Friday, December 25, 2015

Behind the Mask 2015

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day (or maybe even two) and that you can spend it with your loved ones. Usually I make a special Christmas post, however I have a few blog posts in line I really want to post before the end of the year, so I decided to schedule this one on Christmas. Here we go! It’s going to be a ‘mainly pictures’-kind of blog post, sorry about that. ^^

You will never hear me say I am a good photographer. ‘Decent’ is a word I would use: I am able to take pictures of people without cutting off their head or feet. So when a few of my friends and organisers of the event ‘Behind the Mask’ asked me whether I wanted to be the photographer for their next event, I was incredibly honoured and said yes! Behind the Mask is a Dutch Lolita event. You are supposed to wear a mask on your face or incorporated in your outfit somewhere to this event. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend last year, but this year I did! So on Sunday the 15th of November I headed to Breda. The event took place in a charming venue called ‘the Avenue’. Wooden horses hung from the ceiling above the stairs and the dance hall had a small stage. Slowly, people started to come in. Many of my friends joined and also girls from Belgium and Germany attended, which was really amazing!

The lovely event venue.

I set up my gear and took pictures of whoever wanted. I wasn’t dressed in Lolita myself, as I wanted to feel free to move around a lot. So this time, there will be no pictures of me whatsoever. Luckily, everyone at this event looked lovely so you won’t miss me. ;) Here are some of my favourite outfits. I wish I could have included everyone, but I forced myself to choose~! The theme of the event was ‘Circus Extravaganza’ and it was really fun to see how people had used this for their outfits

Outfits One
Saltje, Poppy & Alexander, Lise, Liv and Marcella. ♥

Outfits Two
Naomi, Ami, May, Miriam and Chantal. ♥

Outfits Three
Kitch, Bee, Nancy, Hashi Candy and Lunie. ♥

There was also a baroque dancing class! Even though it seemed easy at first, it turned out to be quite challenging. I hope it was as much fun to do as to watch it!

Dance Master
The teacher explained the first moves.

A lot of people joined in, which was great because it really filled the room with dancing people. The sound of the rustling petticoats was really nice. ^^

Dancing Lolitas
Some people took the dancing quite seriously!

The music used was also really catchy. It stuck in my head for three days! x) However, it was worth it, because at the end of the class everyone performed their dance together and it looked really cool and elegant!

Dance Class
Dancing in Lolita seems like so much fun!

After the dancing lesson it was lunch time. Sandwiches and salads were served. I think everyone needed their energy, so some food was great!

Lunch Time
Time to eat!

Since my picture corner had gotten too dark to take pictures I continued to snap some more pictures of people in the main room. Aaah everyone looked so lovely!

Outfits Four
Eline, Sophie, Astrid, Danique and Miranda. ♥

There was also a ‘guess the print’-game and of course the stalls (that I hadn’t mentioned before) to keep everyone busy until the event came to an end. The winner of the ‘Best mas’ was announced: it was Astrid! Then it was time for the group picture!

Group of Masks
Event group picture.

After my dangerous adventures of climbing on a table to take group pictures I quickly snapped a picture of the organisers before my camera died.

Organisers Marinda, Katie, Anna, Josine and Renske.

The event was absolutely lovely and it was great to be there, even as the photographer. I hope the guests had as much fun as I had. ^^ Also, we need more masked balls! Masks are awesome! *o*

Behind the Mask 2015.

A big thank you to the amazing organisers, stall holders and of course the guests! You all looked amazing! ♥


  1. The event was really great :)
    And I think your pictures are very good!!!

    1. I am so happy you enjoyed yourself! <3
      Thank you sweetie!

  2. Beautiful post for a wonderful event with fabulous girls <3

    1. I am so glad you like it! It's such a simple post this time haha.
      <3 <3 <3