Sunday, July 04, 2010

An Introduction

Hello and welcome to my blog Lolita Wonderland, my own little part of Lolitawonderland. This is the place where one little sweet and pink-loving girl writes her heart out about a thing she really loves: Lolita.
Unfortunately, this little girl is a total beginner! So what should she write about?

What can you expect from Lolita Wonderland?

Besides rants from a silly little girl who loves to write about silly little things, this blog is meant to write mainly about Lolita, my experiences and my point of view. I am a total beginner, so I hope I can be of any help to Lolitas-to-be (and Lolita Veterans might like it too). ^^
I am -planning to be- a sweet Lolita, so this blog will be sugar coated and pink candied with a glittery sparkle-edge! Or something like that…
I also love blogs with pictures! So expect every post accompanied by a photograph or picture!

Lolita Wonderland

So how did I come up with the name Lolita Wonderland? Well, it took me quite some time to come up with a name that I liked. I had made up a lot of names, but I just couldn’t find the right one.
Lolita is, to me, magical. It is the style I always desired, and it turned out to really exist. It was like some kind of Wonderland. With becoming a Lolita, I become a part of that wonderland. That's why I chose 'Lolita Wonderland'.

About me

My name is Rosalynn and I am (as of date) 17 years old. I live in West-Europe in my pink/lime green/turquoise blue room. English is not my native language, so please bear with me (is it ‘bare’ or ‘bear’? I don’t even know that…)
I am in high school and I try to find my way through homework, tests, music, stress and rare free time.

I discovered Lolita about a year ago, but I really can’t remember how, when or where! You’d think that I would remember something that would become so special in my life, right? But apparently my brain didn’t realise it at the time…
I think that I discovered Lolita through a combination of the internet and the manga Nana, but I am not sure about that either.
Anyway, I loved it immediately. I knew this would be the perfect fashion for me! All those pretty clothes, colours, combinations and sweetness!
After some research, I knew sweet would be perfect for me. I had been wearing black for too long now, longing for some pink, light blue and lilac.
It was the first time I really cared about clothes.

The big question now: why didn’t I immediately jump into the world of frills, bows, pastel colours and petticoats?
The answer is simple: I thought I didn’t deserve it.
I had never really cared about my appearance or looks, wearing mostly black because it makes you look thinner, but I did realise I wasn’t happy with myself. When I discovered Lolita, I decided that this was what I wanted to be: a wonderful, elegant princess!
But I didn’t allow myself to put on a wonderful dress like that. First: I needed to lose weight. So, with my eyes set on Lolita fashion, I started dieting in a healthy way, to become worthy for this wonderful fashion.

Of course, ‘being worthy’ is ridiculous. I realise that now.
Everyone can become a princess, you don’t have to be qualified or live up to certain standards.
I know that now, but I’m also happy that I didn’t grab onto Lolita immediately. While drinking lots of water and eating fruit, I did a lot of research and I read a lot of blogs. I learned about ‘Ita’, ‘Brands’ and ‘EGL’. I learned to accept that Lolita is expensive and that I shouldn’t rush it. I am glad I took some time to get to know my new love better.
Now I am done with my closet full of black clothes. I need pink! I am planning to buy my first Lolita dress in a few months now and I can’t wait!

But when I not dream/read/talk about Lolita, I enjoy singing, playing the piano, watching anime and reading manga, watching movies, horse riding and talking to my dogs.
Or I do homework, yayness…
I only like to learn foreign languages.

I am really hoping I can go to the conservatory – is that even a word in English? Well, anyway: a university for musicians, and become a professional classical singer.

I really hope you will enjoy my blog! ^^