Monday, August 13, 2012

Paris, Day 6 – Notre Dame, Shopping and Paris by Night

On Tuesdaymorning we were quite tired, so we slowly went to get breakfast and got dressed. Last year we had followed a walking route from my mom’s book through Quartier Latin, which we enjoyed a lot, so we decided to pick another route from the book. We chose the one around Notre Dame, since it looked quite nice. I had also received an email from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Paris that they had found my buttons and that I could pick them up if I wanted!
We collected our things and went on our way.

Outfit Shots: Different Colours
Our outfits of the day! I wore my pirate skirt! This is one of the few pictures where you can see my green shirt, since I put on a cardigan later.

I chose a metrostation that seemed close to the walking route. When we got out of the station, we noticed a little market across the street. My mom loves markets, so we decided to take a look.
The market was so cool and, to me, so French! There were a lot of foodstalls that sold everything! From fruit to fish to sausages!

Market Visit
The giant fruitstall!

We decided to buy raspberries and walked around some more. I saw a stall with absolutely adorable flower rings and bought two roses, in mint and pink.
After I looked at a map (to find out where the heck we were), we crossed the street and sat down next to little fountain. We decided to take some Amélie-like pictures with the raspberries (Haven’t seen that movie? Watch it, it’s one of my favourites!).

Amélie Raspberries
I love raspberries so much. ♥

We sat for a while and after I checked the map again we went on our way.
We walked past some nice buildings when we discovered a comic shop that sold all kinds of awesome figurines from movies, series and games. I saw a really beautiful Legend of Zelda statue, of Link and Epona. We found Doctor Who things and decided to buy a little spinning Tardis for my brother. For my dad we bought a Gromit figurine (from Wallace and Gromit). Finally we had some presents, yay!
We kept on walking (I was a bit lost, haha), but it was quite fun. Finally we saw the Notre Dame in the distance and we recognized the surroundings. We were standing in front of the shop Shakespeare&co, where we had been last year!
I started to feel quite cold, but luckily my mom had brought an extra cardigan with her! It was a bit big on me, but also nice and warm.
We walked along the street, into a little park with lovely flowers and a big black statue.

Flower Shot
Mom. ♥

The park was really small, but incredibly well maintained. The different flowers were so colourful!

Behind the Flowers
Me behind the flowers. I liked this outfit with my mom’s white cardigan a lot!

We crossed the street and went right, because I thought it would be easier to get to the start of the route. We walked past several stalls with paintings and books, until I discovered the route was at the other side of the Seine, so we walked back and crossed the bridge.

Notre Dame
The beautiful cathedral. I love the architecture so much!

After we looked at a man feeding birds (he held up his hand and the birds sat on his hand, head and shoulders. It looked really cute), we walked into the garden next to the church. The garden wasn’t very special, but there we quite a lot of small houses made of straw, that reminded me of African huts.

Taking a picture of each other. Don’t you just love the little straw house?

We walked through the garden and ended up at the back of Notre Dame. Lots of people were taking picture and we asked a man if he could take a picture of us too.

Behind the Church
Behind the beautiful cathedral!

We followed the route and bumped into a weird, circle-shaped device that spun around where children were playing on. After they left, I tried it too! It was a lot of fun, because the device was in an angle of 45 degrees. When you lay down on it, it seemed like you were hanging upside down sometimes! I made me very dizzy! ^^
We continued to follow the route and left the garden, crossed the road and walked through an old, deserted street that used to be a very busy street in… the Middle Ages. Well, now it was a little dead. We passed a bush with an enormous snail shell on it, but thank God it was empty. XD I wonder if it was real..? After walking some more, we found ourselves in a more crowded street again with tourist shops.

It was fun to see how different the souvenirs were close to the Notre Dame!

We found an umbrella that really resembled a beautiful umbrella we had seen the year before: a dark blue one with colourful flowers on it. We decided to buy it and take pictures with it! Although the route said we had to go right, we decided to go left, back to the Notre Dame. I was a bit tired and I really wanted to go inside the church this time! We arrived at the big square in front of Notre Dame and took some pictures.

My mom with the new umbrella. Her make up matched the colour perfectly!

The square was very crowded as usual. The long line in front of the entrance of the cathedral reached everywhere. We took some (jumping) pictures in front of Notre Dame, which was a challenge with all the tourists walking by!

Notre Fille
We took a similar picture like this one last year too.

We also managed to take a picture of Point Zero, the spot from where all the distances in Paris are measured.

Point Zero
My mom regrets not taking more pictures like this during the previous days.

Despite the amount of people, we decided to go stand in line. We had to see the inside of Notre Dame some day after all, so why not try it today? To our surprise we didn’t stand in line for long! Entering the church is free, so it takes less time to let people enter.

Waiting in Line
Almost time to enter!

