Friday, June 13, 2014

Cadenza Charms Review

A little post in between my travel reports. :) As you may know, last week Saturday the 7th of June, it was the summer edition of International Lolita Day! Lolitas all over the world celebrate this special day twice a year, once on the first Saturday of June and once on the first Saturday of December. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of studying for my exams, so initially I didn’t plan anything special for ILD. But luckily, I could slip some time in at the end of the day to finally wear the outfit I had been planning for ages. You see, a little while ago I was approached by an online shop whether I wanted to do a sponsored review for them. Well yes of course! *o* This particular web shop is called

Cadenza Charms

And today I am finally posting the review of my beautiful item. First, let me tell you a bit about the site itself: The site has a wonderful selection of hair pieces, flower crowns, hair combs and other amazing pieces to make your outfit stand out. Cadenza Charms has a lot of pieces perfect for Classic Lolita! After selecting several items I adored (I am a horrible chooser), I finally chose the Spring Meadow Fascinator. This beautiful hairpiece with its gorgeous peacock feathers immediately drew my attention, because it is so different from my usual style! And the gem attached to it looked like magical galaxy. It really seemed to suck me into a different world. So yes, this was the right choice. ^^
The fascinator arrived in a sturdy box and when I unpacked it, it looked exactly like on the picture! The feathers are incredibly pretty and I don’t even know where to begin to describe the beautiful gem! On the back, a sturdy hair clip is attached, making it easy to stick it into your hair. Now, here are some pictures of me sporting my beautiful Spring Meadow Fascinator! *o*

Outfit for ILD One
The clip itself. Isn’t it beautiful?

Outfit for ILD Two
Here you can see the its size a bit more accurately. It’s quite big and pretty! *o*

Outfit for ILD Three
My whole outfit. I tried to bring out the clip’s colours a bit.

Outfit for ILD Four
The clip is sturdy and it doesn’t slip down easily, which is really great!

Outfit for ILD Five
And another close up of me. ^^

Even though there is a clip on the back, the fascinator can also easily be used as a brooch which looks really nice as well!

Outfit for ILD Six
I really love this shot… ♥

Outfit for ILD Seven
Both as a hair clip and as a brooch, this clip makes a great accessory!

Outfit for ILD Eight
The colours of my cardigan and jewelry matched the clip so well!

Outfit for ILD Nine
So what do you think? :3

Outfit for ILD Ten
A last close up.

I definitely recommend to take a look at Cadenza Charms’s site, especially if you love elegant hair clips and flower crowns. Their items are sturdy, beautiful and definitely worth it! ^^

Outfit for ILD Eleven
And a little bonus picture: posing with my pug Catootje. ♥

P.s. As you might have noticed, I changed my blog's look! I worked on it for so long and it's starting to look really cute now! =D What do you think? :3

Outfit for ILD Twelve


  1. Cute pin!
    Your blog looks great, especially how you have the buttons set up as detail shots, but since you ask the only recommendation I might have is making the background of your header a different print (or a solid color or pattern or whatever) from your blog's main background to create more contrast and interest in both, since at the top everything sort of just blends together a bit.

    1. Thank you very much! I am glad you like it!
      Hmmmm I will definitely consider the solid colour thing. I quite like the way it is now, but that is a really good idea actually! Thank you for your input! <3

  2. Happy International Lolita Day! Your new blog looks lovely! I will definitely check out Cadenza Charms! I like how it is sort of Victorian-esque! Your new hair piece is very beautiful and I love this coordinate!

    1. You too dear! =D Thank you, I am very glad you like it!
      CC really has some amazing pieces, thank you for checking out!
      Iiih thank you, thank you, thank yoouuuu! <3