Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Lolita Afternoon

On Sunday we had a quiet morning. We had breakfast, got dressed and went to the supermarket by bike to buy some ‘vlokken’ (chocolate flakes) for Emilie. After that, we went home again, where we got ready to film our video! A couple of weeks before, Emilie had shown me a video of two Lolitas doing the ‘Lolita Best Friends’-challenge, where they had to answer questions about their friendship, and we decided we wanted to do it as well! Initially our plan had been to film our parts separately, but now that we were together, we could film the pieces together! We had written all the questions down and thought of the answers, as some of them really needed some thinking in advance. Then, we lay down our Lolita outfits for the video and got redressed. Emilie had chosen to wear her new Melty Cream Donut jumperskirt (which is a gorgeous dress, ugh) and I would wear Milky-chan of the Fawn. Somehow we had both decided to stick to the colours we had worn during the previous day: Emilie wore brown again, although this time combined with gold, and I wore white, blue and pink. I also did false eyelashes for the first time! Emilie somehow persuaded me to try them. After some trouble I managed to get them on and my God, I thought I’d never use them again! I have very sensitive eyes and these things made me feel like I could never blink normally ever again! But you know what? After a little while, I already started to get used to them and now I am hooked! That is the curse of the false eyelashes I’m afraid. ^^’
Finally we got dressed and before we started filming, we took some outfit pictures of course!

Melty Cream Donut
Emilie in her gorgeous Melty Cream Donut outfit. Don’t you just love it?

Since we hadn’t cleaned up from the party yet, the dvd closet was still in photoshoot style, which was perfect for us. ^^

Milky-chan of the Fawn
Me in Milky-chan. I really liked this outfit, more than I had anticipated!

Of course we also took some duo pictures. My parents weren’t at home, so we made use of a tripod this time.

I really like these pictures. ♥

We went upstairs and filmed the video, which went quicker than we had expected! We thought we’d make mistakes all the time and laugh every other minute, but we actually got through pretty well (of course we do have some bloopers, uhuh :3). Emilie hasn’t finished the video yet, but I will post it soon!
After we were done, it was time for… the Style Swap! Back when I visited Emilie in Geneva, she dressed me up in some of her dresses. We had already wanted to do the same for her at my place during the Kawaii Event weekend, but we ended up not doing it after all. Now was the perfect opportunity and it was part of the Lolita Best Friends-challenge as well! It was destiny. :3
First, Emilie liked to try my Jewelry Jelly jumperskirt, as it is so different from her usual style, so I let her try it on. I combined the dress with my pink Baby, the Stars Shine Bright bolero, mint Sugar Hearts socks and pink shoes and of course some matching accessories. The outfit turned out wonderfully (I really need to wear Jewelry Jelly like this myself)!

Jewelry Jelly
Emilie looking like a magical fairy in Jewelry Jelly! *_*

Next Emilie wanted to try Lady Rose, as it is a dress she really loves. I combined it with a mint bolero, pink socks and shoes and some matching accessories. It looked so pretty!

Lady Rose
Emilie in Lady Rose, looking very elegant!

Finally, I reeeaaally wanted to see Emilie in Milky Berry, just once! So I dressed her up in my Kawaii Event outfit! =D It was so weird (in a good way) to see my friend wear my exact outfit. It was like I saw myself, but then it was Emilie!

Milky Berry
Emilie in Milky Berry. It’s so different from her usual style, but I kind of like it. ;)

Finally, my parents came home and I showed my mom my fake lashes (which I didn’t feel at all anymore). She really liked them! ^^ Then suddenly, Emilie insisted I tried her Melty Cream Donut outfit! She wanted to see me in a brown dress and although I was really surprised, of course I didn’t say no! So I quickly got redressed (it was getting late and we were losing light), Emilie added some gold accessories and we took some pictures!

Melty Cream Donut
Me in Melty Cream Donut! What do you think? ^^

Thanks to Emilie, I want a brown dress now too! -_- XD
We got redressed into normal clothes and we ate some of the leftover birthday cake with hot chocolate and whipped cream. It had been a perfect day!

Leftover Cake
Leftover cake is the best cake.

In the evening we bought some things for breakfast the next morning in the train and the next day I accompanied Emilie to the airport and went on to school. It had been an amazing weekend. I can't begin to explain how happy and grateful I am I could share it with my Lolita friends and Lolita soulmate. ♥ Sometimes it’s hard living far away from someone you connect with so much, but up until now we managed to see each other quite some times already! And I am sure we will see each other again soon.


  1. I commented it before on your fb, I really love that challenge!! We have to do it with my lolita best friend also in summer! I think that melty cream donut suits you perfectly! ♥

    1. Oooh you should totally do it! It can be so fun to see your friend in your style!
      And thank you so much! Now I really want this dress. XD

  2. It's a nice idea for you and Emilie to wear pearl bracelets in the same colours but in the opposite order and arm. Also, the Jewellery Jelly outfit Emilie is wearing is cute and beautiful.

    1. Haha, I remember when we discovered we had the exact same bracelets, it was destiny~! XD It looks great on her huh? =D