Wednesday, June 25, 2014’s Closet Swap Campaign

Before I am (finally) continuing my Japan posts, a last ‘in between’ blog entry! I was asked by the people of to join in their ‘Closet Swap’ campaign. is a new platform that is kind of like a market place, where you can buy fashion gift cards to your favourite brands at a discounted price (you can find the page here), and sell your unused gift cards for cash money. The campaign was described as follows:
‘Summertime calls for a certain look, and we want to see what you’ll be strutting this season. Create a blog post about tips and trends on what you’ll be wearing as the sun starts to shine! Whether it’s highlighting your favourite patterns and trends, focusing on a few select outfits, or showing off some of your brightest accessories, creative freedom is yours!’
Since this sounded like a super fun thing to do, I decided to join! ^^ So here we go!

When it comes to summer fashion, I personally tend to go with whatever doesn’t make me feel too hot and I am pretty sure I am not the only in this. But that doesn’t mean you cannot look cute! Here are some of my personal favourites that I will definitely try out for myself this summer! Just click on a picture to enlarge it to get a more detailed look!

Accessories by Claire's and Paris Kid's

Flower Crowns

I love flowers and therefore I love flower crowns. I know everyone wears them these days and I am not being original here at all, but well. It’s a trend I hope won’t die anytime soon! ^^ Personally I prefer big and bright flower crowns over the smaller, music festival-like hipster ones. You wanna look like a fairy, you better go all the way!

Accessories by WEGO, Six and Paris Kid's

Fruity Accessories

When I was in Japan, I saw a lot of shops selling fruit-themed jewelry and as a cherry lover I was super happy about this! I will definitely walk around with cherries dangling from my ears as well as around my neck this summer. And not only do they look good, real cherries also taste delicious. :3 Other fruits like raspberries, strawberries and even bananas can change any outfit from sulky to summery within an instant!

Accessories by WEGO, Swimmer and Paris Kid's

Mermaid Accessories

What is more summery than the beach!? Shells, the summer breeze, the sound of the rolling waves… Mermaid-themed jewelry and bags are perfect for summer and they look so cute! A simple outfit with a pair of shorts and a white shirt can easily be mermaid proof by adding a hair clip, necklace, pair of ear rings or a bag to it! And the bigger the bag, the better the effect!

All necklaces by Angelic Pretty

Lolita Accessories in Daily Outfits

I really like to use my Lolita jewelry in ‘normal’ outfits for special occasions, like going on a trip or a party. But summer is perfect for this as well! Any outfit will instantly become extra cute by adding a striking, big necklace! It not only looks pretty, but gives you that bit of Lolita feeling while still dressing like a Muggle! ^^

Lolita Summer Dresses

And finally, since this is still a Lolita blog, some dresses I think match the summer time perfectly. Lolita isn’t exactly what you’d call a summer proof fashion style with all its layers, but with a fine parasol, a crinoline instead of a petticoat and an ice cold drink with a little umbrella nearby, you should be good to go! Summer in Lolita means straw hats against the san combined with, again, fruits! Bright dresses with fruit prints are what makes ‘Summer Lolita’ for me. The dresses pictured are (clockwise from the upper left corner):
Berry Garden, Milky Berry, Freshly Picked Strawberries (all Angelic Pretty) and
Juicy Baby Love Love Berries (Baby, the Stars Shine Bright).

I hope you liked my view upon the summer trends. Do not hesitate to share your opinions in the comments below or let me know what you’d like to see this summer!
I would love to know! ^^


  1. I love these ideas! I have a few flower crowns myself, and they make me feel likes fairy! Also, lolita prints with strawberries on them and also strawberry accessories are very sweet and lovely too! And I have fallen in love with the mermaid trend! By the way, your Angelic Pretty necklaces are to die for *-*

    1. I am so glad you do! I absolutely love flower crowns and I would love to have more mermaid-like accessories!
      Thank you, I really love them as well! <3