Saturday, September 01, 2012

Paris Achats et Cadeaux

I promise this is my last post related to Paris. ^^’ While writing my reports, I promised to make an entry showing my purchases. Since I also received quite some lovely things, I decided to make a post of both purchases (achats) and gifts (cadeaux).
This afternoon, I spread out all my things on my parents’ bed (my bed is too small and the light is not so great), but I quickly realised not everything would fit into one pictures. So yaaay: two pictures! Here we go!

1. Lollipop Ribbon Bolero. I bought this beautiful bolero when I went shopping with my mom and my friend Emilie at Baby. I tried on three different boleros, but this one is my absolute favourite! It matches my new dress super well too!
2. Polka Dot Short Sleeve Cardigan. I bought this cardigan the second time I went to the Baby shop. This cardigan was exactly what I had always been looking for: it is red with polka dots, has bows and is overall adorable! I couldn’t leave it hanging!
3. Cameron Head Bow. I bought this adorable head bow to match my new dress, since the Pas de Deux head bow was already gone. I was hoping to find a cute bow and I succeeded!
4. Pas de Deux in the Blue Moon Odette Jumperskirt. I fell in love with the red version of this dress, until I discovered the black version. The dress has a swan lake theme, but it also has chairs and make up tables on it (interesting huh?). The cut is quite low and it’s so different from my other dresses!
5. Gift Ribbon Tote Bag. I bought this bag, because it wasn’t so expensive (haha) and because it can fit a lot! It’s really cute and so handy!
6. Polka Dot Cutsew One Piece. My only Angelic Pretty purchase. My friend Sydney bought this dress in black and I loved it on her! When I tried on the red version I fell in love. I want to wear it to Disneyland!
I had a bit of trouble finding all of the names of the items, but luckily Emilie is a great Lolita Detective!
My plan didn’t work out completely as I wanted, so I apologize for the wrinkly bed sheets. >_<

7. Amélie Bear. This is not something I bought, but I wanted to mention it anyway. My mom bought this little bear and called her Amélie. She’s our Paris mascot now. ^^
8. Kyary’s Autograph. Kyary’s autograph is so cute! She really took her time to make it!
9. Little Bird’s Symphonia Tote Bag. Everyone who attended the Angelic Pretty Tea Party received this lovely tote bag! It’s really small, but so adorable.
10. Midori Postcard. Midori signed this for everyone who attended the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party. I aksed her to sign something else, so mine is still empty. ^^
11. Midori’s Book Doll Classica. Midori’s style book is so sweet! I’m glad I got the chance to buy it. She shows off her different styles and she looks gorgeous on every picture!
12. Midori’s Autograph. Midori signed my favourite picture of her!
13. Emilie’s Artbook Dentelles&Rubans. Emilie gave me this little book with some of her gorgeous Lolita artwork in it! I am sooo happy with it! She is really talented and I love looking at her paintings!
14. Angelic Pretty Pony Bag. The pony bag I won at the Angelic Pretty Tea Party! It’s so adorable! It’s so soft, I could just hug it every day!
15. Tea Party Pins. Gifts from the Tea Parties. The light blue set is from Angelic Pretty, the dark red set is from Baby. Apparently pins were in this year. ^^
16. Angelic Pretty Name Pin. This pin with my name on it was attached to an envelope I received at the beginning of the Angelic Pretty Tea Party. There was a little bow on it too, but it came off.
17. Tiny Bear. My mom bought us both a tiny bear at a flee market. So cute!

So these are all the things I bought and received. ^^ I am so happy with all of them! Thank you for reading and have a nice day! ♥


  1. Lovely clothes! I love thet bolero the most<3

  2. You got some really nice things and you are right, the jsk + bow + pink bolero work perfect together!

    1. Thank you! I feel so lucky with my new things! I'm madly in love with them. <3

  3. lucky girl!! awesome buys!!!
    x0 chelsea

  4. I'm in love with your new jsk <3

  5. The polka dot items are adorable. I'm usually not that fond of this pattern, but white dots on red are just too cute. <3

    1. I really have a thing for polka dots (the bolero has polka dots too). Red and white is the perfect combination! ^^

  6. Wow, you have bought so many lovely items ♥
    And the teddybear is a real cutie, what a adorable mascott!

    1. Thank you~! <3
      Isn't it? She's so soft and adorable!

  7. yaaay!!lovely purchases *-* congrats!