Saturday, November 04, 2017

Paris ’17, Day 5 – Bus Tour around Paris and Goodbye

Tuesday was our last day in Paris. We would leave somewhere around the end of the afternoon by bus, so we still had a lot of time left to do things. So we decided to… go on a tour bus! x) We do this so often, it must seem so strange to everyone! But we really, really love driving around Paris and just see so many new things each time!
My mom and I checked out of our hotel and went on our way to the Champ-Elysées, where we would get on the bus. We bought tickets there from a very kind and jolly ticket sales man and almost entered the closest bus, when we were directed to a different bus because someone vomited in that one, oh my! We got on the next bus and found places on top of the bus at the back, our favourite spot! Not long after, we departed!

Bus Tour
Ready for the bus tour to start!

The bus started driving. We went around the Arc de Triomphe, which is one of my favourite parts, and then all the way down the Champs-Elysées. Almost all the round advertisement posts along the way were dressed as Minions, which looked very funny!
We drove past several beautiful sights (Grand Palais, Petit Palais, etc). The weather wasn’t very beautiful, but we didn’t really care. Once we got cold we changed into cardigans, but my mom and I don’t get cold very fast so it was ok.
After a while we arrived at the Eiffeltower, which will never cease to impress me!

Eiffel View
Isn’t this view just awesome!?

People kept getting off and on the bus and my mom and I just remained seated. We had nothing to do but sit and enjoy ourselves, which was just really great since I was still quite tired.
We drove past more awesome things and I love to show you everything. However, we’ve done this bus tour several times and I keep posting collages, so I’ll just stick to this picture I took of the Louvre, haha!

Glass Pyramid
I’m actually quite proud of this picture I took.

At a certain point we got off the bus and went to get some lunch. We wanted to sit down somewhere and ended up at Paul (a bakery), but finally we decided to just buy lunch and eat it on the bus. Best decision ever! We had some delicious bread rolls, macarons and pastries for later. The macarons we ate on the bus. ♥

Bus Macaron
Delicious raspberry macaron on the bus.

After we had had some pretty bad weather, the sun actually broke through! That was so nice. Paris with a blue sky, white clouds and sunshine is the most beautiful. I am glad we got to see a bit of it before we had to leave!

Bus and Sun
Oh, Champs-Elysées! ♫

Back at the Arc de Triomphe stop we got off and returned to our hotel, where we picked up our suitcases. We dragged them all the way back to the bus station, where we ended up having to wait a long time because we were really early. We sat down on a bench outside and observed the tough guys working out there on the special work out devices placed there. It was quite interesting! Some of them were so strong, they could do impossible things! Meanwhile my mom and I ate our pastries (right in front of them haha)! But they were too delicious too wait.

Lemon Meringue
Lemon Meringue is just the best! ♥

Finally we were able to enter the bus and we departed on time. Then our long, long, looong busride home started. It was so long ugh! Even though buying candy at the rest stop was fun. I had some candy I hadn’t eaten since I was a child! But otherwise the drive was way too long, ugh. -_-
Finally, we arrived back in Amsterdam and my dad picked us up. Then I slept for five days. Ok not I didn’t. It had been a great trip though!

Thank you for reading! ~☆~

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