Sunday, March 24, 2013

Geneva, Day 3 – Lolitas at Ladurée and in the City

On Thursday we woke up and had breakfast. We had planned to go to Ladurée on this day, but since we wanted to go in the afternoon we could take things easy. Of course we wanted to wear Lolita again and for this day I had brought my lavender Candy Treat jumperskirt, which Emilie owns in black. We lay our dresses on Emilie’s bed and started to pull out all kinds of accessories. Because Candy Treat has so many colours, lots of accessories fit so well! Emilie coordinated her black dress with her lovely polka dotted lavender cardigan, while I would wear my black bolero. After we put all the possible accessories down and decided to wear matching tights, we took some pictures of our outfits.

Candy Treats
Our Candy Treat outfits! Don’t you think lavender and black match really well together?

After that, I put on my make-up and brushed my hair well, for Emilie let me try on some of her beautiful dresses! After browsing for a moment, I asked for Melty Chocolate first (one of Angelic Pretty’s best prints, in my opinion!). I matched it with my brown cardigan and tights (which I hadn’t brought with me for this sole purpose, nooo). Emilie then finished the coord with all of her Melty Chocolate accessories (she owns nearly the entire series) and her adorable chocolate bar bag!

Melty Chocolate
Me wearing Emilie’s beautiful Melty Chocolate jumperskirt. I love that print even more now!

After I took Melty Chocolate off again (*sniff*), Emilie suggested I tried her Little Bears Café jumperskirt. Another one of those dresses that is far more beautiful in real life! I left my tights on, put the dress on and Emilie added a beautiful white Baby cardigan, white shoes (which I adored!), a lovely white head bow and her pink heart pochette. She also put one of her handmade collars around my neck. So pretty! I felt like a doll, getting all dressed up! ♥

Little Bears Café
Wearing Little Bear’s Café. I was totally dressed up in Emilie style!

As third and final dress I wore Emilie’s gorgeous Princess Honey’s Tea Salon jumperskirt, which she wore to the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party. Ever since the Tea Party I am in complete love with that dress. I hope to find it someday! I put on my patterned white tights, Emilie’s pink Baby cardigan and side bow and pink shoes. I loved wearing Princess Honey so much!

Princess Honey's Tea Salon
I felt like a princess wearing this outfit! ♥

After the third dress, Emilie and I both got dressed in our Candy Treat outfits and took some outfit pictures, alone and together.

Candy Girls
Our outfits! I really loved all of our accessories, though Emilie had to get used to the amount of bracelets. ;)

I absolutely loved our matching outfits, even more than our Powder Rose outfits from the previous day! Of course we also took some pictures together!

Candy Sailors
Doing my classic sailor pose together! ♥

After our pictures, Emilie asked her mom to take a picture of us with her instant camera. The result was so awesome!
Before we left for Geneva, we ate a little lunch and some strawberry mochi, which is really nice!
We put on our coats, said goodbye to Emilie’s mom and went downstairs. We took the tram and I enjoyed the view for a while, even though at a certain stop some loud and rude boys got in. We were glad they didn’t notice us. ^^’
I followed Emilie and got out of the tram. We walked for a while until I noticed a sign in the typical Ladurée light green. We arrived at the shop/café, with a beautifully decorated shop window.
We went inside and ordered two pastries. Emilie chose a Religieuse Cassis-violette, while I chose an Ispahan, a pastry I had been dying for to try! Emilie asked the shop girl if we could eat them in the little sitting area behind the shop, which was alright of course. We sat down and took a look at the menu, which had the most elaborate kinds of tea!

Ladurée Menu
Ladurée’s beautiful logo and menu.

After reading a bit through all the different kinds of tea, I chose the Marie Antoinette tea, while Emilie chose the Eugénie kind. We took pictures of our pastries while waiting.

Emilie’s pastry in the front, mine in the back. ^^

After a while, our tea got served in two cute little silver tea pots. The cups came with a little chocolate. ^^ When the shop girl noticed both our cameras, she asked if we wanted her to take a picture of us together. Of course we said yes!

Tea at Ladurée
I love this picture! *^^*

We poured in our tea and started eating our pastries. I can tell you: mine was wonderful! The light pink parts tasted like raspberry macaron and the raspberries were wonderful. To my surprise, I found lychees in the middle of my pastry! Sooo good! Emilie enjoyed her beautiful pastry very much too! ^^ Our tea was also wonderful! Mine tasted sweet and was so delicious… I think we both poured at least five cups from the tea pots!
The tiny tea room, which had been nearly empty, had some guests sitting down after us, including two men who finished their pastries so quick I hadn’t even noticed them eating them! How could you just devour your delicious pastry so fast? I can’t imagine they really enjoyed it. Oh well. XD
When we were finished, I bought a box with six macarons. Ladurée had put a picture of a wonderful macaron box with flowers and a flying bird on it on their Facebook page and when I could pick out a box, I noticed they had it! Of course I chose the little bird box! We left the shop and took some pictures of and in front of the Ladurée shop window.

Ladurée Window
All those pretty boxes and colours! Mint is really back in fashion these days.

