Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sparkly Stars at Summer Sky Tea Party

On Sunday May 29th my friend Katie from Summer Tales Boutique organized a summer Tea Party! The name of the Tea Party was ‘Sparkly Stars at Summer Sky’, so the theme was everything stars, sky and summer.
Unfortunately, I don’t own anything in theme and couldn’t come up with something creative, so instead I decided to redo an outfit I had worn a couple of years earlier: Milky-chan of the Fawn combined with sax blue. This was my outfit, I hope you like it. ^^

Outfit One
Picture by Summer Tales Boutique.
☆ Milky-chan in Summer ☆
My outfit rundown:
Head bow: Angelic Pretty’s Milky-chan of the Fawn
Cardigan: Primark
JSK: Angelic Pretty’s Milky-chan of the Fawn
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: An*Tai*Na
Bow clip: Chocomint
Necklace: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Bracelets: Paris Kid’s, 6% Dokidoki and offbrand
Ring: 6% Dokidoki and Noor’s Closet

Outfit Two
Picture by Summer Tales Boutique.

Outfit Three
Picture by Miradel.

The Tea Party was held at the Summer Tales Boutique Shop as usual, but getting there was quite an adventure. The Dutch railways always have some kind of construction going on and this weekend was no exception. Going to the store by train was no option, so I took a train to Utrecht Central Station and met up with a group of Lolitas there. From there, we took one of the special buses to Houten. I was afraid it would be stressful, but I had a lovely conversation with cute Mairin. :3
From station Houten we walked to the store (which was further than I remembered, ugh).
When we arrived at the store, I finished my outfit (I had walked without a petticoat and with a big black vest on because I didn’t want to stand out while being alone) and then sat at a table with some of my dear friends. ♥
Katie welcomed everyone, talked a bit about her new collection (she showed some gorgeous boleros that I completely fell in love with and super cute Poteusa Loppy backpacks that are just too cute for words) and then the Tea Party started. First everyone just socialized, took pictures and shopped for a bit in the shop. There were a lot of lovely outfits present as usual. Here are some of them. ^^

Lovely Ladies One
Amazing host Katie, beautiful Evy, lovely Babs, gorgeous Karin and pretty Jasmijn. ♥
Pictures by Summer Tales Boutique.

Finally, it was time for food! The food at Summer Tales Boutique Tea Parties is always so great! Katie’s boyfriend spends like three days in the kitchen before a Tea Party and the food is always so delicious! This time was no exception: the food was better than ever! And there was so much, it was amazing!

Tea Party Food
Some of the amazing food at the Tea Party.

After eating delicious food and drinking tea lots of people went outside again to take pictures and talk. I didn’t take many pictures on this Tea Party, but here are some lovely portraits anyway.

Lovely Ladies Two
Some very lovely ladies. ♥

It was very nice to see how everyone had incorporated the theme. Some decided to go with stars, others went for a more summery look. Or they went the way I did: nothing matching the theme at all. x)

Lovely Ladies Three
More lovely ladies. ♥

We are used to having Belgians attend Summer Tales Boutique Tea Parties as well as the Dutch Lolitas, but this time two German girls joined us as well! I was super happy my dear friend Allegra and her friend Karin came to the Tea Party. Allegra is just adorable (and has the most beautiful hair) and I was very happy to get to know Karin a lot more as well! ♥

German Lolitas
Lovely and sweet Allegra and Karin. *o*
Picture by Summer Tales Boutique.

We went inside again because it was time for the raffle! I didn’t win anything, but some other lucky people did. ^^ After that, it was time for the outfit contest! The five contestants were chosen by motivation before and at the Tea Party they got to tell everyone about their outfit and why it matched the theme.

Outfit Talking
The contestants talking about their outfits.

It was very interesting to hear all the motivations and ideas behind the outfits. We then received a piece of paper and got to vote for our favourite.
It was hard to choose only one! *_*

Outfit Contestants
The five amazing outfit contestants.

The Tea Party was coming to an end and we all went outside for a group picture. This always takes such organization, aaah! XD But we managed. ^^

Group Picture
The guests of the Sparkly Stars at Summer Sky Tea Party.

The Tea Party had come to an end and people started leaving. My mom was really kind to come and pick me up by car, but not before I showed her the new Poteusa Loppy backpacks. Eventually, somehow someone got home with us, haha! x) ♥
The Tea Party had been great and I was very happy to see so many girls of the Dutch Lolita community again. Thank you all for a great day!

Loppy Purchase
Purchase of the day

Thank you for reading! ~☆


  1. That looks like a wonderful event! And I think your outfit goes with the theme of summer quite well, the colours are pretty summery and even though you're wearing a cardigan, there's a sort of summery lightness to it all.
    The backpack really IS adorable. *.* Can it fit much? :P

    1. I am glad you think my outfit fit the theme after all haha! ^^
      It fits probably more than you think, but still not much. x) I managed to get my phone, passport, wallet and travel case into it though, so it's pretty great! =D