^
Picture by Summer Tales Boutique.

The Tea Party was coming to an end, but since I had to wait for my mom to pick me up I had plenty of time to talk some more with people. Finally, my mom came and I said goodbye to everyone. It had been a great day, thank you all so much~! ♥

With Poppy
A last selfie with my dear Poppy. ^^

Thank you for reading~! ☆


  1. Your outfit looks awesome! And the Tea Party also looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Congratulations on your winning!! ♥♥♥ and you are looking very very pretty and adorable!! :* and the other girls as well.. ^-^ ♡