Saturday, November 25, 2017

London ’17, Day 2 – TPC Dream Masquerade Carnival Main Event

Finally, my Dream Masquerade Carnival Main Event blogpost! Prepare for a long post, filled with many, many pictures! Although, who am I kidding? I bet you actually came here for the pictures mostly! 8D So let’s just get started!
Saturday August 26th was the day of the Dream Masquerade Carnival main event! I was quite nervous and thought I wouldn't be able to sleep much, but luckily I did! I got up really early to take a shower and let my hair dry. Even though I was only planning to tie my hair in twin tails, my hair needs a lot of time to dry and it's better to let it air dry than blow dry it. I also wanted to do my make up early, since I'm really bad at it.
Around 8 am my parents and I went downstairs to have breakfast. After breakfast I prepared the things I had to take with me and then got dressed, with some help from my parents. Then it was finally time to head to the event venue.
Initially we had planned to take the bus to Trafalgar Square, but we decided on the metro instead after all. We walked to station Pimlico. I drew quite a lot of attention with my outfit, but I got some really lovely comments, so it was ok. ^^
We took two metros to Trafalgar Square. It was still very hot. I was holding my fan and someone commented on how smart that was. x)
We arrived at Trafalgar Square and headed for the event location. My parents suggested I'd buy some food for lunch, so we briefly visited a Prêt a Manger where I got a drink and two granola/popcorn/something bars. Very smart decision, honestly.
We arrived at Pall Mall 116, where a line of people was already waiting to enter.

Event Line
The line of people anxiously waiting to enter.

I spotted a lot of friends already, like Poppy, Alexander, Petra and Ayumi, so I joined some of them. The light was really lovely outside, so we suggested to quickly take some pictures together. Luckily, my mom was willing to take them for us.

Waiting to Enter
With Poppy, Ayumi and Petra (and Alexander lurking behind us, haha)!

My mom was also kind enough to take some outfit pictures of me, which was great, because I still looked nice and fresh! And like I said, the light was really nice!
Since there would be a celebration of 10 years of Angelic Pretty, I wanted to wear an outfit that truly embodied the Angelic Pretty spirit I had fallen in love with when I started Lolita, but I also wanted to be comfortable. I ended up deciding to wear Jewelry Jelly. I had also not long before bought this amazing holo backpack that had fairy wings attached to it! Literally the best bag I have ever owned! Since I would be wearing a colourful outfit, the backpack fit wonderfully with it. I used a lot of accessories in pastel colours and star shapes, so I had a bit of a confusing theme going on. I decided to call it ‘Magical Fairy Girl with a Love for Stars and Jellies’, haha! So this is the outfit I wore. I really hope you like it! ♥

Outfit One
♥ Magical Fairy Girl ♥
My outfit rundown:
Headbow: Angelic Pretty's Jewelry Jelly
Blouse: Bodyline
JSK: Angelic Pretty's Jewelry Jelly
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Hair accessory and front bow clip: Chocomint
Earrings: Ruby Rose
Necklaces: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright & RoseMarie Seoir
Bracelets: Paris Kid’s, 6% Dokidoki, Ruby Rose, Chocomint & offbrand
Wristcuffs: Angelic Pretty
Rings: Angelic Pretty & Chocomint
Backpack: Forever 21

Outfit Two

Outfit Three

Outfit Four

Outfit Five

Outfit Six

I also took some pictures with Marlessa, who suddenly appeared and looked absolutely stunning as usual! It’s unbelievable how she made such a classic, royal even outfit with an Angelic Pretty dress!

Russian Greatness
I very much like the contrast between Marlessa’s and my outfit here.

