Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Deer Lolitas

The week after we went to Düsseldorf was a holiday week for me, which gave me time to get some rest and to finally catch up on some Lolita needs! So I invited my friend Michelle to my house for a Lolita sleepover! She brought along two dresses to wear for pictures. On our first day she decided to wear her ivory ‘Mariage d’Amour’ jumperskirt by indiebrand Chess Story. Since I have absolutely nothing in my Lolita closet that is even remotely ivory, I decided to go with my faithful pink Millefeuille jumperskirt again. I had wanted to wear this dress for quite a while already with my beautiful deer collar from Cute Lou Couture, so now was my chance! And since Michelle was wearing her dress with flowers and antlers, it was just perfect! ♥ We were both deer themed! Here are some pictures of our outfits, I hope you like them:

Deer Lolita - One

Deer Lolita - Two

Deer Lolita - Three

Deer Lolita - Four

Deer Lolita - Five

Deer Lolita - Six

Deer Lolita - Seven

Deer Lolita - Eight

Deer Lolita - Nine

At night, we had lasagna and we watched Kamikaze Girls (it can’t go any more Lolita than that)! I actually really liked the movie this time! The first time I watched it wasn’t that special to me, but now I really laughed a lot! ^^ After the movie we went to sleep. It had been a lovely day. ✿


  1. oww you both look so cute ♥♥♥

  2. You both look so cute ! And your hair up like this really suits you ♥

    1. Thank you so much! <3 You really think so? I am still not sure about it, but thank you! =D