Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lolifying Your Life: Pimp Your Media

Every Lolita likes to add Lolita to her life. A lot of us like to deco our phonecases, mirrors, headphones and other utensils. If you don’t want to start big, why not start small and at the source: your computer. Here I can give you a few tips on how to start Pimping Your Media.

The first thing you see when you start the computer (after you log in, of course): your wallpaper. I always feel a bit more happy when I see my favourite prints jumping off my screen. If you have a Lolita folder, like me, you can make your own wallpapers by simply putting pictures together in Paint.
You can also look for special Lolitawallpapers. I know that Angelic Pretty often has big advertisements for their prints. These are very suitable as computerwallpapers.
You can also visit guillaumes2 on DeviantArt (here) and check out his selfmade wallpapers, that include Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Putumayo and more! But before you save them to your computer, add them to your favorites and compliment the maker (we still want to be polite ^^).

Now, this isn’t very new of course. We all use avatars, on MSN, LiveJournal, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and all that kind of stuff. I thought I’d just give a link that contains quite some awesome Lolita-avatars, so enjoy.

Join clubs
On DeviantArt, there are numerous clubs for Lolitas to contribute art to. If you get accepted to any of those groups, you’ll receive a number of pictures, drawings, paintings and sketches about every kind of Lolita. If you really like something, you can easily save it to your own computer or to your DeviantArt favorites. Not only can you enjoy the many aspects of Lolita art, maybe you’ll also get inspired!

Some Lolitaclubs on DeviantArt:

If you don’t want to hang in front of the computer all the time (or you want to add more sparkles to your life instead of to your computer), you can always pimp the things you’re going to use a lot.

You use your agenda almost every day! Wether it is to check your appointments or to write down your homework, you open it and go through the pages. Print your favorite pictures and stick them to the pages. Choose your absolute favorites to special dates, like birthdays, Christmas or International Lolitaday. Done! Your personal Lolita Agenda!

Angelic Pretty Pages One

Because this is my last year of high school, I wanted to make my agenda extra special. I browsed my complete Lolita folder and chose my favorite pictures. Now I have an awesome agenda filled with things I like for every week of the year.

Aoki Misako Page

If you want to see more, simply click on one of the pictures to visit my Flickraccount.

If you don’t use an agenda, or you don’t want one, you can always choose to create an inspirationbook. You can buy a simple notebook (mine was €1,99/$2,53) and fill it with pictures that make you happy or that inspire you!

These tips may seem quite simple, but I hope you enjoyed them anyway! ^^

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this entry! I totally agree with your idea of custom agendas! Since I can never find a good style of agenda where I live (in the US), I design my own pages in photoshop and print them at my school. I'm really picky and designing my own means I can get it exactly how I want it ^__^ Then I put the pages into a thin 3-ring binder.