After a while, my friend Emilie arrived as well. She was a bit late, since a vital part of her outfit had been missing, but she looked perfect after somehow fixing the problem and we weren't allowed inside yet anyway. I was relieved and happy to see her, as we had planned to spend the day together! ♥
In line I got to meet Stephanie, which was so incredibly nice! I never would have thought it was possible to meet her, since she lives all the way over in Canada! I would have the chance to chat a bit more with her over the weekend, which was just so nice! ♥
Finally, the line started moving and we were allowed inside. At the ticket desk we had our tickets checked and received our tote bags. All silver ticket holders received a gorgeous sky blue tote bag, which made me very happy! It’s such a lovely colour! Emilie and I walked on and put our things down to get a bit more organized: we had a lot to carry and we needed to put on our DMC wristbands. Can you believe we got actual wristbands!? So cool!

Silver Wrist Band
I felt so cool walking around with my silver wristband during the event.
Picture by Emilie.

In the meantime I was absolutely amazed by the stunning location already. I had seen pictures and videos of it before, but they couldn’t compare with the real deal. There was a big stair case going both left and right and a gorgeous chandelier hanging above it.

Pall Mall Entrance
A small look into the entrance of the gorgeous event location. Isn’t it impressive?

Coincidentally, I walked into August, who gave me a lovely handmade git because I had helped out with a school assignment (which wasn't that much work for me at all, so kind)!
Then suddenly Maki and Asuka came walking down the stairs! During the Angelic Pretty Tea Party taking pictures with them had been hard and I had only succeeded to get one with Asuka, while Emilie only had one with Maki, so we were determined to get a picture with the two of them! They were kind enough to pose with us in front of the beautiful stairs, they're just so cute! ♥

With Maki and Asuka
I am so, so happy with this picture with Maki and Asuka! I think Asuka’s
smile is especially charming! ♥

Emilie and I walked up the stairs and headed to the first room (yes, there were multiple): the Angelic Pretty room. The Tea Party Club absolutely went out of their way for their 10th anniversary: the Angelic Pretty room had a bar with drinks, the Imai Kira stall, the Angelic Pretty stall, an actual photo booth and a gorgeous back drop with props for pictures. I didn't know where to go first!

Back Drop
Detail shot of the amazing photo corner back drop.
Picture by Emilie.

Since Maki and Asuka were there, we decided to take some pictures at the back drop too. There were professional photographers walking around, so good pictures were guaranteed!

Me and my Friend
Emilie and I posing with some of the adorable props!
Pictures by Emily Valentine.

Asuka left to help at the Angelic Pretty stall, but Maki was still lingering around the back drop, so we got a chance to take pictures with her! I love Maki so much, she’s so cute and kind and she looked adorable in her Halloween Treats outfit!

With Maki
So happy I got to take another picture with Maki! I also really liked the picture Emilie took from the side, so I added that one to the collage as well!
Left picture by Emily Valentine, right picture by Emilie.

We also walked into the lovely Nicole. It was very nice to chat with her a bit.
Emilie and I took a look at the Imai Kira stall, but since she wasn't there herself we decided to come back later. We also browsed the Angelic Pretty stall for a bit.

Angelic Pretty Stall
The Angelic Pretty stall was, as expected, very popular.

Then Emilie and I went into the photo booth! The guy operating it was incredibly nice and was quite impressed by all the amazing outfits walking around. He was so cool! And our pictures came out so cool as well, hehe! You can take a look at the pictures in my haul picture at the end of this post.
We kept an eye on the time, since we had a couple of goals for the day. I was so happy to be walking around with Emilie again: our goals are either similar or we make the other's goals our own and we always take pictures for each other. Emilie wanted to meet Imai Kira, I had a couple of things I wanted to film and so on. I was so happy to walk around with my dear friend again! ♥
It was almost time for the Q&A with Maki and Asuka. I suggested to head for the main room and film the start of the Q&A and then go for a bit of shopping while it was still going on. The hall was absolutely stunning, with turquoise walls, another giant chandelier and beautiful paintings.

Main Room
The main room was just so beautiful! I don’t know which part was my favourite!

Since there weren't that many people around yet, we took some more outfit pictures. Emilie didn’t have any yet and although I did, I posed for some extra pictures as well.

