Monday, October 10, 2011

Tokyo, I'm On My Way

If you’re one of the readers that has read Lolita Wonderland for a while, you might vaguely remember a blogpost with a picture that really resembles this one. It was quite a while ago, in February, that I posted this blogentry, in which I wrote I would go to Tokyo, Japan in summer if I had graduated. The original plan was to go in August.

You might have noticed August is long gone and September has also passed. What happened? Did we cancel the trip?

Well, we didn’t. We simply decided on a different date! ^^ It turned out that my father, who I will travel with, had a major pile of paperwork that could only be done in August. He had also discovered that August is a terribly hot month in Japan. That’s why he suggested to go in October and eventually we decided on October 10th to be the start of our trip.

Yes my dear readers, today is the day I leave for Tokyo~!
We will be staying for ten days. Mon Dieu, I am so excited and nervous! It’s been years since I’ve flown with an airplane and the idea of going to a completely different continent is so amazing! My father is also really excited, this is all new to him too. I don’t know what to expect, but I’m hoping it will be a blast! I created a whole folder of information and guides and I tried to answer all of my own questions, like how to get to Tokyo from the airport, how the metrosystem works and where all the shops I want to visit are. I also have a language guide, with handy and funny sentences (the sentences differ from predictable ones like ‘Where is the restroom?’ to interesting ones like ‘I only want to be interrogated by a female officer’).
Unfortunetaly, I will have to miss both my mother and brother. And the dogs of course. It’s going to be hard for me, since I’m always a little homesick and I find it very hard to be without my mom. But now I’m going to be further away from home than I’ve ever been! Luckily, I have my father with me. ^^ And we have Skype, so I’ll be able to talk to my mom (and hopefully brother, when he’s not at school) every day.

I’m planning on making tons of pictures and I’ll also film things. When I’m back, I’ll write a full report of all my adventures!

Dewa mata suguni ne~! ♥
See you soon~! ♥


  1. Wow, you're so lucky who get to go to Japan! I hope you'll have a great time, and please take lots of pictures!

  2. Lucky you~ I miss Japan so so much T-T I hope you have a great time and take many many pictures you can show in your blog <3 <3

  3. You're so lucky *__* I am a bit jealous ^.^

    But I hope you have a great time. I am already looking forward to you reports they are always so lovely *__*

    And I will leave my continent too ^^ As you now I am going to Egypt, and I feel the same as you. I mean leaving for so long and being so far away, although I flew before ^.^
    so we both will have some nice reports to read when we are back :D

    see you soon, Lyn <3

  4. Wow, that sounds so exciting! Also, nice use of the Puffy Ami Yumi lyric XD

  5. I always feel like such a fan girl when I read your blog. I just want to be your best friend and be your travel-mate! I am soo jealous. I wish all your followers and I could come with you! Have a great trip. <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. Oh my goodness, congrats!! If you want any recommendations of things to check out let me know, and take a lot of pictures!

  7. Thank you all for your incredibly sweet comments! <3
    I hope you'll enjoy my reports and pictures!