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Interview with the Lolita: Fahr

Tomorrow, Saturday the 6th of December, it’s the winter edition of International Lolita Day! Do you have anything exciting planned? I am looking forward to all the pictures and posts! ^^ Unfortunately, I am not doing anything special myself, but I am very excited to introduce you to the next person who I interviewed for ‘Interview with the Lolita’! She is a Lolita originally from Germany, now living in Scotland. You might have seen her awesome cosplay photos passing you by on Tumblr, but she is also an amazing Lolita and a long-time inspiration of mine. Here is: Fahr!

Lolita Wonderland: First, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Fahr: My name is Fahr Sindram, I was born in 1981, in a little town in North Germany. After spending my youth in Portugal, I decided to become an author and mangaka, but after getting over my obsession for Japanese comics I started more and more to write stories in the comic area in my own style. My hobbies are YouTubing, cosplay and lately collecting plush alpacas (I know, I know) and Little Twin Stars. Oh and I'm learning to sew right now, so maybe I'll come up with some dresses in the future, but I doubt it. Right now I am working on books and comics and live with my flatmate and two cats and argue if we can paint the living room baby-pink with clouds and unicorns.

Lolita Wonderland: When and how did you discover Lolita?

Fahr: In 2007 I saw many wonderful looking girls on a manga-convention in France. I was confused whether they cosplayed or not, I knew of Lolita, but didn't actually understand it. After asking a few friends about it I decided to look into it, but didn't wear it till I had a full outfit and felt like I was doing it well. I tried on dresses at a friend’s flat and it wasn't for me. Then after collecting the Lolita Bible for years, I dared to get my first dress in 2009; 2010 I finally managed to get an outfit together after I lost a few kilo to fit into the dress. That was the start.

Lolita Wonderland: What is the very first dress you bought and why did you choose it?

Fahr:It was by Black Peace Now, but I didn't know it was Lolita, I just liked it. My first Lolita dress, that I bought knowing what I was getting, was by Angelic Pretty, the Starry Night Theater OP in pink. I picked it because I loved the circus theme. It took me years to get matching socks and a bow for it.

Lolita Wonderland: Do you have any favourite colour combinations in Lolita?

Fahr: Mmmh, Sax blue and lilac, even if I often wear pink. It's the light blue that I adore, because it brings out my eyes. And I can feel a little like Alice In Wonderland if I combine it with a blond wig.

Lolita Wonderland: Where do you like to wear Lolita the most?

Fahr: Mostly for trips to the city on weekends or for photo shootings. At home I could get stains on it or tear the dresses, and now my cats leave hair everywhere too. But in the city I feel very good with it, and often it is a chance to take photos too.

Lolita Wonderland: You are a very talented mangaka. Does your Lolita style inspire you in your work?

Fahr: Actually yes, I wanted to bring the wonderful fashion into my artwork, but sadly it happened before I fully understood Lolita fashion and so some of the designs look more like..lace monsters. Now I know better and try to avoid any mistakes. After drawing lolita inspired outfits for my characters I started to wear Lolita myself. Loliception! XD

Lolita Wonderland: You are also a very well-known cosplayer. Do you feel like the cosplay community and the Lolita community are very different from each other?

Fahr: They are different in many ways. Cosplay is about crafting and people who buy costumes are frowned upon, for example. That was new for me and I didn't know at first and assumed that buying an outfit was ok, while it actually angered people. Giving credit to the original crafters is very important, while in Lolita you just wear a pretty co-ord and post people will just look at a photo and decide if they like your outfit or not, in cosplay it's all about respecting others and not claiming other peoples work and support other cosplayers. Lolita and cosplay might be much alike if it comes to jealousy and bitch fights, which is horrible, because in the end we are all just into nice photos and pretty outfits and in the scene together. We should support each other.
I hosted Lolita meet ups and it hurt to see how groups formed and people bitched about each other. NICE people, but it happened. Cosplay is the same, everyone knows another cosplayer whom they hate. I guess we are all too much human to stop that.

Lolita Wonderland: Do people in Scotland react differently to Lolita than people in Germany in some way?

Fahr: The UK in general is more weirdo-friendly, because nobody points at you or makes rude remarks. In Germany people yell abuse and catcall or even touch Lolitas, which can be very scary if you are on your own. Scottish people will maybe shake their head, but move along. But stay away from drunk football fans!

Lolita Wonderland: What is the sweetest, weirdest or funniest comment you ever got while wearing Lolita?

Fahr: Surely all the little girls thinking I am a princess. It brings me so much joy when they run up to me and ask me questions, if I have a castle or how it is to be a princess, if my prince is pretty too. Weird was surely when some guy tried to get me to "marry" his friend, telling me he even owned a CAR. I don't attract many people, but when I wear Lolita I get so much attention, wanted and unwanted, sometimes it's a little much. In Germany even a pair of pink boots is worth a negative comment. I once had a shooting and girls literally walked up behind me and pointed fingers at me...that was...super-weird.

Lolita Wonderland: What is the most favourite Lolita outfit you ever wore?

Fahr: Oh, oh boy. I would say Sugary Carnival in pink, that one day at McDonalds. I loved the short hair with all the details in the coord. It's not my best coord, but I still like it a lot.

Lolita Wonderland: If you could create a new print for your favourite brand, which brand would it be, what would the print look like and what would you call it?

Fahr: I would love to see an Ice Crystal/Snow flake or jellyfish print by Angelic Pretty. I kinda just buy from them and they always just do toys, animals, make up and flower prints. I need snow flakes and fish so badly! PLEASE! (and now there IS ONE by AP and I am broke XD! ) I would call it Icy Storm Orchard and...mmmh.... Jelly Queen Kingdom

Lolita Wonderland: What is your best Lolita memory?

Fahr: So many good moments. I like to think back to the first time I met my Lolita idols Lunie and Kitch! I was so new to the fashion and had the chance to pose with them. Now we are online-friends, and that makes me super happy.I wish I could meet all my Lolita friends from around the world.
OH, and when I finally managed to get my dream dress, Sugary Carnival in sax blue!!

Lolita Wonderland: Finally, what does Lolita mean to you?

Fahr: It means freedom of speech and expression.

Official Site
Fahr’s Lolita Tumblr
Fahr’s Cosplay Tumblr

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  1. I really like your interview series, it's interesting!

    I'm seeing some of my lolita friends for ILD. I hope you have a nice day, even if you're not doing anything special >.<

    1. I am glad you like it! =D

      Ah that sounds like a lovely day. :3
      I did, thank you. ^^

  2. Aww she's adorable, i loved reading! :D