Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Lolita Fairytale

On Sunday the 14th of December I celebrated my birthday with a special Lolita party! You might remember my Parisian-themed birthday party from last year, which was a lot of fun. ^^ Initially I wasn’t really planning on throwing another party again this year, but finally I decided to do so after all. For my previous party I had chosen a theme based on the dress I wanted to wear: Promenade de Paris. This time I didn’t have a specific dress in mind, but actually a pair of shoes! When I was shopping with my mom at Primark I walked into the most gorgeous high-heeled silver glitter shoes I had ever seen and I couldn’t leave them behind! I had wanted to have glitter shoes for a long time and these were just too amazing. They were very high-heeled though, but I decided I would conquer them anyway!
Finally, I decided to make a Snow Queen inspired outfit with white, blue and silver. So the theme of my party became: fairytales! It is a broad theme that leaves lots of room for interpretation, which I liked a lot. ^^

Snow Queen Outfit
My outfit laid out on the bed.

Last year, I started preparing for my party two weeks in advance, but this time I felt like I didn’t have enough time at all! Although I did start buying decorations quite well beforehand, the actual party preparations were done only two days in advance! I was so stressed, haha!
Initially I had wanted to decorate the house in blue and white to match my outfit again, but I found such wonderful pink and mint decorations that I decided to use that instead and use glittery snowflakes to keep the theme of my outfit a bit.
Together with my mom and dad I refurnished the entire living room (I am not kidding). We had borrowed an extra table and benches to create a lovely tea party-like seating. We moved the tables about three times to get it right, so much work! XD But it was worth it in the end. I decorated the tables with roses, candleholders, snowflakes and glitter. I had bought white, snowflake-like garland and a pink, heart-shaped garland that I decorated with small snowflakes as well. It was so fairytale-like!

Pink Decorations
The tea party table, all decorated.

The cabinet that usually holds our dvds and cds got transformed into a ‘fairytale cabinet’, where I placed several fairytale items with little signs. Sleeping Beauty was also kind enough to lend me her favourite dress to put on my mannequin. :3

Fairytale Items
The fairytale cabinet, holding items of the Little Mermaid, Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, the Red Shoes, Cinderella and Snow White.

On our porch, we hung flower garlands to create a pretty picture background.
For food I had designed the most lovely Lolita cake: round, two layers, bows and roses and had it made at the same cake shop I had ordered my cake from last year. When we picked it up, I squealed: it was so pretty! The rest of the party food consisted of cookies, crisps, salty sticks, chocolates and star-shaped sandwiches (yes, really!).
For every guest I had bought a little silver wand with their name attached to it that I put on every plate. This way, I made my own table setting while giving each guest a small souvenir in memory of the party. ^^ I myself also carried a larger silver wand that looked a lot like the smaller wands. A bit like a master wand, haha!

Fairytale Decorations
Some detail shots of the decorations. Do you like it? ♥

Finally, the day of the party came! I was quite happy about my outfit: I had borrowed a beautiful white lace bolero from my mom that I wore underneath my dress instead of over it, which looked really nice! But I was also a bit stressed: I always prepare outfits beforehand from head to toe, even if it’s just one day in advance. But this time, I had been so busy I hadn’t had time to think of my hair and head piece at all! Luckily, the general idea I had formed in my head worked out wonderfully, resulting into a wonderful wintery headpiece of a head bow, snowflake and white flowers. I loved it a lot!
So this was my outfit for my party, I hope you like it:

Snow Queen One
❄ Snow Queen ❄
My outfit rundown:
Head bow: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s Dreaming Sherbet
Flowers and snowflake: offbrand
Bolero: offbrand
Jsk: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s Dreaming Sherbet
Tights: Summer Tales Boutique
Socks: Swimmer
Shoes: Primark
Earrings: Six
Necklace: Six
Bracelets: Claire’s and Primark
Rings: Accessorize and offbrand
Wand: Hema

Snow Queen Two

Snow Queen Three

Snow Queen Four

My mom took some pictures of me in my room as well as outside in the garden. They came out so wonderfully, I really like them! I like the look of fake lashes on me, they really bring out my eyes (which is a very good thing, since I don’t have big eyes).
While setting up some minor last things, I waited for my guests. This gave us the opportunity to take some pictures of my cake! It was just so pretty… *_*

The Cake
Isn’t this cake super Lolita!? It was exactly how I wanted it to look like… ♥

One of my friends would walk the guests from the station to my house, so I had time enough to prepare the last things. After some more waiting and troubles with trains, all but one of the guests arrived around 1 pm at my front door. ^^

Fairytale Girls
A group of fairytale Lolitas. ♥ (This picture was actually taken later on the day, sssh!)

My dear friends all looked so wonderful and I was so happy to see them again. Some I hadn’t seen for months! I was very happy they liked my decorations and the little wands they received. :3 Everyone sat down and we chatted for a bit until the last girl arrived.

Party Seating

Finally the last girl arrived and it was time to prepare the cake. Of course I had to blow out candles, but well… 22 is a little much. So just two candles shaped like twos were perfect. ^^
The cake was received with ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ and ‘Happy birthday’ was sung as well. Then I made a wish and blew out my candles.
After that, I had to cut my poor cake, but well... it was worth it! It was so incredibly delicious! ♥

Cake and Happy Birthday
‘Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…’ ♫

We ate our cake and talked about everything and nothing. It was so great. ^^ It’s these little Lolita talks I always love so much at meetings. Just talking about new releases, things we like or don’t like… We also talked about our outfits and which fairytales they represented. Not everyone had a very clear idea, so we made some up with each other, assigning everyone with a different story.

