Friday, October 07, 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things: Airplanes

When you look up to the sky during the day, you’ll probably see them. They´re especially very striking when the sky is forget-me-nots blue and the clouds have gone to rain down somewhere else: white stripes that cut through the sky. Airplane stripes. They slowly disappear as the flying object moves further. Going way faster than it seems.

I’ve always been fascinated by airplanes. As a little girl I used to wave at them as they flew by, hoping someone would see me and wave back. When my grandparents went on vacation, I imagined them sitting in every airplane I saw. I loved it when multiple airplane stripes crossed each other in the sky and I regretted it when they disappeared.

I still love airplanes. When I look at them, I try to think of where they’re going. Maybe Australia? The United States? Or maybe India? And why are the people flying? Are they going on vacation? Maybe they’re visiting family on the other side of the world? Or are they on a bussinesstrip?
At night, you only see the flickering lights moving through the sky. Maybe the people are sleeping, eating, laughing, weeping. Either way, they’re going somewhere.

Here in my country, we have a television program called ‘Hello, Goodbye’. In this show, the host (I don’t know what to call him otherwise) asks people at the airport who they’re waiting for or who they’re saying goodbye to. So many beautiful stories are being told. Happy reunions, heartbreaking partings… It’s a beautiful show and it always brings me to tears. It makes me realize how amazing airports are every time.

This Monday, I myself will be at the airport and will fly for the first time in many years with an airplane again. The last time was when I was just a little girl and I can’t remember anything of it, but I do know I liked it. I’m very nervous, but also super excited!

So if you see an airplane this Monday, think of me and wave. Don’t hesitate, just do it. Why not? Who will hold you back? I know I won’t. I’ll definitely wave back.