Friday, October 08, 2010

A Few Of My Favourite Things: Classical Keys

The Classical Key

Everyone has those little things they really like. The song ‘My favourite things’ from the Sound of Music describes this in such a perfect way! ^^ I really like that song. Every time I hear it, I think I should make a version of my own, with the things I like.

There are so many little things I like, yet I’m not the kind of person who sees something good in everything. I am often very stressed, due to schoolassignments and tests and on those moments, nothing seems good to me and I forget the positive stuff. That’s why I start a little mini-series: A Few Of My Favourite Things, to talk about cute stuff I really like once in a while. This time: keys.

I’ve always had a thing for big, classical keys.
Keys are mysterious. What lock will they fit into? What secret lies behind the closed door? Will it be dangerous, or magical?
In one of my favourite books, the Secret Garden, a key is a very important object to the story. I highly recommend this book: it’s so beautiful!

I always wanted to hang a key around my neck with a necklace, but using the key of our storage wouldn’t really be a good idea (our bikes and stuff are in there). But yesterday, I was early for my musiclessons and I went into the accessoriesshop Six. And there, I found this beautiful, big key with a red, glittering stone on it! I instantly fell in love! The little flowers with the elegant design and the ribbon that’s wrapped around the chain are so pretty, I just had to buy it!

I would love to make a Lolitacoord with this necklace, but I think it’s more classical than sweet. But who cares? It’s so gorgeous!

So, are there any “peculiar” things you like? I would love to know about other people’s Favourite Things. ^^


  1. That is so lovely! Such a lucky find. I really love key motifs too! I have a charm bracelet that's just covered in key charms!

  2. salt and pepper shakers!
    perfume bottles!

    I used to collect all those things, but couldn't bring them with me when I moved :(

    Key motifs are very fun *u* When I was little I had a bunch of lost keys on a string and thought they would unlock hidden doors and secret treasure chests...

  3. keys are very interesting, especially those ones you have no idea which door they unlock *__*

  4. @Caro-chan. I know, it's so pretty! And wow, that sounds so cool!

    @Sparklewolfie. Band aids? Seriously? I've never heard of that before, interesting! And yes, keys are so mysterious. They can make you dream of secrets.

    @Insertcake. I know right? ^^