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Superawesome Paris - Day 7 and 8

Day 6
We had to wake up early again, for we were going to Disneyland!
The man behind the desk had told us the night before that Disneyland opens at 9 am, so we wanted to be a bit early. Yet we took our time, which resulted at arriving at 10:15 am. Luckily we were ‘late’, because it turned out that the parc opens at 10 am, not 9!

Close to the entrance there was a waggon that already sold Disney merchandise. My mom bought me a pair of Minnie Mouse ears. ‘For the pictures!’ she said. I didn’t mind it, I love them!

Minnie Mouse Ears
I always loved these ears and now I finally have them myself!

We paid the rest of the money for the tickets and entered the parc! I was so happy that I jumped around (sometimes I really look like a little kid, and I love it).
We took a bus with two floors to the castle. While driving, I texted my dad and brother about Disneyland and my Minnie Mouse ears, whereupon I got the answer: ‘But you always have Minnie Mouse ears!’

We arrived at the square in front of the castle, where we got out. I always think that the castle is so pretty! And Tinkerbell is flying around it too!

The castle
I am considering to buy this as my house in the future. You know, when I’m horribly rich and famous and everybody adores me?

We walked through the castle and checked out the shops. Both my mom and I love all the Disneystuff, we could look around for hours! But we decided to do that later and went to the carrousel behind the castle.

Take a ride
I just decided to name the horse Bernard. ^^

Because it was early, popular attractions weren’t busy yet. Except for Peter Pan, which is always busy. So we went into Pinocchio. It was really cool, except for the big whale (I have a strange fear of whales, for your information).
After that, we went to Pirates of the Caribbean, which was really cool too!
Then we walked to a part dedicated to Aladdin, where I went to the toilet (interesting information ;)).

When my family and I went to Disneyland a couple of years ago, we went into Big Thunder Mountain, a rollercoaster with a miningtheme. My mom thought it was okay, since people with small children went into it.
Well, those kids must have been really tough, for I didn’t like it. At all. I was really scared, in contrast to my three years younger brother, who calmly ate his sandwich during the ride. When we got out, I cried: ‘I’ll never go into this attraction again! Never!’
Now, years later, I got in again! And I loved it! I have changed since then for sure. XD Waiting in line took hours though, but it was worth it!
But, I do understand why it was so scary back then: it’s a really fast ride and it makes a lot of noise, so I can’t blame myself. And I was a small child!

After that, we went to get something to eat. We bought two very interesting sandwiches, filles with chips, ketchup and mayonnaise. It was nice though.
Then we went to the rollercoaster ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril’. I have no idea what that has to do with Disney, but it was really cool!

Miss Jones
My grandma has been on this ride too once, she thought it was a train (how can you think that?). She even went backwards too! It kind off ruined her day…

When I got out, something strange happened: they stretched out a rope so people wouldn’t go to the rollercoaster anymore. I did notice they had some trouble starting the cars, so maybe it was broken? Then I was very lucky!

We went to Alice’s Labyrinth after that, where we walked around looking for the way (of course, it’s a maze). Chesire Cat is so awesome!

Painting the roses red
If I can’t have Belle’s/Beauty’s castle, I can always go live with the Queen of Hearts. Hopefully I can keep my head…

We also went to ‘Le pays de conte de fées’, a slow boatride passing fairytales, such as the Wizard of Oz, Aladdin, Snow White and Peter and the Wolf.
After that, we went to ‘It’s a small world’, which I filmed partially. It’s just so pretty! And the song gets stuck into your head.

Pink, pink, pink
I can’t help but just love the merchandise. Hamm is so cool!

We went to get icecream at a shop where they claimed to have ‘such delicious icecream that the gods in the sky come down to have some’. So we tried and indeed, it was de-li-cious!

Irresistible Icecream
My mom’s icecream. She had something with chocolate and mint.

In the shops, they sold almost every princessdress possible. I wished I was a little girl again, they were so pretty! I even saw a few darkskinned girls wearing Princess Tiana-dresses, so adorable!

Princess passing!
An ordinary day in Disneyland: eating icecream when suddenly Sleeping Beauty (who wasn’t sleeping at all) and her prince walk by.

When we finished our icecream, we headed for Space Mountain. I really wanted to try it! I stood in line for 50 (!!!) minutes, but it was really worth it! It was so cool…
Yet, my poor mom had to wait for me. She ate warm popcorn though.

Then, we finally went shopping!
The shops were all so wonderful. We checked every shop in Main Street out and every shop had new merchandise. We bought key rings, a Tinkerbell bulb, a phone strap, and a stuffed animal of Dug the dog from Up. Maybe we bought more, but I can’t remember right now.

Me and the mirror
My mom taking a picture of me taking a picture of myself.

Then we sat down to wait for the parade. It’s unbelievable how many people try to stand on the street, even though the staff asks them to take a step back. Some people are so weird…
The parade started and it was really cool! All the cars featured one or even two movies and of course a Mickey, Minnie and Donald one! The movies were Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, The Lion King, Junglebook, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin.

He actually patted the dog on the head, but I took the picture too late... It's still cute though! ^^

There was also a Disney Princessess-and-their-princes-car with Tiana, Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella and Belle/Beauty and a Villain-car with Scar from the Lion King and Hades from Hercules!

The princessess
I'm glad we had Belle/Beauty on our side and not Cinderella. I like her more.

After the parade, we wanted to check out if Peter Pan was a bit more quiet. When we walked towards the castle, someone from the staff stopped us by strechting out a rope. Then suddenly, all these Disney characters passed us! It turned out that the stage on our left would be used in a show. We stood at the backside, where you could see the characters doing funny things.
After the show, the characters passed us again, including Tiana!

The new one
Princess Tiana and prince Naveen! Tiana is so pretty!

After the show, we checked Peter Pan, which was still busy. So we went into Mad Hatter’s Mad Tea Party Teacups.

No Disneyland visit is complete without Mad Tea Party Teacups!

Meanwhile, it had become quite late. It was about 10 o’clock, which meant that we spent a whole 12 hours in Disneyland! We were so tired!

Family picture
It had been an awesome day! I’m glad my mom suggested to go.

We returned to Paris, and after that, taking the metro very late! I thought it was a bit scary, but the metro was crowded, so it was no problem. We immediately went to sleep, we were so tired!

Day 8
Our last day in Paris.
We packed all our things and took them to the lobby. Because our train wouldn’t leave until 2:30 pm, we decided to see the Sacré Coeur again, since it was nice weather this time.

Snow White
The church turns out to be white after all!

We wanted to go up the hill, but the line in front of the little train to the top was so long that we decided not to do it. Instead, we ate our last crêpe.

Crêpes with sugar and lemon at the foot of the Sacré Coeur. Is there a better way to say goodbye to this wonderful quarter of Paris?

We went to pick up our things and took the metro to Gare du Nord. The journey to the station was quite horrible, dragging our suitcases with us up and down all the stairs.
Luckily, our train arrived on time. We sat down and as we drove away, we looked one more time at the Sacré Coeur.

Goodbye Paris! I will definitely return!

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