Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Reflection Upon The Year and Resolutions

2013 is almost over and wow, what a year it was! Around this time, many people say: ‘Oh my, it’s New Year already!? Time flew by!’, but I never agree. So many things happened, both Lolita and non-Lolita (of course)! 2013 has definitely been a great year for me. Of course, sad things happened too, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I’d like to invite you to join me in my reflection upon the year 2013…

♥ In 2013, I modelled in a Lolita Fashion Show for the first time! I was honoured to be showing one of Fly Away Fashion’s original designs! Later in the year, I also walked in the MFashion Fashion Show at Summer Darkness, this time showing off my own Lolita style!
♥ In 2013, I visited my friend Emilie in Geneva, where we spent four wonderful days together. We visited the amazing town of Gruyères and we also had a lot of fun walking around in Geneva , both days dressed in matching Lolita outfits! It was so great to see my friend again and tob e able to wear Lolita twice together! :3
♥ In 2013, I did my first Lolita photoshoot, together with Cat! I was really nervous, but I think we both survived quite well!
♥ In 2013, on April 30th, our Queen officially abdicated and the new King got crowned! I spent almost the entire day watching tv, it was so amazing! I witnessed history and it was wonderful!
♥ In 2013, I went to two Fly Away Fashion Tea Parties! Both the summer and winter edition were amazing parties, where I had a lot of fun and got to know my community better bit by bit! ♥ In 2013, a new member joined our family! Our golden oldie dog: Oliver aka Ollie! My mom fell in love with him in Spain and couldn’t stop thinking about him. She loved him so much! My dad decided tob ring him home for her birthday. We love him all dearly, he is a total sweetheart!
♥ In 2013, I got accepted into my first year at the Conservatory of Rotterdam. I am now officially, fully, completely a Classical Music student! I was, and am, so incredibly happy! My best friend joined me and together with one of the new students we automatically formed a strong three people friendship. We’re like the trio from Harry Potter, only we are two girls and a guy! *o*
♥ In 2013, I went to Paris for the fourth time and it was the greatest trip of them all! I spent the first four days together with Emilie. We went to both Baby, The Stars Shine Bright’s and Angelic Pretty’s Tea Parties and we had lots of fun walking around Paris and shopping. My most beloved memory will bet hat we both won a dress set at Angelic Pretty’s last Paris Tea Party! I will treasure it forever…
After that, I got to spend four more days in Paris with my mom. We had the best weather ever (I will ignore the fact I almost suffered a sunstroke) and we visited so many places! This was definitely my best trip to Paris yet! ;_;
♥ In 2013, right after my trip to Paris, the Kawaii Event took place, in my own country! Emilie came over by plane to stay at my house and we had the most wonderful weekend ever! The event was more than perfect, both the afternoon Tea Party and the evening event. Emilie and I wore beautiful outfits (if I may say so myself :3), we got to meet Misako Aoki and Rinrin Doll, I made new friends and everyone looked so pretty and we danced and we had so much fun! This event will forever be one of my best Lolita-related memories and I am so incredibly glad and grateful I got to spend it with my Lolita Soulmate! ;_;
♥ In 2013, I got a job at my favourite shop in my town ever: Claire’s! I never expected it to happen, but it did! I got to work with wonderful colleagues and every time I had to wear jewelry from the store, which I didn’t mind at all! ^^ Unfortunately, my contract has almost ended and I am quite sad about it, but I am grateful form y time there! It’s been a blast!
♥ In 2013, we also lost a member of our family. Our old grandma dog Saartje passed away on September 6th, in my arms. I miss her a lot.
♥ In 2013, I went to Cat’s wonderful Lolita birthday party , Under the Sea-themed. I had so much fun and it inspired me to throw a Lolita birthday party myself for the very first time!
♥ In 2013, I sang with a big choir in a big church for the first time in my life! We sang the Messe Solennelle by Louis Vierne and it was just magic. We sang with two organs in a huge church hall and for me it was pure… amazement. I don’t know how to put it differently.
♥ In 2013, I organized my very first meet up for my German friends. Quite some people showed up and I had a lot fun. I was quite proud of msyelf for getting something like this done: organizing things is not my strongest side. ^^
♥ In 2013, I joined the annual Gift Swap Meet for the first time! I had so much fun and it was heartwarming and inpsiring to see how much work people put into their gifts for other people. I definitely want to go again next year!
♥ In 2013, I had two major breakthroughs in my singing within two weeks. It’s hard to explain what exactly happened, but for me it was wonderful and makes me feel so much better about msyelf!
♥ In 2013, I wore Lolita for the first time to school, on my birthday! I never thought I’d ever be brave enough to wear one of my dresses to school (not even because of people’s responds, but for getting it dirty. ^^’). But I did it and I felt so happy all day long! Totally worth it! :3
♥ In 2013, I got my first solo in a school choir project. It wasn’t very major, but I was still quite proud! ^^
♥ In 2013, I had a big, Lolita birthday party with my closest Lolita friends. I haven’t posted about it yet, but keep an eye out in the first weeks of the new year! ^^
♥ In 2013, I watched a lot of great movies: Catching Fire, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (among others) and we finally got news about the new Sherlock season, which will begin on January 1st~! I am so excited! *o*

Whoa, what a year it has been! Looking back at 2013 brings a smile on my face, it’s been such an amazing year!
Last year, I made a list of resolutions. Let’s see which happened and which didn’t.

1. Lose more weight! Not really, but I haven’t gained either… ^^’
2. Wear Lolita often! Now that is one thing that definitely happened. I still don’t wear Lolita as often as other people, but to my standards I wore it quite a bit!
3. Wear a Gothic Lolita coord! This didn’t happen, but it’s no big deal. It was more of a ‘it would be fun’ kind of resolution than ‘it has to happen’.
4. Visit my friend Emilie in Switzerland! This happened! :3 We had such a fun time! I wanna go back…
5. Read more books! Hmmm… I don’t think I read that many after all… I did finish the Hunger Games and I started re-rereading Harry Potter, but other than that… Luckily my parents gave me the Harry Potter series in English and I got The Hobbit for Christmas (and my brother Lord of the Rings), so I have plenty of things to start! ^^
6. Work hard for school and enter the first year! I did~! I worked hard and got accepted, so this one definitely came true!
7. Go to Paris again! Happened as well. :3

To finish this post, some resolutions for the upcoming year!

1. Travel somewhere far away! I’d like to go somewhere on vacation, far away. Plans are already being made, so we’ll see… :3
2. Work hard for school and enter the second year! In order to stay in school, I will have to work hard and do my best!
3. Lose more weight! I’m not even going to talk about this one…
4. Wear Lolita a lot! Because I love it and I don’t plan to stop yet! ^^ 5. Stress less! I stress about so many things, I need to try and tone it down!

I don’t know anything else to add, so I’ll just wish you all a wonderful New Year! May all your wishes come true and may 2014 be an amazingyear! ♥ HAPPY NEW YEAR! ♥


  1. Congrats on fulfilling your 2013 resolutions! I wish I had made a list and kept up with it. Nonetheless, good luck with 2014. :)

    What I'm doing is little monthly resolutions to keep myself motivated. Check out my January Lifestyle Challenge post if you'd like. Have a wonderful year!

    1. Thank you! ^^ And you can always do it this year! =D

      Oh that is such an awesome idea! I'll definitely take a look!

      You too! <3