Thursday, July 22, 2010

Amazing Paris - Day 2, Part 2

Lost little girl
Wandering through the Parisian streets. I didn’t know I was walking the right way then, I was totally lost!

I wanted to visit Baby first, because of a particular reason: I thought I would succeed at Angelic Pretty, for I am more of a fan of that brand. Still, I really wanted to go to Baby of course!
When we arrived at the store, I couldn’t help but start crying. I was so happy to be there! I was standing in front of a shop I had dreamed of, with dresses behind the windows I had only seen on pictures! Even looking at the brandname made my heart skip a beat, or as they say: ‘Go Doki Doki!’

Stupid face
I look very stupid in this picture, but I was so happy! My mom insisted on taking a picture of my superhappy face.

When I entered the store, all I could do was looking around in awe. All the dresses, skirts, petticoats and blouses were amazing! They were all so pink and wonderful! They also had a rack with Alice and the Pirates clothing, but those aren’t really my style, but they still looked amazing!

Alice, pirates and clothing
I was so happy I was allowed to take pictures in the shop! Everything was so wonderful…

The woman who worked there looked amazing too! She wore a pink dress and headbow, wristcuffs, cherryshoes and white kneesocks. Her eyelashes had little pink diamonds on them. She looked so wonderful! And she was just like how I imagine a Baby’s shopworker to be: enthusiastic, supernice and supercute! I asked her name later: Megu!

Of course I wanted to try something on. Megu-san helped me to pick out things that were likely to fit me (I am not skinny after all). The fitting room was realy pretty: it had a standing mirror and a big red curtain in front of it. Megu-san immediately threw a petticoat on a little hook for me. Of course you need a petticoat for Lolita, but it was so cool to get a petticoat without even asking!
I tried on a skirt, and after that a JSK. I didn’t buy it unfortunately, because it didn’t fit me properly enough. After that, I ried on another skirt that I adored!

What to try on?
On the picture you can see the JSK I tried on. Don’t you just love Megu-san’s outfit?

I thanked Megu-san and I promised I’d come back to buy something after I had gone to Angelic Pretty. She was so nice!

After that, we had to walk for a while to find Angelic Pretty’s shop. The store actually holds two shops: Boddywood and Angelic Pretty. To get to Angelic Pretty, you had to walk around the store with the shopworker and walk up the stairs to get there!

Angelic and Pretty
The front of the shop! Can you see the Milky Berry-dress?

The shop was a small room, filled with dresses, skirts and tables with accessories.
Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of the shop inside. Just imagine a child’s room in very bright pink and lots of clothes!
The dresses and skirts were mainly the series that Angelic Pretty sells at their international site, like Wonder Cookie, Powder Rose and Happy Garden. They also had a Milky Planet JSK on display.
The shopworker was wearing a strapless, blue Starry Night Theatre JSK: one of my dream series. I carefully asked if they had anything else from that series, and her answer was: ‘Only the pink One Piece.’I thought I would faint! She had my absolute Dream Dress in the store? She went to get it for me, returning with the wonderful dress in her hands.
I tried it on in the cute little dressingroom, praying it would fit me.
But it didn’t. It closed, it was not like it wouldn’t close around me, but it didn’t fit me. My arms weren’t right and I had a too big bust for it. The shopworker helped me, but she also said that it wasn’t perfectly right. She said: ‘I know there are girls bigger than you that squeeze themselves into it, but I don’t think it’s right for you.’ I felt tears stinging in my eyes, because I knew I wouldn’t buy my Dream Dress that day. A few moments before I had joked to my mom that, if they had this dress, I would buy it no matter ifit would fit me or not. But I knew it wasn’t right. My Dream Dress would not become mine.
I was very disappointed and stood there for a couple of moments. To hide my tears, I walked towards the skirts, but somehow they didn’t appeal to me and they were very expensive to what I had seen at Baby. Suddenly, when I looked at the headbows, I saw the Starry Night Theatre headbow. I took it in my hands and made a decision: ‘I will buy a dress from this series no matter what. I want the JSK version, just like the shopworker (who was a bit bigger like me). I will buy it secondhand, I promise this here and now!’ After that, I bought the bow.

So, does anyone have a pink Starry Night Theatre JSK with straps for sale? :)

Starry Night Theatre Bow
They pack everything so beautifully! Your purchase is put in a pink wrapper, and I got a personal membercard, a little brochure of the brand ‘Milk’, two postcards and even candy!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get an Angelic Pretty bag, because there weren’t any left. Instead, I got a Boddywoodbag, with teddybears on it. In the shop were four French Lolitas. One of them looked very nice in particular, wearing a pink and mint combination. I also met a very nice American girl, who explained something to me about the Starry Night Theatre series.

Disappointed, but still satisfied. I almost bought a dress over 300 euros that didn’t fit me properly. I am very glad that I know I can be strong.

We went back to the Baby store, where I looked around again. I really wanted to buy something. I came from so far away! After searching and doubting myself, I finally decided: stop whining about the money, you saved up for this! And so I bought a beautiful skirt after all. I never expected to succeed at Baby like this, but it was a very pleasant surprise. When I asked what series the skirt was from again, Megu-san answered me: ‘The Sugar Rose Cake series’.
Sugar Rose Cake, it sounded perfect. A rose skirt for me, Rose.

Sugar Rose Cake Skirt, <3
My beautiful pink Sugar Rose Cake skirt! My very first Lolita clothing item. I have to admit, when I opened the wrapper at home, the skirt seemed even more beautiful!

Megu-san said there would be a new collection delivered on Saturday. I really wished I could see it…

Shiny postcards
Megu-san had also put two postcards in the bag (I didn’t even know). They are so cute! The right model is wearing a Sugar Rose Cake One Piece. I think I’m going to put them into photoframes!

Of course, I wanted to have a picture of me with my purchases. My mom takes pictures of anything anyway. ^^

A purchase for a lifetime
Happiness after disappointment. I actually felt a bit relieved, to be honest! And I totally love Baby’s bags. ^^

After that, we went to McDonald’s to eat and then back to the hotel. We were exhausted! We had done so many things! It was a wonderful day.

I can officially say this with pride: I am a Lolita now!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Thank you Baby, for making my Stars Shine Bright!


  1. Congratulations on your first lolita purchase! I know that many girls would be so envious that you were able to buy it from the actual stores!
    Next year I plan to go to the same shops, thank you for this entry, it helped me know what to expect.

  2. @Raegan
    Thank you so much! I know I have been very lucky.
    It was really worth it! I can definitely say that! And when you are there, it will probably be much easier when the right metroline works again.