Monday, October 04, 2010

United States Of Angelic Pretty

United States Of Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty opening in San Francisco, USA!!
In November 2010, Angelic Pretty is opening its first store in the U.S.
The location would be in the heart of San Francisco, Union Square Shopping District!
Opening Novelty Fair and exciting events are being planned for the Grand Opening.
Detailed information would be announced soon...
Please come visit for a great shopping experience!!

O… My… God…
I don’t even live in Amerika, but I am SO EXCITED over this!
But why don’t I live in Amerika? T_T


  1. More reasons for me to move to San Francisco~
    I'm excited for this as well~!

  2. Even though I live in America, I live in New York, so their store will be really far away! But one day I want to travel across the country jut to go to the Baby and AP stores!