In the Main Room
When your incredibly talented friend takes such nice pictures of you you can’t
help but post both of them!

Slowly, the chairs started filling up and it was time for the Q&A. Michaela and Kira welcomed everyone and soon Maki and Asuka arrived on stage. They introduced themselves and then sat down to answer questions. I filmed a bit and then Emilie and I went on our way.

Asuka and Maki
Maki and Asuka during the Q&A.
Picture by Emilie.

We returned to the Angelic Pretty room, which was a very good idea since it was really quiet now and Imai Kira was there! Emilie was so happy, it was wonderful to see! She had even brought gifts for Imai Kira: a card, Swiss chocolates and one of her original paintings.
Imai Kira was very happy to receive such wonderful gifts (she almost didn’t believe they were actually for her) and she signed some things for Emilie. They also took a picture together! The classic 'Imai Kira hidden face picture' was quite a hit during this event too.

Imai Kira Pose
This pose became such a classic, I love it! ♥

I took the same picture with Imai Kira as Emilie, because naturally I just had too. I was also very happy that Imai Kira recognized me from Barcelona! In broken Japanese we chatted for a bit, which was lovely because Imai Kira is just really, super nice! Emilie and I both bought some things from her stall too. She had lovely merchandise again and I ended up with some post cards (one signed), sticker sheets, two buttons and something I thought was a clear file but turned out to be one of her sea-themed artworks. I was and still am very happy with my purchases.

Imai Kira Stall
Me, ready to spend money at the Imai Kira stall! XD
Pictures by Emilie.

Then we browsed the Angelic Pretty stall. Emilie bought a cute Fantasic Dolly pouch, I bought nothing myself.
We then went on to the next rooms. At the bring & buy it was quite busy. There were a lot of items for sale, but I didn't really take a look at them because I didn't want to buy any clothes. Plus the idea of mingling with all those shopping girls seemed a bit unappealing (as in: because it was crowded, I have nothing against shopping girls). Instead I said hi to Alex who was sitting at the remote vending table. I ended up buying a beautiful Madillustration brooch and an adorable Fluffy Tori pin there.
I walked into Stephanie again and also Rosie, who looked so darling and is a darling herself!
We continued to another room, where (among others) Triple Fortune and RoseMarie Seoir were located.

Bright Room
One of the beautiful rooms where stalls were located.
Picture by Emilie.

I browsed the RoseMarie Seoir stall first. I was very happy I already owned one of their ‘Lolita’-necklaces, since they didn’t have them anymore at the stall. They had some lovely dresses on display though! Emilie casually browsed them for my video, haha! Ayumi was cute as always and happily waved at my camera for my video as well.

Ayumi and RoseMarie Seoir Stall
Items being sold at the ‘RoseMarie Soeir’ table (hihi).
Left picture by Emilie.

Babi and Kaie of Triple Fortune were also present at their stall. Ah, they're just so cool and kind! I really love them, haha! ♥ Emilie and I took a look at their stall when to my great surprise they still had some hats left! I expected them to be gone after the Gold ticket hour, but there were still some on display. And to my even greater surprise, they had the gorgeous pink Marie Antoinette hat left that I had already seen on pictures and that had stolen my heart. I also really liked another hat lying around, but this one...
Ah it was just so beautiful! ;___;

Triple Fortune Stall
Beautiful items displayed at the Triple Fortune table. You can spot
my dream hat on the right.

Naturally the hat wasn't cheap, but compared to Triple Fortune's bonnet prices it was very acceptable! After some doubting I decided to go for it! I had wanted a fancy pink hat for such a long time and now I found it right in front of me!
However, I couldn't immediately take the hat with me because it would be used in the fashion show first. Babi and Kaie gave me an IOU note (haha) and thanked me kindly for my purchase. It was actually a good thing, because carrying that hat around all day would have been quite a hassle. Emilie by the way bought a set of beautiful flower tights and we got to take pictures with the cool designers.

