Saturday, November 08, 2014

Refinery29 – Style Out There

In my previous post you could read all about the amazing Summer Tales Boutique Tea Party, but also a little part about the film crew who were making an item about the Dutch Lolitas for their ‘Style Out There’ series. Yesterday, Friday November 7th, the video finally aired! Asha Leo, the host of the show, visited not only our Tea Party, but also went to Katie’s shop, walked around Utrecht (and not Amsterdam as the video suggests, hihi) dressed in Lolita and talked with Linda Friesen, a Dutch fashion designer.

The video has been received with a lot of positivity from the international Lolita community. Personally, I am overly happy with it! I think the Lolita style is portrayed wonderfully and everyone who was in it got taken very seriously. Plus the video editing is so pretty! I am so happy and honoured they kept some parts of me in it, multiple times in detail shots and an excerpt of my interview. ♥
So what do you think of the video? ^^ I would love to hear your opinions!