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London ’17, Day 3 – TPC Dream Masquerade Carnival Tea Party

On Sunday August 27th the Dream Masquerade Carnival Tea Party took place in 1 Whitehall Place. Although the main event had taken up a lot of energy, I was still quite excited for the Tea Party. My parents and I had breakfast together and after that, my dad went to explore for a bit while I got dressed and my mom kept me company (and helped me a bit too).
I had planned on a fairly simple outfit, combining my beautiful Fantasic Dolly dress with a black, off-shoulder blouse, pink socks and black shoes. I had tried out a simple updo with flowers for my hair to combine it with, however I changed my mind. My new Triple Fortune hat matched my Tea Party outfit so well that I decided to wear that instead! I rarely change my outfit plans to accommodate a new purchase, so this was quite a big deal for me! I played around with hairstyles for a bit, but eventually settled on a side pony tail that I could rest the hat on.
My dad returned and the three of us left the hotel. This time we did take the bus, which was incredibly nice, because we could sit at the top of the bus, so we had a lovely view. The bus stopped at Leicester Square, from where we could walk to the venue in about 10 minutes. But since we had time left, we first took some pictures of my outfit. My mom took some really beautiful ones in the shade of the great, stone lions in the middle of the square. After that, we started walking in the direction of the venue. When we entered a side street with lots of trees, it was my dad(!) who suggested to take pictures here because the light was just so beautiful! That really melted my heart. ♥
So this was my outfit! I really hope you like it. ^^

Outfit One
♥ Triple Fantasic Fortune ♥
My outfit rundown:
Hat: Triple Fortune
Blouse: Primark
JSK: Angelic Pretty's Fantasic Dolly
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Primark
Flowers: offbrand
Earrings: Claire’s
Necklace: RoseMarie Seoir
Button: Imai Kira
Bracelets: offbrand

Outfit Two

Outfit Three

Outfit Four

Outfit Five

We walked on to the venue while continuously taking pictures. My mom actually took some really nice ones of me and my dad while reading a city map. It’s nice to have my dad appear on my blog after so long again!

With Dad
I love this picture so much! And with those red buses it just screams ‘London’!

We soon arrived at the venue, where some people were already waiting. I said goodbye to my parents and joined my friends. Everyone looked as lovely as the day before! I was surrounded by the most varying outfits.

Waiting to Enter
Waiting in line to enter.
Picture by Emilie.

Not long after, we were allowed inside. We were led to a big room downstairs, which was apparently a waiting room. More and more people joined us and it became quite stuffy. We waited for a long time, even past the start of the Tea Party time. As soon as there seemed to be movement, everyone ran for the door, which was not the best idea. x) I hung on to a friend and luckily managed to get out of the waiting room pretty quickly, after which I could have my ticket checked and follow everyone to the Tea Party room.

Event staff ready to check everyone’s tickets.
Picture by Jatzu.

The Tea Party room was very beautiful. It reminded me a bit of the grand hall of a medieval castle: lots of brown and other wood colours, which big chandeliers and tapestries on the walls. There were countless tables everywhere and I ended up on one of the middle tables with an incredible group of girls, next to Emilie and dear Charlie! I was so happy to sit with some new people and people I already knew. Everyone was just so sweet! ♥

Tea Party Hall
The beautiful Tea Party hall.
Picture by Emilie.

All the tables were filled with goodies for the guests. I have to admit it was a bit unclear to me what exactly everyone got, because there seemed to be more items on the table than seats, but everyone surely received an Angelic Pretty fake tattoo sheet, a sticker sheet, a Milkribbon card, a fan and a button (I actually somehow ended up with two). I especially loved the button, since it was from Angelic Pretty and had a London theme. The fans were also a big hit. There were two versions, one of them being dark read and baring the text: ‘I said NO pictures!’

London Button
The Angelic Pretty button everyone received. Isn’t it super cute!?
Picture by Emilie.

I explored the hall for a bit with Emilie once she arrived. The raffle table was filled with incredible prizes and the special guests were already sitting at the head table.

Raffle Prizes
Checking out the prizes on the raffle table is an important part of a Lolita Tea Party!

Emilie and I managed to quickly get a picture with Maki and Asuka again. Goal achieved early! They both looked so lovely in their own styles! I loved Maki’s classic pink princess look (with a hat, yay) and Asuka in her circus look. Also, apparently Asuka was playing around with a red paper mask she had been wearing or been given all the time, which was just too cute!

Asuka and Maki
Lovely Maki and Asuka. ♥

And we also walked into Babi and Kaie, who were already doing kabedon early! I got one and Emilie did too! Lots of emotions so early and the Tea Party had barely started! Also, the Triple Fortune designers were happy to see I was already wearing my hat, yay! While writing this I keep thinking… Should I post this picture too? Can my readers handle it..? Well, let’s just do it! 8D

Kabedon Double
I couldn’t choose, so… both! Either way, as you can see I was enjoying it haha!
Pictures by Emilie.

