Friday, September 29, 2017

Barcelona ’17, Day 5 – The Journey Home

I literally took only three pictures on this day and two of them will be used here. It’s a bit sad, sorry! XD I actually won’t write too much about this day, since it was basically just travelling a bit.
On Monday Josine and I woke up really early and got our things together. The night had been a short one, but I still wanted to take a moment to appreciate our apartment view before we left.

One Last View
Goodbye, amazing view!

We still had a return ticket left for the bus to the airport, so we needed to get to the square from where it would depart. Isa ordered us a taxi and before we knew it we were on our way home. It’s strange: I felt a sort of relief coming over me while sitting in the taxi. As if all the event worries suddenly washed off.
We arrived at the square and waited for our bus. It arrived soon and we sat down quietly. The drive was quite nice and not too long.
At the airport we tried to check in, but we somehow couldn’t. A staff member told us it wasn’t possible yet because they first needed to be sure the plane would be on time(?). Alrighty then.
Eventually we could check in, went through customs and had breakfast at McDonald’s. Then we headed for our gate and soon entered the airplane.
However, our plane left half an hour late. Usually not big of a deal, but we had booked a transfer flight through Paris. Not something I usually do, but we didn’t really have a choice. Naturally, we got a bit stressed since we literally had only an hour to transfer. We informed the flight attendants and they offered to put us in the front of the plane if we could keep our suitcases at our feet, but that was just not possible, so we stayed in our seats. Finally, we departed.

Flying Blue
The view was quite nice during the flight!

We arrived in Paris and Josine and I hurried to our next gate. Unfortunately, in the process Josine lost her cardigan. :( She went back for it, but couldn’t find it anymore.
Luckily we did arrive on time for our plane, but here too we had to hand in our suitcases. This trip man, this trip.
Also, while the flight was okay, the landing wasn’t. Josine wasn’t feeling very well and the taxying took forever, poor thing. Finally, we could leave the plane, pick up our suitcases and head home. It had been one interesting trip!

Thank you for reading! ~☆~

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