Babi and Kaie
I love this picture with Babi and Kaie! ♥

We chatted a bit with some people walking around the room as well, which was very nice!
Then it was time for the fashion shows! Emilie and I headed for the main room early to get some good seats to film and photograph. We found spots near some Dutch Lolitas. It was nice to chat for a bit. It was still lunch break, so there weren't that many people yet.

Waiting for the Show
Emilie with Petra, Charlotte and Sophie waiting for the fashion show.

Slowly people started coming in and after a while, it was time for the fashion show to start!
Ah, it was so lovely... So many gorgeous outfits were being shown! Indie brands like Peackockalorum, Fidel David, Mossbadger, and Summer Tales Boutique passed us by.

Indie Brands Fashion Show
Some of my favourite fashion show looks, from Antique Frills, Fidel David, Mossbadger, Peacockalorum, Summer Tales Boutique and Sweet Sakura.
Pictures by Emilie.

Initially I started only filming the outfits I particularly liked, but after a while I just filmed every single one of them. Also, multiple of my friends modelled!
While I filmed, Emilie sat behind me to take pictures. It was quite challenging, because our view got blocked by someone else filming too, but we managed!
In between shows there was a small break for... cake! We all sang happy birthday for the Tea Party Club and then everyone could stand in line to receive a piece of cake. I ended up not getting any because I wasn't very hungry, but Emilie did and she said it was very delicious!

The beautiful celebration cakes!
Picture by Emilie.

I did get the chance to take a picture with absolutely lovely Jelly, who was also wearing Jewelry Jelly! I was so happy to meet her, she’s such a sweetheart!

With Friend One
I am so happy I got to meet this lovely girl! ♥

Then it was time for the brands fashion show. All the models looked so beautiful in their outfits from Triple Fortune, Atelier Pierrot, RoseMarie Seoir and Angelic Pretty (among others). Many brand-new prints were shown and Emilie fell in love with a print called 'Lovely Shopping', which she ended up buying when it came out after the event. I was also happy to see my new hat being featured in a stunning outfit. ♥

Brand Fashion Show
Some of my favourite fashion show looks, from Long Ears and Sharp Ears, RoseMarie Seoir, Angelic Pretty, Triple Fortune and Atelier Pierrot.
Pictures by Emily Valentine.

Model Risa Nakamura was also featured in the Angelic Pretty part of the fashion show, wearing a beautiful bridal outfit. We didn't see her all day outside of the two fashion shows she was in, which was a little funny somehow.
After the show, a very kind girl came up to me and told me she watches and enjoys me videos! That really made me so happy! I was also asked to be featured in an official DMC video by showing off my bag and looking over my shoulder, which was fun to do!
Emilie and I went to pick up my hat and then headed to the last room we hadn't been to yet, where we found Katie and the Summer Tales Boutique stall. I also walked into Shalisa from Sugar Trampoline, who has been reading my blog for years and always comments so faithfully. I was beyond happy to meet her! Thank you so much for your never-ending kindness, dear!

With Friend Two
I was beyond excited to take a picture with lovely Shalisa, who is an absolute darling!

After some looking around, Emilie and I walked back into the hallway with the big staircase again, where Poppy and other friends were having their pictures taken by a photographer, so we joined them. We all matched each other in our own way, which was very nice!

I’m very happy I got to take a picture with this bunch of amazing girls!
Picture by Jatzu.

Emilie and I headed back to the main hall. I was participating in an event that took place there, but we were a little early. Luckily, we walked into Stephanie! We got a chance to chat and take pictures of and with each other, which was such a precious moment. I felt so happy! ♥

With My Idol
My younger Lolita self was screaming at this point! I am so happy
I got the chance to meet Stephanie!

