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Kawaii Event 2014

On Saturday the 23rd of August, the Dutch Lolita Kawaii Event, organised by Lelya from MFashion, took place. In 2013, we had an amazing event under the same name, with special guests Misako Aoki and Rinrin Doll attending! I had an amazing amount of fun at the afternoon Tea Party and the event evening. This year, another Kawaii Event equally grand and special was planned, but unfortunately it was cancelled! I was very sad about it and so were many Lolitas with me. But eventually, a new announcement was made: a Dutch tv show really wanted to make an episode about the Lolita style and offered to sponsor a Tea Party for us. At first I wasn’t completely sure whether I should go, but in the end I decided I wanted to support my fellow community members and represent the Lolita style well. Plus, many of my friends were going and the event would take place at the same location the previous event took place and since I loved the venue (and the food), I had multiple reasons to go!
Instead of my usual Sweet style, I really wanted to try something else. I had decided to wear my black Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Dessert One Piece in a simple coord. This is the result, I hope you like it. ^^

Kawaii in Black One
♪ Kawaii in Black ♪
My outfit rundown:
Head band: Cute Lou Couture
Dress: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s Dessert One Piece
Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: An*Tai*Na
Necklace: Metamorphose de Temps de Fille
Bracelets: Claire’s
Ring: Claire’s

Kawaii in Black Two

Kawaii in Black Three

Very different from my usual style huh? ^^ Do you like it?
Together with my friend Renate I took the train to Utrecht, where we joined the group of Lolitas waiting to start walking to the venue. Most of us had already forgotten the route but luckily one of the girls knew so we all followed her. We drew quite a lot of attention on the streets, but when I’m with a group I barely notice it. Plus, I was too busy having fun conversations. ^^
We arrived at Karel V, the event location, and entered, We walked through some halls and were welcomed into the big room on the right, with beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Two rows of chairs were facing a wall, while on the opposite wall the people who had a small stall were setting up their last things.

Entering the Room
Guests entering the hall.

I walked around for a bit, talked to people and went to check out the stalls. I will talk about them later in the post. ^^ A little while later, the tv crew arrived, together with Sylvia, the girl they had filmed that morning and who they would follow around for a bit during the event itself, while also filming other Lolitas. I was very honoured when Leyla asked me whether I wanted to join Sylvia’s table with some other Lolitas to get interviewed by the host of the show, Sophie. I was very enthusiastic and was hoping I’d be able to make a good impression. ^^

With Sophie
Lolitas posing with Sophie (second from the right). ^^

Before we could enter the official Tea Party room, I was happy to see I could take a picture of it while it was still empty. It was the same room as last year of course, but it’s just so pretty with its gold chandeliers and fancy tables! Walking in there really brought me back to last year’s event for a moment…

Tea Party Room
The beautiful Tea Party room at Karel V.

Finally, Leyla announced the Tea Party was about to start and everyone gathered at the doors to enter. Everyone received a fancy glass with a pretty raspberry drink in it when they walked in and went on to find a table. Together with Josine, Sylvia, Renske and Kari I entered last, since we were to sit at the same table.

Fancy Drinks
The fancy (and delicious) raspberry drinks).

When we were all seated, Leyla talked us a bit through the programme and soon the waiters all served us tomato soup. Despite the soup being quite tasty, I thought it was a dangerous choice. I view upon tomato soup as a Lolita’s worst enemy, together with hot chocolate and other very staining goods. XD But like I said, it was tasty and we just ate carefully. ^^
While we poured ourselves some tea, I had a lovely talk with my fellow table ladies. We were all dressed in very different styles, which I liked a lot.
Finally, it was time for the food! There was a large, oval-shaped table in the middle of the room that was filled with sweets and snacks. It was hard to choose, so I tried at least one piece of everything! There were small sandwiches, savory bites, macarons, churros, scones with clotted cream, chocolates, little cakes. So much deliciousness! ♥

Kawaii Food
Lolitas choosing their sweets. Doesn’t everything look delicious?

After a while, it was time for our table to be interviewed. It was a very interesting experience! It really gave me some insight as to how a tv show is made. I hoped it wouldn’t be too hard to not look into the camera, but since we had to look at the interviewer who sat down at the other side of the table, it was rather easy. Sophie asked us all kinds of questions, like what we were wearing, how we felt while wearing it, about how other people react to seeing our clothes. Quite good questions in my opinion. ^^ Sometimes she had to repeat a question for the camera or we had to start over with our answer because the camera point needed to be changed. Also, after we were done (which took a while) we were also filmed while having a normal conversation where the sound didn’t matter, since they also needed shots of us just talking, both from close up and far away.
Also, known brands weren’t allowed to be shown, so my Canon camera had to be taken off the table, otherwise they could get into trouble. So fascinating!
Since we were done, I walked around the room some more and talked a bit with people. Some people were enjoying their last food and drank some more tea.

