Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Casual, Frilly Birthday

Today, December 10th, it was my birthday! From now on I have to tell people I am 21 instead of 20 years old. It feels so strange…
Despite the fact I had to go to school from 10 am to 6:30 pm, I had a really fun day! I woke up early, took a shower and when I got down stairs, my dad congratulated me. Soon my mom came downstairs and they gave me a really pretty birthday card, followed by a totally unexpected birthday present, since my actualy present is on the way! I got a box set of all the Harry Potter books in English. I always said to my mom how much I want to read these books in English, so it was a perfect gift! I am so happy! =D
After that, I quickly had to go upstairs to get dressed. Now let me tell you: today I have done something I never thought I’d do. I wore Lolita to school! I wore a casual coord with my French Polkadot dress, combined with a red head band, a black bolero, black tights, Paris-themed accessories and my normal black boots. I was really nervous to wear Lolita to school. Not so much because of the reactions of my school mates, but more about getting my dress dirty! XD But everything went quite well actually. ^^ Here is my outfit, I hope you like it!!

Outfit Shot

Posing in the choir room. ^^

Doll Pose

Conducting an invisible choir. XD

Many people congratulated me and I got many compliments on my outfit, it made me so happy! I felt really pretty on my birthday, yay~! ♥
My friend treated me on some Bubble Tea, I chose warm Coconut Milk Tea with brown sugar jelly. This combination is so perfect! And lucky me: my other friend had also offered me Bubble Tea the day before and I had the same! It is my official birthday drink now. :3

Coconut Milk Tea
Coconut Milk Tea~!

When I went home, I bought some of my favourite Chinese food and had a quiet train ride. When I came home, I received presents from my brother: an amazing ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ poster and four volumes of the manga ‘Nana’. I was so impressed he had remembered I already owned volumes 1-4, so he had bought 5-8! Yay! One of my friends also came by and offered me some amazing Lush products! I feel so spoiled! :3 My 21st birthday was definitely a-ma-zing! And the fun will continue on Saturday, hihi… ^^


  1. Your coord is so cute and casual-- I love it!
    I'm glad you had a great birthday :3

  2. You look so adorable!! Happy birthday! (also that bubble tea combo sounds delicious *__*)

    1. Thank you so much! =D
      It really is soooo good. :3

  3. Happy birthday (`・ω・´)”
    You look very cute I love dotted dresses/things/everything hihi.. (^∇^)

  4. Such an adorable outfit on you - very lovely! <3

    1. also, Happy Birthday wishes from me to you (^w^)

    2. Thank you so much dear! =D <3 <3 <3

  5. Happy (late) birthday!!!<3
    And I really love your coord!

  6. You looked so sweet! I love that Paris themed look *_*

    1. Thank you! I love outfits with a clear theme, especially when it's Paris. :3