Everyone seemed to have arrived and the food was being served, so we sat down at our table. I Just as we wanted to start eating, the staff suggested we take the group picture early, so there wouldn’t be a hassle at the end of the Tea Party! It was an interesting choice and some people didn’t really want to get up from their table, but most (including me) did. We all walked back to the grand stair case and posed for a while, trying to all get together as closely as possible. I ended up not being in the frame after all though, oh well. XD

Tea Party Group
The Tea Party group picture.
Picture by Jatzu.

We returned to the main hall and sat back down. The food was so amazing! There were finger sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream and pastries. Everything was so good! ♥

Tea Party Food
The food at the Tea Party was so delicious!
Left and upper right picture by Emilie.

Tea Parties are always a lot more relaxed: there is less of a schedule and more time to walk around and chat, which is exactly what we did! At first I took some selfies with people at my table and people visiting my table, like dear Poppy!

Charlie and Poppy
For some reason my camera wouldn’t focus on me,
but I still really like these two pictures! ♥

After we had eaten enough, Emilie and I left the table, walked around a lot and took pictures with people. Everybody looked so beautiful, so many great outfits were worn that day! And it was lovely to chat with more people, like with Marlessa, Rosie and especially with Stephanie. Chances are likely I’ll never see her again, which is a sad thought because she is such a sweetheart! I feel incredibly lucky I got the chance to meet her in person!

With People
Clockwise from the top left: Poppy and Alexander, me with Marlessa,
me with Rosie and me with Stephanie.

Shout out to the group of girls braving the heat and showing up wearing Puppet Circus to create the long-promised Puppet Circus army! I’m glad the photographer got a nice shot of them together. ♥

Puppet Circus Army
The amazing Puppet Circus army!
Picture by Jatzu.

This post won’t be too long this time, because otherwise I’d only bore you with ‘And then I met so and so, after which I talked to so and so’. Let’s not do that this time. ^^ I talked to a lot of people, let’s just keep it at that. However, naturally a picture with my dear friend and partner in crime cannot be missing! Also, I would like to mention that Emilie looked so beautiful in her Tea Party outfit! It was just so her style, she looked amazing!

With Emilie
Love. ♥

The raffle was announced, so everybody sat down in their seats again. But first, we got a speech. The organisers thanked everyone for coming and reflected a bit on their previous events. They thanked the special guests and we all applauded.
Then, suddenly and right behind me, someone rose to their feet and proposed to their partner! And the answer was yes! Everyone cheered and clapped and it was so beautiful! ♥
Then it was time for the special guests to pick their favourite outfits! This is always quite an exciting moment, because it’s so hard to predict who they will choose! All their choices were quite unexpected (as in; none of the winners wore the designers’ brands exclusively)!

Tea Party Guests
All the special guests together.
Picture by Emilie.

Then we got another speech, where we clapped for all the individual organisers. And suddenly, everything turned very emotional, because the organisers announced that this event, their 10th Anniversary Event, would be the Tea Party Club’s last. I wasn’t surprised, but many people were shocked and cried. It was all very emotional. ♥ If you want to see a bit of the speech, please check out my video at the end of this post Then the raffle started! There were many amazing prizes and I ended up winning an adorable pink Swimmer box with my no. 100! But before the organisers would hand it over to me, Michaela requested another fierce fan snap like I had done during the Fashion Fix, so of course I obliged. Everyone cheered, it was so great! ♥ It was a precious and lovely moment! ;___;
Many more lovely prizes were won, including a Mr Yan body pillow, which was met with lots of cheering. XD Also, when Dom won a lovely Angelic Pretty set, this was naturally received with lots of cheering and laughter as well.
The Tea Party was coming to an end, so I went around with my packets of Dutch stroopwafels to give to the organisers and event staff and quickly snuck some more pictures with people. I was very happy I could have a quick picture with Imai Kira and Madame Pretty. Imai Kira used her new fan, it was so cute!

Imai Kira, Madame Pretty
With Imai Kira and Madame Pretty. ♥

Emilie and I left the main hall and headed for the bathroom, where I got changed back into normal clothes again with her help (the toilets looked very beautiful by the way). Outside, I met with my parents who were sitting at a statue. They chatted a bit with some of my friends, while I quickly took outfit pictures and videos for other people. Then, we said goodbye to everyone and went back to the hotel. We had dinner at a restaurant close to the hotel, which was lovely, and then went to sleep. It had been a very eventful day.

Gifts of the Day
Gifts of the day

And to end this post, here is the video I made of the Tea Party! This video also came out quite nicely, so please take a look if you have time! ♥

Thank you for reading! ~☆~

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