Naomi and her Tea
Naomi enjoying her tea. ^^

I had planned to try and take as many outfit pictures as I could, but just as I was taking pictures of Josine, we were asked to go back to the first room for the raffle! Luckily, I got my second chance later. ^^
We sat down in the chairs and all took our numbers in hand (mine was number 7). There were many different prices to win. There were smaller prices, like boxes of pocky, but also prizes donated by the attending vendors. Since we were with a relatively small group, everyone would win a prize! I thought that was very nice. ^^ The camera crew took place as well to film the whole thing and so, the raffle started.

Raffle Drawing
Leyla drawing numbers together with her assistant.

It was really fun to cheer everyone on who got a prize. And when prize number 7 was up, the number that got drawn was… number 7, my number! I won a big stuffed panda (I didn’t know yet what it was when I received it, because it was all prettily wrapped up) donated by Kawaii Koneko! Since the ladies of the shop were present as well, I could later thank them.

Raffle Excitement
Girls waiting for their number to get drawn. You can see the camera crew in the back.

After the raffle, it was time for a little fashion show. Everyone got to show their outfits, so people could vote for their favourite. First, the camera crew chose some girls they wanted to film for their show. They had to walk double and also had to tell the crew their name and style so they could edit it in later. After that, the rest of the girls walked. I always have trouble with choosing my favourite outfit and this time was no exception, but I managed to choose after all. ^^
After the fashion show, we got the chance to browse the stalls. I also got the chance to take some outfit pictures! Unfortunately I didn’t get everyone, but enough to show you some wonderful outfits!

Outfit Pictures One
Outfit pictures.

Outfit Pictures Two
Outfit pictures.

Outfit Pictures Three
Outfit pictures.

Aren’t these outfits just great!?
I also had a lot of fun checking out the stalls! At Kawaii Koneko, they had the most adorable writing utensils with varying Japanese mascots. At Leyla’s MFashion stall of course they had many very attractive brand socks and jewelry, but also many other cute things (I ended up buying a pink Simmwer bracelet with red bows on it). Cat and her mom were present as well with their own brand ‘Christeline’ and sold many very pretty things. Medusa Couture had come all the way from Switzerland(!) and I was amazed by her awesome bonnets. Miracle Shoes was there as well and I was so happy to finally be able to see Jasmijn’s amazing paintwork for myself! And finally, Eline was there as well with her new brand: Queen of Hearts. Her flower head bands, bows and chiffon overskirts were just so pretty!

Kawaii Stalls
Some of the amazing goods sold at the stalls!

I was especially drawn to Eline’s beautiful chiffon overskirts. The pink was just so sweet and romantic! I ended up not buying it, but damn was it pretty!

Queen of Hearts Mirror
Charlotte trying one of Eline’s overskirts (yes, on her head). I really like this picture!

The room wasn’t too big, so everyone could just talk to whoever they wanted and take pictures of each other. Many tried things at stalls and asked advice from friends. There really was a relaxed, nice atmosphere.
Lolitas, always elegant and graceful. :3

The camera crew also walked around and interviewed people here and there. I am very curious to see what will be edited into the show and what not. You never know with these things. During the previous Kawaii Event, Kawaii International had filmed for their show as well and despite having filmed all day and evening, there were barely any interviews left. So yes, I am very curious. :)

Pichi being interviewed by the television crew. ^^

I enjoyed talking to everyone and taking pictures. I love how there were so many different styles present that day! From Classic to Sweet, from Old School to hand made. We had it all! We even had two girls who we all thought looked like Lolita personifications of Disney princesses, even though it was unintended!

Disney Girls
Our accidental Ariel and Belle! ♥

Finally, it was time for the outfit contest results! Everyone took place while the camera crew got ready. We all made a drum roll sound and the winner was… Kari! I thought that was very well-deserved! With her deep-red dress, beautiful flower crown and doll-like look she looked stunning!

Outfi Contest Winner
Kari, our outfit contest winner!

The event was coming to an end, but of course we had to take a group picture first! We went outside and stationed ourselves on the stairs. I think this was one of the easiest group picture I’ve been in, since the group wasn’t very big. Very convenient, for once. ^^

Kawaii Group Picture
The Lolita Kawaii Event group.

The event came to an end. We all received a small goodie bag with business cards, a key chain and candy. ^^ I said goodbye to everyone, take some last pictures and finally went on my way home with a small group of Lolitas. Together with Renate I took the train back. The sun was still shining brightly, so I put on my sunglasses which I had gotten for my birthday. I thought they looked pretty badass with my dress!

These glasses made me feel pretty cool. :3

I said goodbye to Renate, got out at my station and went home.
It had been a wonderful day.

Purchases of the Day
Gifts of the day


  1. The venue is really beautiful and the raspberry drink is too cute (I think I'd like to try and make it at home!).

    Also I am surprised to see one of the girls (dead centre at the front in the group picture) is wearing Peppermint Fox- our dresses really do go travelling!

    1. It really was! The drink was a little hard to drink though, because the glass was small. ^^ Hihi.

      Aaaaah really!? That is awesome! =D