Eating Cake
Eating cake and talking Lolita.

I had tried to put as much thought and detail into the party as I could. I tried to find snacks that reminded me of fairytales in any way and even the whole idea of having long tables with lots of cups and plates was formed after a fairytale: Alice in Wonderland. Okay, technically that’s not a fairytale, but you get the idea. ^^

Party Food
Party food! ☆

After a while, I asked if everyone was up for taking pictures. One by one, I took everyone outside to take outfit pictures and pictures together. Everyone said it was so cold outside, but I felt nothing! Ah well; ‘The cold never bothered me anyway!’ (I didn’t dress like Elsa from Frozen at all, but still. XD). All my friends looked so pretty! They totally deserve their own collages! *o*

Pichi, in her beautiful Snow White outfit.

Dieuwke, our assigned Sleeping Beauty in her gorgeous rose dress.

Cat, our Swan Lake Lolita.

Eveline, in her ‘any Fairytale that contains horses’-outfit (we assigned her Hansel and Gretel).

Michelle, in her super detailed ‘Bambi meets Christmas’-outfit.

Katie, looking stunning in her (assigned) Chinese Nightingale outfit.

Rowie, looking gorgeous in her green Storybook coord.

Iris, amazing as a pastel fairytale creature.

Naomi, adorable as Goldilocks.

My sweet mom also took pictures of me together with all my guests as well. I love them all so much! ♥

Some of my favourite duo pictures!

After the solo pictures, we took some group pictures as well in the front yard (like the one you saw earlier in this post). Later I heard some neighbours peeked through their kitchen windows to see what we were doing, haha!

Jazz Girls
Jazz hands~!

We went back inside and sat down again, because it was presents time! I got so many amazing gifts, like Lush goods, chocolates, an adorable plushie wearing an alpaca outfit, lucky star paper, a cute basket filled with more lovely presents, Paris-themed gifts, a set of fairy wings (haha!), a tea set and even a gorgeous handmade yellow flower head piece to match one of my Metamorphose dresses! I also received birthday cards with the sweetest personal messages that make me tear up just thinking about them! ;_; I don’t know what to say, I got so spoiled! ♥

Alpaca Gift
One of the many amazing gifts I got. Isn’t this little guy adorable!? ♥

After the presents, it was time for a little game. :3 Every party guest received a piece of paper containing two lines to write on. Everyone had to write down two ‘ Lolita facts’ about themselves, one true and one false. For example, I wrote:
1. I love every teddy bear print ever released.
2. I am secretly wishing for a soap bubble print.
Then, everyone had to encircle the number next to the true fact (mine was #2 by the way), after which I collected all the cards. Then, everyone had to guess which fact was true! The winner who guessed the most right would win a prize. Three girls ended up with an equal amount of points, so I randomly drew one of their cards to decide on the winner.
It was Dieuwke!

The Bored Pug
Meanwhile, my pug Catootje felling bored under the table…

It was getting dark outside, but since I had candles and luminous rose garlands, it was no problem at all! In fact, the table looked even prettier than in broad daylight, in my opinion. ^^ We talked and ate some more and then the party came to an end. I thanked everyone heartily for coming and also complimented everyone on their outfits once more. I did however have a small second prize for my favourite outfit, which was Iris’s! She looked so amazing and she had clearly put a lot of effort into her coordinate!

Luminous Roses
The table at the end of the party: messy but still very pretty. :3

My parents were super kind and drove the girls back to the station, after which my party had really ended. I was sad to see my friends go, but I was so happy I could take my shoes off! My feet were absolutely killing me, but it was worth it! It had been a wonderful day. ♥

A giant thank you to my dear Michelle, Eveline, Cat, Dieuwke, Pichi, Naomi, Iris, Katie and Rowie for your presence and presents! I am so happy to have shared this special day with you! It was truly amazing! ☆
I am also sending love to Dido, Josine and Kim who really wanted to come but unfortunately couldn’t make it. See you soon my dears! ♥


  1. Everything looks so pretty !! ♥
    And you my dear, what a perfect coord' !!
    Happy birthday once again!~

  2. Everything and every one looks so pretty :)

  3. Oh my ! I wish I could have a perfect birthday juste like yours ! It would probably be alice in wonderland themed, but I'm not sure it would be as detailed and perfect as yours though ! You looked stunning ! And my god, that cake ! amazing !

    1. I am glad you liked my party pictures! ^^
      Whoa your idea sounds wonderful and I am sure it is manageable! Sometimes the smallest and easiest things can make something really great!

  4. Congratulations on another gorgeous birthday party!

    It seems that you do not know, because there IS a print containing soap bubbles. ;) It is "bubble bath" from Metamorphose from 2013. The series has several items, so here are only two links:

    Or maybe you know, but were thinking of a different theme for the print...?

    1. Thank you very much! =D

      Ah yes I know that print! It's very cute! But I am actually hoping for a print which really has soap bubbles as its main theme, so GIANT COLOURFUL BUBLES EVERYWHERE! *o*

  5. Wahhhhh so nice! Beautiful job! And happy belated birthday, dear! <3

  6. Wat leuk dat je dit feestje bij je ouders mocht geven en dat ze je gasten een lift gaven! Zie niet veel ouders dit doen!

    Ik vind de outfit van Rowie het leukst, vooral het bovenste gedeelte!
    En leuk dat je zoveel moeite in de decoratie van je feestje hebt gestoken, ziet er echt mooi uit.
    Het SushiMeisje!

    1. Mijn ouders zijn heel betrokken. Ik heb veel geluk met ze. ^^

      Dankjewel, ik ben blij dat je de decoraties mooi vindt! =D