Thursday, September 06, 2012

Pas de Deux at Summer Darkness

Last month, on Sunday July 29th (yes I'm late writing this), the annual festival ‘Summer Darkness’ was held again in the beautiful city Utrecht, about a 40-minute drive from where I live. Summer Darkness is a music festival with mainly Gothic music, but it also has a big market on the beautiful Domsquare with all kinds of Gothic, Victorian and Cyber Clothing. The Dutch Lolita store MiraiFashion has been organising a Lolita fashion show every time the festival takes place and this time was no exception! I decided it was time for me to meet a part of my national Lolita community by going to see the fashion show for the first time this year, all dressed up! My mom agreed to come with me and we spent a fun day together! She liked it so much, she wants to come back next year!
So first I want to show you the outfit that I wore! I decided to wear my brand new Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Odette jumperskirt! It took me a long time to come up with an outfit, as I didn’t want to wear this dress with a white blouse! Luckily, after trying some outfits on my new dress form (called Fantasic Dolly!) I found the perfect blouse from my ‘normal’ wardrobe to go with it! I combine dit with simple accessories and my matching pink Fantasic Dolly socks! This is the outfit I wore:

Pas de Deux Lolita
♪Pas de Deux Lolita♪
My outfit rundown:
Headbow: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: offbrand
Jsk: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s Pas de Deux in the Blue Moon Odette Version
Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Claire’s, offbrand
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: An*Tai*Na
Umbrella: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Bag: Angelic Pretty

This picture was taken at the end of the day, but it shows my entire outfit perfectly. ^^
I was really happy with my outfit! I loved wearing my new jsk and headbow for the first time! I also wore my black shoes for the first time, my feet and legs hurt so badly that night! XD

Although we departed very much on time, we still managed to arrive a bit late in Utrecht! I think this was because we went by car, parked, took the tramway to the station and walked the last part from there.
Although we had to walk fast (it was already 1:05 pm and the show would start at 1 pm), it was interesting to see how the usually crowded shooping streets were deserted. Even the lively conservatory (where I am not going to study T_T) was quiet!

The deserted streets of Utrecht
The beautiful streets of Utrecht.

We arrived at the Domsquare where the fashionshow had already started. Of course there was a big crowd around the stage, so I couldn’t stand close. I was glad I was able to see everything despite my height. ^^
The fashionshow was lovely and I saw a lot of girls I had met on the forum! After the show I met up with one of my friends and all of the Lolitas went to a little park to take pictures together and a group picture!

After the fashionshow I met up with my friend Catherine and we wanted to find out where all the Lolitas would meet. I saw one of my Facebookfriends Josine and I talked a little with her. After that, me and many other Lolitas were ambushed by photographers who wanted to take our picture! It was so much fun! I felt like a total celebrity, posing in front of at least ten cameras! I received many business cards too. ^^
After a while, we followed the other Lolitas to a little garden, where we took a group picture of all the Lolitas together. At least thirty photographers took dozens of pictures of us! Then we took separate group pictures: Sweet and Gothic/black. Because I was wearing black, I was in a picture with the Gothics! I’ve never had that before, I loved it! We hung out in the garden for a while and people asked for pictures. My mom also took some pictures of me alone and with friends.

All those photographers! XD

Some girls decided to go eat out, others wanted to have some tea. I decided to follow Josine to a restaurant not far away. It must have been an interesting sight: all those differently dressed girls sitting in a circle on a terrace, waiting for tea. Meanwhile, my mom browsed the Gothic market. After a while, I decided to go join my mom and she showed me a stand that had amazing lace parasols. I fell in love with a pink one and my mom decided to buy it. I love that parasol so much, it’s so kitch! ♥ My mom also fell in love with Victorian clothing! She even considers buying some pieces in the future!
My mom took some alone pictures of me.

Doll Pose


Outfit Shot
I apologize for my peeking petticoat. -_-‘ I discovered the dress is a bit shorter than my other dresses, but it was only when we went home I realised.

Alice around the corner

We went back to the square where the fashion had been and I asked Leyla, the owner of MFashion, for a picture. Then, a journalist asked if we wanted to be in a picture together for her magazine. I wonder if we our picture was published..
My mom and I had gotten quite hungry and we decided to do something very dangerous: eat garlic bread. There was a stand with amazing garlic bread and you could put many different toppings on it. There weren’t any places left to sit, so we had to sand next to the stand. You should have seen me eat: standing as far away from my food as possible so I wouldn’t spill anything on my dress! It was a challenge, but I succeeded!
We had gotten quite tired and we decided it was time to leave. My mom took some last pictures of me in the streets of Utrecht with the low sun and we also ate some ice cream! A very nice older couple asked me some questions about my outfit. They were so nice! They had been to Summer Darkness last year and they were disappointed to hear hey had just missed it! They said they loved my outfit. ^^

Bye bye Lolita-chan

I melt for you
The text on the ice cream car says ‘I melt for you’. ♥

My mom and I went back to the station and back to the car. Since it had been quite a warm day, I decided to take my dress and socks off in the parking garage (I usually wouldn’t do that, but here was no one around).
Then we went home. Both my mom and I enjoyed ourselves very much! We definitely want to return next year!

