Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things: Sunshine in Forests

Oh my God, April is almost over already and this is only my third post! I always tell myself to try to write at least five entries a month, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m afraid next month is not going to happen either, because of my two weeks of exams. Well, at least I warned you!
However, I’m very loyal with my Favourite Things posts, as you can see. ^^ I really like to write short stories about things I appreciate in life.

The weather in the past week was incredibly pleasant! The sun was very warm and we could sit in the garden all day, while at night the temperatures dropped and we could sleep underneath soft blankets. I noticed that, since I lost weight, I appreciate warmth more. I can sit in the garden, the sun shining on me, without thinking: ‘Ok, now it’s really getting too hot!’
I actually wanted to write a post about sunscreen (if that’s the right word). I just love the smell of sunscreen… It reminds me of the beach and the ocean. But I couldn’t find a good picture of a bottle.
Instead, I chose the Favourite Thing that came closest (yes, I have a whole list ready): sunshine in forests.

You know: those pictures of a forest with sunrays beaming through the open spots between the leaves. Those pictures, that often clearly show what season it is. Pictures with snow, red and yellow leaves, falling leaves…
God, I love those pictures! I always wished to once, just once, walk through a forest while the sunrays are just like on one of those pictures. That never happened up until yet. I guess I just have bad luck.
I’ll add a sunshine-filled forest to my imaginary Fantasyland until then. ^^


  1. I heard once when I was young that the Japanese have a word for the way light looks on the forest floor, when it filters through leaves on the trees. I don't know if that's actually true, but it's such a beautiful idea that it's stuck with me my whole life. I agree with you- sunshine in the forest is so beautiful ♥

  2. We share quite a few favorite things ^_^ I live next door to a forest and although I have seen some pretty sunsets I have yet to see anything like the picture, I hope I will though.

    I'm also up for exams during the same time as you are, good luck to us both ;)

  3. I love walks through the forest.. so pretty in the sunshine. Good luck with your exams.

  4. I was lucky to grow up in a village surrounded by forests. I had to cycle for an hour through them to reach my school, which was less pleasant, but it did show me that sunlight through the trees is most beautiful on misty mornings.
    When the sun is low, at sunrise or sunset, the beams are longer and they fall through the leaves most beautifully. The light is also colored then. And because of the mist you can actually see the beams.
    If you want to see light like this, I can really recommend taking a walk through a spring forest at 7 a.m. ;) You might see animals like rabbits, squirrels or even deer as well!
    And good luck with your exams!