Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Lolitas in Red

The next day, Michelle and I planned to do another photoshoot! Initially, we thought Michelle would wear her Snowwhite dress from Infanta, but finally we decided to let her wear one of my dresses. As Milky Berry is one of her Dream Dresses, it was the perfect dress for her to wear! ^^ Or maybe not, because she loves it even more now, haha! XD Which is good, ‘cause she looked amazing in it. :3
In order for us to match again, I decided to wear my pink Millefeuille jumperskirt again, only this time combined with red! I don’t know, I really love pink and red together and this outfit came out even prettier than I had expected! Here are some pictures of our outfits, I hope you like them:

Lolitas in Red - One

Lolitas in Red - Four

Lolitas in Red - Three

Lolitas in Red - Two

Lolitas in Red - Five

Lolitas in Red - Six

Lolitas in Red - Seven

Lolitas in Red - Eight

Lolitas in Red - Nine

Lolitas in Red - Ten

Lolitas in Red - Eleven

Lolitas in Red - Twelve
We love each other so much! XD

Later that day, Michelle left again to go home. It had been a super fun Lolita sleepover~! ^^


  1. Aw you two look adorable and the idea of a lolita sleepover sounds really nice. I never got to do many sleepovers as a young girl and i don't get to do them now either for some reason. I wish i could. <3

    1. Thank you so much Joana! I used to dislike sleepovers as a child because I got really homesick, I am better now and enjoy them a lot (well, and this was at my own house so there was no homesickness involved, haha). You really should have a sleepover sometime! It doesn't even have to be for a special occasion! ^^

  2. You both look so cute! The red and pink looks so good together. <3

    You mentioned that your friend Michelle loves Milky Berry? I'm currently looking to sell my mint JSK version, if she would be interested. :)

    1. Thank you so much! ^^

      Oooh, I will tell her!! =D

  3. You two look amazing! I love your outfits and how they look together. Red looks so good on you ♥ So beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much! ♥ My outfit was so simple, but I really liked the result! I am glad you do too! ^^

  4. Ahhhh, such lovely outfits, both of you!! *_*