Emilie showed me the cute shop next to Ladurée she had been talking about, so we went inside. The shop sold the cutest things, from tea sets to jewelry. I found a cute little bow shaped phone plug, which I decided to buy. I looked in my bag for money while Emilie talked a bit with the person behind the counter, who had asked why we were dressed like that (the everlasting question. XD). I walked up to the counter to pay and then we left the shop. We still don’t know whether the shop person was a very manly woman, or a very womanly man…
We took some last pictures of Ladurée’s big logo on the shop’s side wall and then went on our way. We walked for a while, until we arrived at a part of the city I recognized. We walked around the corner and I could see the Geneva Lake. And the Jet d’Eau was on! We walked along the waterside, under a bridge and arrived at a square next to the water with beautiful view on the fountain. There were a lot of Asian tourists walking around and it didn’t take long before they asked us for a picture. ^^ Of course we didn’t mind. After a while, we were able to take pictures with the Jet d’Eau ourselves. First, Emilie took pictures of me.

Jet d'Eau
Finally a picture with the Jet d’Eau!

Then I wanted to take pictures of Emilie, until I realized something was missing: the Jet d’Eau was gone! Without us noticing it the Jet d’Eau had gone down! When we checked our pictures, we could see the fountain going down in my last picture! XD Poor Emilie… We could laugh about it though.
The view on the lake was still beautiful and we walked around the square for a bit. We also went to see the Horloge Fleurie, a big clock with flowers around it, where two parents wanted to take cute pictures of their little daughter, who obviously had had enough of posing. XD When the father saw us he asked if his daughter could be in a picture with us. She was so shy, awww!
We walked the same way back (someone asked me where I had bought my coat. She was disappointed to hear it was all the way from Japan, haha). We went back to the restaurant in the shopping mall we had been on the first day to visit the toilets, which was not a very pleasant experience. Lolita + public toilets = not so fun. ^^’
We left the shopping mall again and we walked through the beautiful streets of Geneva. Emilie wanted to show me the old part of Geneva, which was quite an adventure. We had to walk up a very steep hill, passing a group of children who couldn’t stop staring at us (they were so cute)! We also passed some wonderful shops. One sold all kinds of old devices, like binoculars and telescopes. Then we arrived at a street I recognized from some of Emilie’s pictures. There were beautiful buildings and flags everywhere! We took some really nice pictures. The only shame were the tourists and a big parked yellow car. XD

Flag Street
Emilie in the beautiful old street, with the Swiss and Genevan flags.

We walked around the corner, followed the street and found ourselves on a beautiful, car-free square with trees and a wonderful view over the city and the mountain! There was a really long bench next to the fence near the edge. We took some pictures on it and also next to one of the pretty lantern poles.

Pink Lady
Sometimes you have those pictures of yourself you really like and this is one of them. ^^

Suddenly I noticed three wooden horse play sets. Of course I couldn’t let this opportunity get past me, so I had to ride one! It actually took quite some effort to keep the horse rocking. Such a great way to exercise!
We left the square and walked back the way we came, only went right this time. We walked through the streets, went around a corner and in front of us was the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, the cathedral I had seen on our first day from the waterside.

The Cathédrale Saint-Pierre. ^^

We walked up to the big wooden door and went inside. I always find it so magical to step into a church. The atmosphere is always so mysterious and overwhelming. Whether you’re a believer or not, everyone is as silent as possible.
We walked around through the cathedral, also visiting a beautifully decorated chapel. After sitting down there for a while, we left again.

Cathédrale Saint-Pierre
Some pictures of inside the cathedral. Isn’t it beautiful?

I followed Emilie around the cathedral and downhill again, passing a wonderful square with beautiful houses. There were also a lot of posters about voting for all kinds of things. Emilie told me Swiss people vote a lot. XD
We arrived back at the big street that I came to call ‘the familiar street’, because I recognized it every time. We walked past the shop windows of a toy store filled with Furbies and I couldn’t resist to take a look. It was such a wonderful shop! Little robot animals were walking around with balloons attached to them, planes flew around the ceiling and I won’t even start telling you about the stuffed animals section! I really loved the store so much! I ended up just buying a really kitsch Geneva magnet, haha!
We left the store again and Emilie felt really, really tired. I was tired too, but I still walked around on adrenalin. We passed some cute shop windows with tables with cupcakes and I bought chocolate for my parents at home. Then we took the tram back to Emilie’s apartment, where we got out of our Lolita clothes and into our normal clothes. Even though Emilie was so tired, she still offered to go eat Swiss cheese fondue in a restaurant a few tram stops away. I thought that was just so sweet! ♥
We took the tram and entered the restaurant, where luckily there was place for us (even though the waiter looked a bit doubting at first). After a little waiting, our fondue arrived!

Cheese Fondue
Cheese fondue~!

It was sooo good! I really loved the hot, melted cheese with the bread, but it was also heavy! But good. So good.
While we ate, we observed the poor waiter doing all the work by himself! There were no other waiters or waitresses! Poor man.
After the wonderful fondue we ordered dessert (it’s a miracle we had room for that). We both ordered a ‘Petit Bonheur au Chocolat’ and received a hot chocolate cake with melted chocolate in it and double cream from Gruyeres! It was sooo good…

A little blurry picture, sorry!

We left the restaurant and went back to the apartment, where I packed my suitcase for the next day. Then we went to sleep. It had been a wonderful day!

Pictures are either taken by Emilie or by me.


  1. I love everything about this post, the clothes, the fun time and your smiles, the location and that fantastic food! I need to visit laduree when i go to Paris again. <3

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you do. *^^*
      You should! =D

  2. You both looked so lovely! So glad I decided to follow your blog :)

    1. Thank you! <3 And thanks for following too! =D I hope you will enjoy my posts. ^^

  3. Aww you both look super cute, I love the twinning *_* Geneva seems to be a wonderful city, I would love to go there <3

    1. Thank you dear! ^^
      It's really beautiful! Maybe someday you can go..? =D