Then I was called to the front to prepare for the event I was taking part in: the Fashion Fix. In this game, two of the staff played hosts (in this case Michaela and Kyra) and they would have to guess which item in every participant's outfit was the oldest. The participants would first strut the runway in duos or in triplets and then the hosts would start their guessing. I was paired up with a lovely girl who looked absolutely stunning in Cinema Doll.
The Fashion Fix is apparently famous for being... a bit over the top, so I asked my partner how far she would be willing to go. I had picked a really fun song (if I may say so) and luckily my partner was totally into it.
The main hall filled up with a lot more people than I expected (oh no, haha) and soon the game started. Kyra and Michaela were joined by none other than Babi and Kaie as second judges! Whoa, that was... a little overwhelming. x)
The atmosphere was made when the first two girls walked out on RuPaul music and the audience went wild, which strengthened me a bit. Then, I think it was our turn, so my partner and I jumped onto the stage and started doing our routine to 'A quoi tu danses?' from the musical '1789: Les Amants de la Bastille'. Boy, did I display some Most Embarrassing Behaviour! I may look like a Sweet Lolita, but I did not behave sweetly on the runway. I had brought a fan with me and I smacked it open loudly, blowing kisses seductively at the audience left and right. Or at least I tried, haha! It was such a rush and the audience screamed loudly, which was just the best thing ever! I had so much fun! And Emilie was kind enough to film it, so I will forever be able to rewatch my shameful moment. 8D

This picture was taken right after our shameful display.
You can still see it lurking in my mischievous smile. 8D
Picture by Emilie.

Afterwards, my partner and I stood on the stage and the judges started their guessing. In the end, my outfit happened to have the oldest item: a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright music note necklace from 2007!
The other participants also went wild, it was just fantastic! And, as a reward for our "hard" work, we all got kabedon from Babi and Kaie! Aaah, I am still internally screaming! It was so great, so hot! I tried to keep my calm but oh my God~! And again, Emilie filmed it thankfully, so... do check out the video at the end of this post! But to give you an idea:

No comment. Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words, hehe!

After I had somehow recovered from that kabedon, it was time for the 10 Years of Lolita-fashion show. In this show, one Angelic Pretty dress from every year was shown. The models looked absolutely wonderful and it was the second opportunity to see Risa Nakamura again (who looked stunning in her dress by the way).

10 Years of Lolita Fashion Show
Although the 10 Years of Lolita-fashion show didn’t last very long, I enjoyed it a lot anyway.

Then it was time for the raffle. Emilie and I were both not feeling very well, so I asked Poppy whether she would be willing to take care of my raffle ticket while I went to rest a bit for a while. She was kind enough to say yes (thank you so much, dear) and I walked around for a bit while it was nice and quiet. This resulted in me leaving the Summer Tales Boutique stall with a new and absolutely adorable Pomeranian plushie to add to my family of two!
In the end I actually won something in the raffle, by the way! A little, cute brooch.
Then it was time for the group picture, which is always a hassle but in my opinion worth it. The photographers really did their utmost best and I was happy to be fairly at the front!

Group Picture
The group picture in the stunning main hall.
Picture by Emily Valentine.

The event started to come at an end. It ended later than planned, which stressed me out a bit because I would meet some friends who weren't attending afterwards. Emilie and I ran into the toilets and she helped me get out of my clothes and into normal ones (which I really, really appreciated)! I didn't really mention it, but it was quite a warm day and heat freaks me out, so I was grateful to get out of my layers of clothes. We went outside, said goodbye to everyone we passed and I met up with Pippa and her friends. I was so happy to see her again! With a small group of girls we went to a restaurant literally around the corner, where we had nice food and good conversations.
Finally, my parents picked me up and we headed back for the hotel. It had been an amazing day, filled with many emotions. Thank you to the Tea Party Club for your amazing work and thank you to my friends, especially to Emilie, who made this day so much extra special! ♥

Purchases of the Day
Gifts and purchases of the day

And here is the video I made of this event day. I worked really hard on it and honestly really love the result, so please take a look if you have time! ♥

Thank you for reading! ~☆~


  1. I love your outfit here, so cute! And DMC sounds from all accounts like such a great event.

    1. Thank you so much! ♥
      I'm glad many people had fun!