Monday, October 15, 2012

Tokyo, I’m On My Way Again

Dear everyone,

today, the 15th of october 2012, is a very special day for me! I have been looking forward to this day for weeks, counting down the days until it was finally time. It’s funny how long it seems before the moment you’re looking forward to is finally there and then, when it’s almost time, everything seems to go so fast.
My dear readers, today is the day I am going to Tokyo for the second time!!! Oh my God I am so excited and nervous, you have no idea! I can’t express how I’m feeling right now~!
My giant suitcase is all packed and despite the fact my mom thinks the opposite, I think I’ve got a lot of stuff with me. Well, at least it closes easily. ^^
I can't tell you how I'm looking forward to being back in the city I have come to love so dearly!
I printed out my new Japan folder yesterday and it has 107 pages (I printed on both sides of a page)! So enough to see and do!
Of course I am going to take tons of pictures and I am already looking forward to writing reports about my adventures (and if they are only 50% as exciting as last year, I have a lot to write about). I hope I can post some pictures every day on my Facebook, so if you want to get some updates, don't hesitate to add me! ^^ Please write me a message first though, I usually don't add people I don't know.
God I am so excited!!!

Dewa mata suguni ne~! ♥
See you soon~! ♥


  1. Hope you will have alot of fun there ♥

  2. have fun! As usual, I can't wait for the reports afterwards :)

  3. I hope you have a lovely time! ^_^ Hugs.


  4. Hi!I'm ERIKA met in Harajuku.
    Do you enjoy a trip?
    I am so glad to see foreign girl who likes a lolita fasion.
    Thank you for telling me your blog.
    I'm looking forward to your picture wearing Jumperskirt Bought at Harajyuku :)

    1. Hi! So nice to see you here! I'm happy you found my blog!
      We are having a lot of fun. ^^
      Thank you! <3
      I will post pictures soon!