Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Autumn-themed Lolita Birthday

(I am posting this entry while in Tokyo. I had planned to do it earlier, but forgot, sorry! >_<)
On September 29th my friend Cat celebrated her birthday and I was invited too! She had been talking about her plans for quite a while, so when the day finally came I was very excited (of course)!
A couple of weeks in advance I received a lovely invitation with the details of the party. Cat had told me there was a dress code with the theme autumn, leaves and/or candy. Since I am a Sweet Lolita (and I don’t have anything Lolita that is only a bit autumn or leaves) I chose to wear my beloved lavender Candy Treat! After some experimenting with coordinates, I discovered that my Candy Treat barrette bow could easily be put on one of my very simple pink head bands and it looked totally cute! I combined the dress with my lavender AP socks, pink shoes and candy accessories. I also experimented with some of my bracelets (I have a rapidly growing collection) and I made a combination of pink, lavender and mint which I loved to death!
The day finally came and I dressed up, my mom took some pictures and then it was time to go. As it was chilly, I decided it was better to wear a coat. My Angelic Pretty Angel Pony coat would have been way too hot, so I decided to go with my Chinese-style denim jacket. As I walked out of the house, my dad held up a scarf, but I said I didn’t need one. Until he held up a lavender one that matched my dress perfectly! Who says dads can’t coordinate? XD

♥Autumn Candy♥
My outfit rundown:
Headbow: Angelic Pretty and Claire’s
Jacket: M&S mode
Scarf: offbrand
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Jsk: Angelic Pretty’s Candy Treat
Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Chocomint, Claire’s, offbrand
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: An*Tai*Na

I arrived at the station where I saw two girls that had to be some of the party girls. Lolitas are easy to spot. Two minutes later Cat arrived, wearing her oh-my-God-to-die-for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright pink rain coat! I love that thing sooo much! While we waited for the two other girls, one of the Lolitas told me she reads my blog! I was so happy and honored! I still can’t believe people actually read and like what I post! I seriously love all of you! ♥
Finally we were complete, so we quickly took some group shots. Everyone looked so wonderful!

Group shot
From left to right: Cat, Rowan, Naomi, me, Rebecca and Jessica!

Cat led the way and after a short walk we arrived at a shop that sold all kinds of Asian food and… Bubble Tea! I was so excited: I’ve always wanted to try Bubble Tea and now I finally had the chance! I chose strawberry with yoghurt and some things I can’t remember. I carefully tried it and it was supersweet, but sooo good! It tasted a bit like melted popsicle!
Then we had to hurry to the waterside, where the boat would be for our water tour (Cat told us while walking rapidly through the streets). We obviously drew a lot of attention, but to be honest I didn’t care at all. I loved walking in a group of like-minded people, wearing the same style I did. I felt like I had wings!
We arrived at the waterside, where the fun fair was just opening. Cat left us for a second, to inform when the boat would come. Unfortunately, the boat would never come. :( The tour was canceled! Cat said we couldn’t go to her house before two, so we had to enjoy ourselves. Since we all liked each other very much from the first minute we met, that wasn’t a problem.
First we went to the cinema to visit the toilet (huhu), after that we returned to the fun fair. There was a huge stall with all kinds of colourful candy, so we asked the owner if we could take pictures in front of it. Luckily he said yes. ^^

The Candy Stall
Cat in front of the colourful stall.

We walked around for a bit and decided to go into the funhouse. I only know these things from Grease (‘You’re the one that I want’, anyone?), so this was my first time. It was quite hard to make our ways through and over all the obstacles. Especially the two fast spinning pillars very close next to each other were a challenge with our poofy petticoats. Except for the short slide to the first floor I liked everything a lot!

Me, Cat and Jessica in what we call a ‘laugh(ing) mirror’! We look terrible! XD

After that, we decided to go into the mirror maze. We all walked like zombies with our arms in front us so we wouldn’t bump into a mirror! XD
After the mirror maze, Cat, Rebecca and Naomi went into the spinning octopus(?) ride, while the rest of us staid safely on the ground to take pictures.