Station Girl


Pfew, it was hard to combine an outfit post and a report. I hope you enjoyed it and I sincerely hope you like my outfit! ^^ I must say I felt comfortable and very pretty in it! I love my new dress to death and I loved wearing it for the first time on such a wonderful day! Thank you for reading! ♥

Garlic Bread
Bonus picture: our dangerous food!


  1. It's such a joy to see you out and about in Lolita. I remember when you wouldn't wear it yet and were kind of scared to, so this is so nice :)
    I'm kind of a little jealous of your mom, because she is so supportive of you!
    Me and my mom get along great, but every time I wear clothes that are part of alternative fashion, she absolutely disapproves. She simply cannot understand why I like something that looks so silly (in her opinion).
    Maybe I would have become a Lolita too, if I had a different environment.
    But I'm very happy watching you be one ;)

    1. Thank you so much dear! ♥
      Haha, sometimes I'm still a bit scared, but it's getting better. ^^
      It's a shame your mom is not supportive! :( It's hard when your loved ones don't support you. I just hope you won't regret not wearing the clothes you like! ♥
      That last sentence is the sweetest thing I've heard in a while! T_T

  2. Aww, that dress looks so sweet but yet ladylike on you! ^_^ It does indeed suit you very well - and it really shows that you like to wear it too. I think your black headbow goes along with it very nicely, as it's a quite small print on the dress so a headbow in the same fabric might be a bit over the top. Oh, and on another completely different note - I'd love to own that ice cream shaped garbage bin! ^_^



    1. Haha thank you! ♥ I agree: the headbow looks so nice with it!
      That garbage bin is cute right? In my city we have a great ice cream car too and they have seats in the shape of ice cream cones!

  3. Your outfit was adorable!! And this city is so beautiful o_o
    So many photographers... I never know who to look on these moments >_<

    1. Thank you! ♥ Yes, Utrecht is wonderful! I actually prefer Utrecht over our capital city Amsterdam. ^^ It was hard to decide not to go study there!
      Haha, I have the same! XD

  4. You looked beautiful, I like your outfit ♥

    1. Thank you! ♥ You looked a-ma-zing too! *___*

  5. "dangerous food" sounds so nice :D
    I realy like your outfit <3

    1. It was sooooooooo good! But we probably had bad breath after eating it...
      Thank you! I'm glad you do. ^^

  6. You had such a gorgeous outfit! I've always wanted to go to Summer Darkness because the pictures are always so amazing afterwards, but it's super far away and would be too expensive to do ; u ; but I'm glad that it sounds like you had a great time!!

    1. Oh thank you so much! ♥ Really? Where do you live? ^^
      *looks at your blog* O___________O KENTUCKY? I can imagine that's too far away... I wish I could say: 'Maybe one day!', but I'm not sure in this case, sorry. ^^'

  7. Your outfit is lovely and you seems to be so happy ! :3
    But btw I thought you were going to Utrecht music scholl, anything bad has happened ? :(

    1. Thank you! Haha, I was happy! ^^
      Oh no, nothing bad happened! I decided to go to the music school in Rotterdam, to get singing lessons from an amazing teacher! ♥ Haha, I can't believe you remembered. ^^'

    2. Oh I was affraid that you have some troubles but I'm glad you found a better teacher! ^^
      Did you already start classes? Will you move to your own appartement or hopefully you can stay home?

      I truly wish you to succeed achieving your dreams ^^

    3. Yes, I started classes last week and I'm having a great time! It's strange to be surrounded by people with the same dreams, but it's also really cool! Everyone is so good at singing, I have to prove I am worhty too. ^^
      I'll continue to live at home for now. I am not ready to live on my own and it's definitely not necessary to leave yet. <3

      Thank you so much for your kind words! They mean a lot to me.

  8. Love your outfit! Pas de Deux is my favourite Btssb print. <3
    I know Josine too, she is the only Dutch Lolita who lives close to me. ;) I'm waiting to join the Dutch Lolita forum, I want to meet more girls from my own country! ^^ (I'm only in the Belgian community now)

    1. Thank you! Omg really? Before I saw it in the shop I didn;t even know it existed *feels ashamed*
      Josine is a sweetheart! ^^ Ooooh join~!!! ♥

  9. Wow, lovely! I'm so jealous, Utrecht looks like a beautiful city. I'd love to visit one day.

    1. Thank you so much Aly! It's a wonderful place! Maybe if you visit Europe one day..? ^^

  10. Oh, I love this dress so much *---* It really makes you look fine!

  11. Such a beautiful coord! I'm so glad you had a great time! ♥