Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Mad Carnival

Usually I don’t really like to post blog entries in the wrong order, but I’m afraid I’ll have to deal with it this time. ^^’ This event took place before my birthday.
On Sunday November 24th, the winter tea party of Fly Away Fashion took place! Contrary to last year’s theme, which was very wintery, this year’s theme was ‘The Mad Carnival’, a combination of creepy couture and Alice in Wonderland. Personally I don’t really like to dress up scarily (I am not the Halloween kind of person at all), so instead of going ‘dark’, I decided to go my usual, Sweet Lolita way. While I was at work, I got inspired by some of the cute magical wands in the kid’s section and I decided to dress up like some kind of fairy! I decided to wear my pink Star Night Theater dress, since the print has a carnival-like theme, and also because I hadn’t worn it in ages. I combined it with the matching pink socks, a red bolero, red shoes and gold accessories. I could finally use the golden tulle bow I had lying around from last year’s Christmas and I bought a cute little gold wand to match. On the day itself, my mom helped me do my hair and took some pictures of me. I was so happy with my outfit, it was just as nice as I had hoped. I hope you like it
as well! ♥

Theater Fairy 1
✩Theater Fairy✩
My outfit rundown:
Headbow: Angelic Pretty’s Star Night Theater
Cardigan: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Jsk: Angelic Pretty’s Star Night Theater
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: BodylineNa
Earrings: Claire’s
Bangles: Chocomint and Hema
Wristcuffs: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Rings: Angelic Pretty
Wand: Claire’s

Theater Fairy 2

Theater Fairy 3

Theater Fairy 4

Theater Fairy 5

Theater Fairy 6

Theater Fairy 7

Theater Fairy 8
‘I want YOU to join the Lolita community!’

I shared a car with Rowan, Cat and two other friends and we went on our way to the Fly Away Fashion shop, where we had just been two weeks before for the Swap Meet. We arrived a bit early, but we were soon joined by other people. I am getting to know my community more and more, which is really nice!
This year’s party was very popular and lots of tickets were sold. There were even some Belgian girls joining us, like Annso! I was so happy to see her again! And she wore Star Night Theater as well, we matched! Her outfit was very different from mine, which resulted into some nice pictures. :3
Katie appeared, looking absolutely fabulous in her White Rabbit inspired outfit! *_* We went inside to pay for our tickets. On the walls there were signs saying ‘that way’ and ‘down the rabbit hole’, which was so cute and detailed!

Shop Shots
Some shop pictures! ^^

Since I bought some things at Cat’s Halloween event from Fly Away Fashion, I didn’t have to pay for my ticket, which was a nice surprise. ^^ We all received a card from a card game with our name and lottery number on it. It matched the theme so well! I went upstairs and joined the Belgian’s table, soon followed by Cat. It was so nice to talk a bit with the Belgian girls. We rarely see them outside of Facebook, haha! ^^

Wand and Card
No. 28 for me!

I took a look at the menu (everything sounded amazing) and soon everyone got seated. Katie welcomed us and told us a bit about the schedule of the day. She also told us she had some bad and good news. Bad news first (of course): Fly Away Fashion will cease to exist (Noooo! =O). Hold your horses: the good news is that Katie is continuing under a different name. ‘Summer Tales Boutique’ will not only include Katie’s self-made clothes, but also indie brands and maybe even Japanese brand clothes! I am very curious to see what will happen in
the future!
When Katie was done, it was time for tea and food. And great food it was! *_* Katie and her cooking crew had put so much work into the food again. It was truly wonderful! The cupcakes were a bit too sweet for my taste, but the rest was a-ma-zing! I especially liked the bunny-shaped cookies. ♥

Mad Food
The amazing food and cute menu.

I talked a lot with different people, it was so much fun! Everyone looked amazing, one pretty person after another.
After a while, we decided to go take pictures outside. It was a bit cold, but since there was no sun I knew my pictures were very likely to come out well, so I took a lot of them! Everyone who wanted a picture got multiple, solo and together. This time, I also posed with a lot of people as well myself, yay! Here are some pictures of some amazing looking people. It was hard to choose from my many pictures!

Star Night Theater Girls
Together with Annso! ♥ We wore the same print, but in such different ways!

Three out of Six
Three of the six girls participating in the outfit contest: Saltje, Anne and Joke.
Don’t they look amazing?

The Host
Katie gets her own double frame because she looked a-ma-zing! *_* That bunny tail!

Taking pictures with Renske, Cat and Eveline! ♥

The Belgian card girls and queens with their Dutch Alice.

Guys Were There Too
Everyone looked amazing, including the men (and dogs). :3

Twinning Twins
Me with the cutest twinning twins ever!

Card Ladies
Another picture of Annso and Margot, because I like this one. :3

Eventually it got too cold and we went inside again. After I was brave enough to step into the cold again for some last pictures (haha) we went upstairs again to vote for the outfit contest. This time we had six people to vote for instead of five and it was so hard! ;_; I really had a hard time choosing! After the voting, we also filled in a little survey about Lolita and Lolita shops. After that, the winners of the contest were announced and Annso won first prize! She never saw it coming, but she totally deserved it! :3
After that, there was some more time to eat drink and chat and there was also the bingo of course. I didn’t win anything unfortunately. After that, we quickly took a group picture before all the light was gone!

Mad Group Shot
We were with so many people this time!

Finally, the party was over and everyone slowly got their stuff together. Of course we were a bit slow (I hate saying goodbye ;_;), so I talked with some more people and I took pictures.

The girls in black and pink chatting.

I talked some more with Annso for a while, which is always fun. She is such a sweet girl. ♥ I was so happy to be able to match with her! I’d love to do a proper twin someday! *_*

Our matching prints. I love Star Night Theater so much!

I browsed the shop for the last time, but I didn’t buy anything. I needed to save up for Christmas presents! I did take some pictures in the little shop, since it makes for a nice background.

In The Shop
Together with my dear and adorable Kim! ♥

I had to wait for Rowan and her friends to get together so we could all take the car, which resulted into this last picture of Cat and her future husband.

Love at first sight. Don’t they make a cute couple? ^^

Finally, it was time to go home. It was a lot of fun to take the car back with other Lolitas, even though I was sad the day was over again. But an amazing day it had been! That’s for sure~!♫


  1. I comented before on fb how I'm in love with pink and red combination! It suits you perfectly! Also did I compliment on your wallpaper with that stunning wardrobe yet? :D No? Well,it's awesome! It's great to see how many meetups you have in Netherlands! *jealous* Also go go fly away fashion! I bought very cute headbow from them on JE! ♥

    1. Oh you are too sweet my dear! ;_; I am so glad you like it! Many people consider pink and red as some kind of taboo combination, but I love it!
      Awww thank you! The wallpaper is from Pip Studio! They have the most amazing designs. The wardrobe is from IKEA. :3
      Fly Away Fashion is wonderful! Come to a Tea Party sometime! *____*

  2. You guys are really amazing, those outfits are all fabulous. And you have probably the cutest smile ever! :3

    1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah thank you so much, you are too sweet! <3 ;_; <3

  3. The wedding is planned in the summer!

  4. Your outfit is so amazing! That gold bow really makes it look extra special and lovely. Everyone else also looks great, and this event looks like it was really fun as well. :0

  5. Ooh :) I adore to dress up scary though, but your outfit is soooo perfect and you look so adorable! The shop looks so amazing and indeed a nice suprise that you didn't have to pay for your ticket! The food looked amazing too, and great that there were Belgian girls too *w* wish I could have been there as well, you all look so amazing!


    1. Thank you so much!!! Please come next time! :D