Flying Lolitas
Brave Cat and not visible Rebecca and Naomi!

It was time to go to Cat’s house, so after we had picked up Rowan’s bike (and parked it somewhere else) we walked to the bus station, where we waited for a while.
While waiting, a little girl sitting in the bus on the other side of the street looked at us. Naomi and I waved at her and she eagerly waved back at us. While the bus started driving she and her mom kept waving until we were out of sight. So cuuute! >o<
Our bus arrived and we got in. It was nice to sit for a while, just talking and looking at the passengers that got in and out. We arrived at the station and we walked for a while to Cat’s house. It took quite a while and poor Naomi couldn’t wait to arrive so she could take her shoes off. XD
We arrived at Cat’s house and when she opened the gate to the garden, we saw a big party tent with balloons and garlands. In the middle stood a table, beautifully decorated in autumn-style! Many ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ were heard. ^^

Autumn Table
The gorgeous table.

Inside we met Cat’s mom and boyfriend. Naomi could finally take off her shoes, haha!
We all sat down to have a light tea with scones and small chocolate bites. I ate scones with clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam for the first time! It was so good… Naomi had brought special tea with her: she put a little plant-like ball into the pot with hot water and after a while the little ball opened and a string of flowers appeared! The tea tasted quite strange, but also very good!

Special Tea
The magical tea flowers!

I also drank pink lemonade, which I secretly preferred. ;)
Then it was finally time for presents! I just love it when someone opens a gift! Especially if you can really tell he or she likes it! Naomi told Cat to close her eyes and hold out her hands for her gift. Cat did as she was told to and Naomi put her beautiful Victorian Maiden bonnet into her hands. Cat opened her eyes and started crying as soon as she saw what she was holding! She was so happy, it was so touching! And the bonnet looks amazing on her too!

Bonnet Maiden
I think the bonnet suits Cat so well! ♥ And I love this picture!

The other girls gave her wonderful presents too, so many I can’t even remember what the birthday girl got! I gave her a picture frame with a picture of us together that I had decorated. She liked it a lot. ^^ ♥
We ate cake in the shape of an in chocolate dipped strawberry, which suited Cat’s love for strawberries perfectly!

The beautiful cake! It was both strawberry- and heartshaped.

Then it was time for Lolita bingo! Everyone got some prizes, including me (it took a while before I finally got a bingo, so yay!). I especially loved the sea green shell mirror!
It was so sweet: Cat’s boyfriend was playing too and she had special presents for him too. ^^
After the bingo I decided to change clothes: it had gotten quite cold! We had wonderful dinner with pumpkin soup (although I ate the chicken-with-rize soup instead), little wraps, sandwiches, meatballs and cheese sticks. For dessert we had ‘Glitter Choco Delight’: a brownie with hot vanilla sauce and edible glitter.
At 9 pm it was time to go home, but first we received a gift bag with candy, a big colourful lollipop and a cupcake candle. I think the birthday girl gave us more than we gave her! ^^
We said goodbye and my dad picked me up. It had been a wonderful day~! ♥


  1. That sounds like a wonderfull birthday party! And I like your outfit, with the matching scarf ♥

  2. OMG! You finally posted it:D WOOHOOO!!!:D:D:D<3<3<3<3

    1. I'm so sorry I was late! T_T This post was already done weeks ago!

  3. Wow best looking cake ever!
    It seems like this was a fantastic party, you all looked adorable. <3

    1. I know right? *_* It was gorgeous!
      It was a great party, we had a lot of fun! Thank you!!! <3

  4. I loved reading this post. It was like I relived this day all over again in my head. I'm so happy I could attend <3

  5. Still trying to catch up on your posts but awww this was so sweet! I hope to have a Lolita birthday one day too!