Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Under the Sea – Haul

It’s been quite a while since Under the Sea took place, but I still look back upon it with a smile on my face. ^^ Today’s post will be the last one about this event, I promise! ♥ But well, I haven’t talked about my haul yet! So here are all the things I received, bought or that were gifted to me. You can find a video at the end of this blogpost, in which I basically tell the same things (but you know, in case you prefer to listen instead of read). Here we go~!

Goodie Bag
Under the Sea VIP goodie bag.

Let’s first start off with the VIP goodie bag. Every Street Fashion Europe member still bought their own tickets and I chose for the VIP Saturday ticket, because I knew I would receive a goodie bag with that ticket (and I really wanted one)! The bag was exclusively designed by one of our members. It has a beautiful mint colour and in sparkly silver paint the words ‘Under the Sea’, some beautiful shells and curly decoration and all the names of the special guests at the bottom. Not only is this bag super pretty, tote bags always come in handy! ^^

Goodie Bag Contents
Goodie bag contents.

Every goodie bag contained the following items:
♥ One of two specially designed notebooks.
♥ A fake tattoo sheet.
♥ A little soap shaped like a starfish or a seashell.
♥ Two Japanese candies.
♥ One of two gold pin designs.
♥ One out of the five special Under the Sea sea horse pins.
I absolutely loved the contents of the goodie bags and I especially love the fact I got the sea horse pin I love the most!

Under the Sea programme.

I know that the programme shouldn’t really be considered part of a haul, but hey: it’s pretty and convenient. ^^

Post Cards
Post cards.

Some brands and designers had sent post cards to put into the goodie bags. Some designers had created special art work for Under the Sea! I love post cards and I would honestly like to frame some of these.

Flyers and Business Cards
Flyers and business cards.

Also maybe not really considered to belong to a haul, but I really liked some of the flyers and business cards we got. Some are just so cute or pretty!

RMS Necklace
RoseMarie Seoir necklace.

My first purchase of the day. As soon as the event started I ran to RMS’s stall and got this necklace. It’s super cute, elegant and quite mature. I can’t wait to wear it. ^^

Voodooodolly Crown
Voodooodolly crown.

Isn’t this crown to die for!? I had wanted to add a pretty gold crown to my wardrobe for a long time, but it somehow never happened. So when Voodooodolly announced they were going to bring lots of crowns I was thrilled! I got this beautiful crown and haven’t regretted it for one second ever since!

Yu Kimura's Style Book
Yu Kimura’s style book.

As a big fan of Yu Kimura, of course I couldn’t miss out on her first style book! The book is very cute with lots of pretty pictures (you can see a bit of the inside in my video). Also, she signed it for me. ^^ Such a beautiful memory.

Shell Ring Gift
Pink shell ring, gift from Jordana.

I received this adorable shell ring as a gift from Jordana from Mossbadger. I really love it and I am so honoured she just gave it to me like that! Thank you so much dear!

Candy and other gifts.

Small gifts I received from lovely people. You are all amazing and too kind honestly. ;_; Next time I am showering everyone with stroopwafels and McFlurries (wait, what, no)!

Tea Party Goodies
Tea Party goodies.

Every guest at the Under the Sea Tea Party received:
♥ A Loputyn mermaid post card.
♥ A Milkribbon twin mermaids post card.
♥ A sticker sheet.
♥ One out of four key chain designs.
♥ A card with part of a print name on it.
The Tea Party gifts were all so lovely! I am really happy with all the items I got! I really need to think of a good place to attach that gorgeous key chain to…

Atelier Pierrot Reine Dress
Atelier Pierrot Reine dress.

You thought my haul would be finished now, didn’t you? Well, originally it did finish here! Until the day after Under the Sea. Josine, Pippa and Katie came to my house to do the stock take (checking which items got sold, etc) when I realised the dress I had fallen in love with wasn't sold. It was the beautiful Reine dress, worn by Connie in the designer fashion show. When the giant Atelier Pierrot box had arrived at my house, this was one of the first dresses I pulled out and God did I love it. It was so different from my other dresses, so elegant. But well, I tried to forget about it. But when we pulled it out of the box that Monday, a lightning bolt struck through me. When I told the other girls about my love for this dress they insisted I tried it on and eventually I did (bad idea, of course)! And when I looked in the mirror, I knew it… I had to buy this dress. It fit so well, almost comfortable even (and that is something I rarely say). I showed it to my friends and mom and everyone demanded I’d buy it. And kids, that’s the story of how I bought my first Atelier Pierrot dress.

So this was my Under the Sea haul blogpost. I hope you liked it! Did you buy anything at Under the Sea you adore? Or maybe at some other event? Do let me know! ^^

Thank you for reading! ~☆


  1. That crown looks really nice. Voodooodolly really knows how to make something look like it's a quality item rather than a children's toy. Nice Atelier Pierrot dress too.

    1. You put it in the exact words I've been looking for, thank you! *o*

  2. Well I love your purchases!!
    I really fell in love with your RoseMarie Seoir necklace ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and the shell ring by jordana is really very pretty!! And your graceful.. I so hope to see you IRL.. ♡♡♡

    1. I am so glad! =D
      I would really love to meet you someday dear! ♥

  3. Can't wait to see photos of you in that Reine dress and the Voodoo dolly crown (I have the same one)!

    1. Ho thank you! I really need to find a special occasion to wear it. *o*
      Isn't Voodooodolly amazing!? I have worn the crown already, you will see soon. ^^

  4. That dress is so pretty, even if it is not your usual style! I'm curious how it will look on you *O*

    1. Thank you so much sweetie! ♥ I am happy you like it!

  5. Such a nice haul, and that OP is just gorgeous! Can't wait to see pictures of you wearing it!

    1. I am so glad you like it! ♥
      I hope I can wear it soon. :3