Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kawaii.i Contest - I Need Your Help!

Hey everyone! Last week I joined the Kawaii International contest for prospective Kawaii Leaders. It would be a tremendous honour for me if I could officially promote the Kawaii Culture, so I wanted to ask you: will you please vote for me? I am not really a runner up, but every vote counts! ^^

In order to vote in this contact, you will have to like the Kawaii.i page. You can unlike them again after the 22nd of June of you really want to or just turn off the notifications for the page. Also, if you have already voted for someone else, it’s no problem! You can vote as many times as you like. ♥

These are the pictures I have sent in. If you want to vote for me, please follow the links beneath them. ^^ Thank you so much in advance! ~✩~

Kawaii.i One
Here is the link to my full outfit shot. ^^

Kawaii.i Two
Here is the link to my close up. ^^

The pictures are taken by Isabelle Willemse by the way. ^^

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