Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Summer Tales Boutique’s Christmas Cute Shopday

On Sunday the 21st of December I went to visit the Summer Tales Boutique with my mom! Katie had organised a special day for the Dutch Lolitas to come visit the store to meet up and maybe buy some last Christmas presents. Initially I wasn’t sure whether I could go, but it was my mom who suggested to drive there together! So on the morning of the 21st, we got in the car and drove to the shop, which was very nice. ^^
For this occasion, I wanted to wear Lolita but not a too elaborate outfit. So I decided to wear a dress I had never worn before, Angelic Pretty’s Melody Toys, but in a fairly casual coordination. I also wanted to wear one of my Summer Tales Boutique items, so I decided to wear my bear hat. Melody Toys has bears on it, so I put as much bears into my outfit as I could, haha! Here is my outfit, I hope you like it:

Melody Bears One
♫ Melody Bears ♫
My outfit rundown:
Bear hat: Summer Tales Boutique
Cardigan: Primark
Jsk: Angelic Pretty’s Melody Toys
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Bodyline
Bear clips: offbrand
Ring: Angelic Pretty
Pochette: Angelic Pretty
Vest: Primark

Melody Bears Two

Melody Bears Three

Melody Bears Four

Melody Bears Five

I borrowed my mom’s pink vest (or whatever the appropriate term is in English ^^’), which matched my outfit surprisingly well! I also discovered that day that the bear pochette I have won at the Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris is actually the bear from the Melody Toys print! I had never noticed before!
My mom and I were the first to arrive, even though we weren’t super early. But it did give us the opportunity to talk with Katie and her boyfriend and explore the shop before everyone else.

Summer Tales Boutique
The small, but always cosy-looking Summer Tales Boutique.

Since a short while Katie’s shop also carries their first Japanese Lolita brand: Innocent World. Katie was wearing the bordeaux version of Antique Cutlery herself, which looked really pretty, but I totally fell in love with the sax version of the ‘A Maiden’s Prayer on a Starry Sky’, which was on display. What a beautiful dress!

On Diaplay
Summer Tales Boutique’s ‘Macaron Dream’ and Innocent World’s ‘A Maiden’s Prayer
on a Starry Sky’.

Ah yes, that dress… So pretty! It has music notes on it and I have a soft spot for prints with music notes. :3 But well, I couldn’t afford a purchase that big unfortunately. Oh well…
Katie had posted a picture of one of her new hair accessories the day before on Facebook. It was a hair band with pink flowers, a butterfly and a feather and I immediately loved it! Unfortunately, another Lolita liked it a lot too and asked if she could reserve it to pick it up on the shopping day. Oh well.

Fowers and Feather
The beautiful pink hair piece.

I don’t know why I did it, but I asked Katie whether that particular hair piece was the one she had posted on Facebook and she said she had made two of them! I was quite happy about it but it didn’t matter anyway, because I ended up not buying it. But can you believe it!? Somewhere during the day while I was somewhere off, my mom secretly bought it for me as a Christmas present! My sweet mom. ♥
We went upstairs for some tea or coffee and sweets. The cookies and chocolates served were so good! *_*

Cookies and Sweets
Sweets. ♡

Meanwhile, more people were arriving and we talked for a while. Eventually, I went downstairs again to take some pictures of people. ^^ Unfortunately, I didn’t get to photograph everyone, but well, I tried~! Yay for outfit pictures!

Outfits One
Outfit pictures. ❈

Outfits Two
Outfit pictures. ❅

Outfits Three
Outfit pictures. ❇

Many lovely outfits as usual as you can see. ^^ Because there was no tea party and there was no theme, everyone came in whatever they felt like, which was nice for a change. I also tried to take detail shots again and some came out quite nicely if I may say so myself.

Details. They can really make an outfit complete.

The rest of the day I spent browsing the shop, talking, taking pictures and trying to persuade one of my fellow Lolitas to buy that amazing Innocent World cutlery dress. When the group of guests went upstairs to participate in a fimo clay workshop, my mom and I decided to go home. Katie gave us a cute Christmas decoration to commemorate the day.

I chose a star, my mom a moose. ^^

My mom and I left and enjoyed the ride home. It had been a very fun day. ^^ I hope to wear the flower hair piece soon, it’s so pretty! ♥

Wow, my very last post of the year! Usually I make a special New Year’s post, but this time I won’t (sorry…). I hope you enjoyed Lolita Wonderland in 2014 and that you will continue to enjoy it in 2015! *o* Thank you so much for your support!

Love, xxx


  1. Your outfit is so pretty! You look like a cute Teddy Bear :D
    I also own the AP bear and never realized that it was from Melody Toys!

    1. Whoa thank you so much sweetheart! <3
      Haha I know right? Mystery solved~!