Friday, August 06, 2010

Lolifying Your Life: Start A Collection

I am finally done reporting about my trip to Paris, so I’m back at writing topics about Lolita itself. Today, I want to start a miniseries that’s called ‘Lolifying Your Life'.

Being a Beginner Lolita can be quite difficult sometimes. You’re probably saving up money and/or researching the whole concept of the fashion. But meanwhile, you have to suppress the feeling that it takes up so horribly, horribly long to make your first purchase! You want to be Lolita and you want to begin with it now!
The only tip I can give you: start Lolifying your life! Give your daily outfit a bit more Sweet, Gothic or Classic (or something else of course, I just took these as examples). Make your daily routine more fun!

Being a Lolita is not only about owning multiple dresses, skirts and blouses, but also how you combine these things with accessoiries. And here we arrived at the original concept of this topic: start a collection.
As you probably noticed, every style in Lolita has its own shared accessoiries, but also particular pieces. You probably picked out your style already, the only thing you have to do is start looking for things!
Here I can give you a few ideas, but you’re the one who has to choose eventually!

Admit it: every Lolitastyle has bows. Being it regular bows, headbows, hairbows, brooches or necklaces, everything is okay. Bows are ideal to start collecting, especially when you do it in your favorite colours! That way, you can wear them both in your daily life as well as in your -future- Lolita life! If you stick to your favorite style a bit, it’s perfect!
Some examples:
● Sweet can have nearly everything, as long as it’s… well, Sweet of course! Both bright and pastelcolours are cute. Sweet prints like fruit, hearts, stars or flowers can be great too!
Tip: Check out the children’s department in shops! They often have the cutest things.
● Gothic might be obvious: black! But Gothic can also wonderfully be combined with (dark) red, dark blue and grey.
● Classic can be tricky. I think the best colours for Classic are white, light grey, blue and vague pink. Oldfashioned flowerprints are absolutely perfect!

When I discovered Sweet Lolita was my “destiny”, I started to collect hair- and headbows. I came to this idea when I was shopping and spotted two adorable headbows, one white and one black (basic colours). Soon after that, I found out that multiple shops in my area sold bows. Now, I have over 20 hair-, head- and regular bows and I wear at least one every day! They are not only bows though, I have one hair ribbon with pearls and some have flowers, but they still make a lovely addition to a Sweet Lolita’s gathering.

Rings are the same as bows: they can go with any style, as long as you pick out the right ones.
● Sweet Lolita rings can be anything cute, as long as it’s covered in bows, rhinestones and your favourite colour! Animals, fruit, hearts, cookies, icecream, cupcakes and macarons are also wonderful ringideas!
● Gothic Lolita rings can easily be purchased through a Gothic Clothes website. They often have the most beautiful things with silver and big, shimmering stones.
Cameorings (or brooches) are a great addition to a Classic Lolita’s warderobe. You can find these in almost any colour and type and they look so wonderful! Pearls are also a very classic item.

Lolita rings can be bought from a Lolita brand, such as Angelic Pretty or Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. I also read about a lot of people who purchase the cutest things from Etsy. Or you can make them yourself! There are a lot of tutorials out there on the Internet. Get creative!

It’s not a necessity, but necklaces can really create a lovely look! A necklace with a bow is always perfect, but here are different kinds that might suit your taste.
● Sweet Lolita necklaces can go from anything edible (fruit, ice cream, sweets, cookies, cupcakes…) to cute items (hearts and flowers). As long as it has a matching colour, it’s perfect!
● Gothic Lolita necklaces are mostly Gothic necklaces. Pendants in the shape of a cross or a black rose can match anything! Chokers are also very pretty when it comes to the Gothic style.
● Cameo pendants are wonderful Classic Lolita necklaces. They can even match your brooch or ring! Pearlnecklaces are also very classy.

There are many more things that you can start collect that are Loliable, but these are the easiest things, I think. If you have another idea, please tell me!

Starting up a collection can give you the feeling you’re building up a casual Lolita style. And when you made your first purchase, you can probably combine your outfit with your accessoiries already!

Of course, these are just examples made up by me. If you don’t agree with me on something, please just say so.


  1. Great ideas! I really love the idea of starting a bow collection! I kind of want to do that now, I never really wear bows, except as head pieces, but it would be awesome to have a basket-o-bows to pick from for when I need to accessorize.

  2. Thank you so much!
    It's really nice to have bows 'at your service'. Especially in your favortite colours! ^^