Friday, January 08, 2021

Lovely Poodle Appreciation

Happy New Year everyone! As this is my first post of 2021, I feel like I can still say that right? ^^ It seems the world is still on fire, but in my little corner of this planet I have something fun to talk about, so let's get to it.
Back in this post I talked about one of Angelic Pretty's prints, Lovely Poodle, that I had completely fallen in love with and how I ordered a new dress after such a long time. Well, finally it has arrived, after being stuck in my own country for who knows how long and I am absolutely in love with it! So despite having done an extensive review of this series, I'm going to talk about Lovely Poodle even more! ♥
I received the package last Tuesday and did a live unboxing on my Instagram! Despite my nervousness it was really fun. You can still watch the video on my profile if you like. ^^
This dress is honestly everything I've wanted and more. It has a gorgeous, sort of dutsy pink colour and I think it's a bit longer than my other dresses, or at least it gives off that vibe.
The bodice has a heart-shaped neckline, lined with frills. I put it on my mannequin with a frilly shirt, which I think complements it nicely. Because of the heart-shape, longer and more ornate necklaces look really lovely with it, as you can see.
Down the bodice there are no less than four lavender bows; one at the top with long ribbons, two underneath it and one bigger one on the waist.
I was quite excited about the little belt I had seen on the promo pictures, but seeing it in real life and up close made me even happier. The belt is made of delicate rose lace, looped with the same lavender ribbon as the bows. It's so dainty, I adore it!
Then, of course, the print. Honestly, the print is everything I imagined, mostly because the promo pictures were very clear and the print is vibrant enough to really stand out on pictures. There's three main poodles in white, pink and lavender and adorned with bows, accompanied by a poodle lamp, a phone, a love letter, a pillow, paintings and scattered pearls, all in front of a background of stripes, swirly decoration and bows. There's even a tiny plushie version of the lavender poodle! As this is a border print, the upper part of the dress consists of big polka dots and the silhouettes of the poodles.
These are the three main poodles. Aren't they just super cute? ;0; I've decided to name them. The white poodle, with her cute pink bows and fluffy tail, is named Rosalia. The pink poodle, with her pearl necklace, bows and blue eyeshadow, absolutely looking like a queen, is named Charlotte. The lavender poodle, who looks slightly derpy with its little tongue sticking out is named Philip. I love them all as if they were my children.
I love Angelic Pretty's lace in general but this dress has freaking poodle lace! Are you kidding me!? Look at the little fluffy babies, I adore them! ;0;
I ordered the headbow with the dress and it matched it so well! Of course it has the same colour, but it's a side bow little frills along the hems, which I think suits the dress really well. And it has a silver bow charm as well!
So yes, to say that I am absolutely head over heels in love with dress is not an overstatement. I think it's stunning and I am so grateful to my past self for deciding to order this dress after thinking I had lost my love for Lolita. I definitely feel motivated to try my best and step back into the fashion again! ♥
Please enjoy this bonus close up picture of the little plushie poodle!

Thank you for reading! ~☆~


  1. Oooh, it's been a while since I've seen not only custom lace from AP, but custom lace in a design I haven't seen them use before. That's adorable! And that lace belt has me like *.* I hope they do something with a similar belt in the future.

    1. The lace is so cute, I was so thrilled when I saw it!
      My wish for 2021 = more belts and more hats

  2. Oh my god, this dress is uber cute! The delicate lace at the hem is my favourite part, I cannot live in a world without those super small dogos anymore! Hahaha!