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Interview with the Lolita: Tiya

It’s time for another interview! This week I talk to a French Lolita. I had the honour to meet her at the first Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party in Paris I ever attended and I immediately discovered how unique and quirky she was! She was the very first person to ever suggest to take a 'stupid picture' together (you can find it in this post). Here is: Tiya!

Lolita Wonderland: First, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Tiya: O’right! I’m Tiya, a Harajuku fashion enthusiast and member of French Café team, an association which organizes many Harajuku related events!
I’ll turn 27 pretty soon, I work as a community manager on one side, and as a replacement teacher on the other side. I live a very happy life in the south of France with le bf and one cat for now. We plan to have a LOT more pets in the future ^^ I love bodmods, medieval fantasy and Harry Potter. Ah, and I am a huge weaboo trash.

Lolita Wonderland: When and how did you discover Lolita?

Tiya: It was in 2010, I was staying at friends’ for the night, and they put a movie “Kamikaze girls”. I have felt so much in sync with the heroine’s thinking! It was the first time that someone was putting words on why I was feeling weird compared to others, and Lolita was the good way to start expressing it.

Lolita Wonderland: What is the very first dress you bought and why did you choose it?

Tiya: The same night I had watched Kamikaze girls, I have made researches on internet and found for cheap Baby the Stars Shine Bright Strawberry Letter princess JSK in sax. That was the first one, and chose without thinking much. And I discovered I was employed 10 minutes away from Baby Paris store at the time XD I have quickly bought Cherry Cherry fallin’ Cherry JSK in pink, and then mint.

Lolita Wonderland: What is your favourite brand and why?

Tiya: You will NOT make me choose between Angelic Pretty and Alice and the Pirates XD
I don’t know how to explain it… For both, I really like their prints. AatP’s prints are often made of interlacing brambles and that’s a detail I love (also I’m a sucker for their Halloween prints). Angelic Pretty prints and laces very often find a way to my heart.

Lolita Wonderland: What is your absolute Dream Dress?

Tiya: To illustrate the previous answer, I’d say Elizabeth bride of death JSK in black, or Chocolate Rosette in navy, red or green ;)

Lolita Wonderland: You wear very varying outfits style-wise. How would you describe your own Lolita style?

Tiya: Thank you! That’s something I am very glad to hear every time, I have already been called a chameleon... I really like to try and master anything I like.
I think my Lolita style is not unique, because I get inspired by a lot of things that already exist, but I try to make them mine and be proud of it.

Lolita Wonderland: How do you usually start to coordinate?

Tiya: I do think I am some kind of a copycat. I watch a lot of pictures of everything and anything to inspire me. I try to analyse them, find the good detail, and make it mine in one way or another. Very often, I start from one accessory. Like “I want to wear that. What would be good with it?”. For example, my La Vie en Rose outfit is completely based on the headpiece ;)

Lolita Wonderland: Do you get inspired by other fashion styles when you coordinate a Lolita outfit?

Tiya: As I have said previously, I get inspired by anything really. As for fashions, I know I have tried fairy kei x Lolita, and cult party kei x Lolita. I really like playing with fashion codes, sometimes mixing them ^^ Experimenting is the best!

Lolita Wonderland: What would you like to see more in Lolita, like certain prints or accessories?

Tiya: I’d like to see people going a bit more out of their comfort zone. And I love to see lolitas not taking themselves too seriously!
And more fandom Lolita too. I am a huge sucker for fandom Lolita. When it does not become too costumey of course!

Lolita Wonderland: Who are your Lolita idols or inspirations?

Tiya: Mmmmh… There are so many people for so many different styles!
All of my close friends in lolita inspire me for something. Be it their spirit, the way they don’t care about conventions, the image they give of themselves, their sense of style, their will to always evolve… That’s always pushing me forwards!

Lolita Wonderland: What is the best Lolita event you ever attended?

Tiya: Baby Tea Parties, this is where I have met a lot of important friends of mine today ♥

Lolita Wonderland: Finally, what does Lolita mean to you?

Tiya: I think no other style translates my « oddness » as well as Lolita does.

Tiya’s Blog
French Café’s Facebook Page

Thank you for reading!
I hope you liked this interview!

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