We entered through a big wooden door and immediately the atmosphere changed. I think that is what makes churches so special: whether you’re a believer or not, everyone speaks softly in a church, making the whole experience of visiting a church spiritual.
I must be honest: I love the Notre Dame from the outside, but from the inside it was not very special to me. Some of the windows were really beautiful, that much is true. But the rest wasn’t very different from any other church.

Notre Dame Window
The beautiful side window.

We followed the outer path inside the cathedral, walking the wrong way. There was a small exhibition about saint Thérèse de Lisieux, which was interesting to read and look at. When we arrived at the other side, we could finally enter the middle part of the church. I was hoping we could see the round front window of the cathedral from there, since I heard it was very beautiful. But there were organ pipes in front of it! =(
After walking around some more, we left the church again. We had finally seen it from the inside!
For a moment we doubted about what to do, but we decided to stop following the route and go somewhere else. We walked back into the street with the tourist shops, when we saw two bicycle taxis! We were very excited and took a look at the prices. It was quite expensive, but since we wanted to take the taxi so bad, we decided to take one to the Louvre!

I love bicycle taxis! I was so glad we took one!

Our driver (or should I say ‘cycler’?) was British and very nice. He was so strong. And brave! One bus drove so close past us I was scared!

Hôtel de Ville
It was so much fun looking at the driver and the beautiful buildings of Paris!

After a while we arrived at the Louvre (again! XD) and we thanked our driver. We had gotten quite hungry, so we decided to go get something to eat at the stall from Paul. We both chose a piece of chocolate cake.

Mom with our lunch!

We sat down on a bench under a tree and immediately a bunch of birds came up to us, with little greedy eyes. My mom held out her hand and some of them flew up to it to see if she had any food! When we finished our lunch, we bought a croissant, just to feed them!

Feeding the Birds
I love feeding birds! They are so much lighter than you expect!

After the birds finished the croissant (XD), my mom suggested to go to my shops! We walked to Rue de Rivoli and took the metro to Bastille. There, a violinist was playing beautiful music. I really love the musicians in the metro stations. They create such a great atmosphere!
We arrived at Ledru-Rollin, where we took pictures again in the Photomaton! When we left the metrostation, the sun started to shine. After a brief stop at McDonald’s (where I could go to the toilet normally), we went to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. While walking to the shop, Sawada-san passed us on the street, haha!
The shop was completely deserted! It was very different from a couple of days ago, when the shop was filled with dressed up girls in poofy petticoats. We said hello to Claire and I browsed the shop some more. Of course there weren’t any new items, but I just love looking around there so much! My mom showed me a cardigan she liked, with a piano keys print on the bottom. I liked it too, but I would have preferred it if the piano had been printed on the back of the cardigan too. Suddenly, I saw a cardigan I hadn’t seen last time: a red, short sleeved one with white polkadots. I instantly fell in love! I adore red with white polkadots and I had been looking for ages for a cardigan like this one. I tried it on and it was so perfect, I just had to buy it! It’s perfect for in and out of Lolita. ♥
Sawada-san had returned and I asked if they had found my pins. He went to the back and gave me a new set! He also gave a set to my mom, so sweet! ♥
I also decided to buy one of the big Baby bags I had seen a couple of days before: a big, linen bag with a bow and chocolates on it. I preferred the white one, but since it was sold out I decided to buy the brown one. It’s cute and very handy to bring lots of Lolita stuff with you!

Buying More Stuff
I made a picture just like this one last year!

I took some last pictures of the shop (because I love it sooo much), until Claire was finished wrapping my things.

With Claire
Me and Claire. ♥

I thanked Claire and Sawada-san for the 100th time and then we left the shop. Hopefully I’ll be able to shop there again next year! Or sooner..?

Baby Purchases
Purchase picture!

Then we went on our way to Angelic Pretty!
When we arrived there, it was just like Baby: deserted! Such a difference, the shop seemed a lot bigger! Dominique and Cocotte were there, yay! I looked around and showed my mom some things, which was a lot easier now. It’s funny: my mom loves Baby’s dresses most, but she prefers AP’s jewelry (except for the Baby necklace she once gave me).
I walked up to the closet with dresses to see if the Cutsew OP was still there and it was! While my mom was talking to Dominique I tried it on. I was a bit nervous about the size: Sydney bought it too and she’s skinnier than me. But to my great happiness it fit and it looked so cute! I showed it to my mom and she really liked it! Of course I couldn’t leave it hanging, since it was for sale too! So I bought the adorable dress! ^^
After thanking both Dominique and Cocotte again for their help and for the wonderful Tea Party, it was time to go.

Angelic Purchases
With my Angelic Pretty bag!

We returned to the metro and we decided to go back to the hotel to rest for a while. We wanted to try to get up the Eiffeltower again that night.
Apparently, it was rush hour because the metro was so full! We decided to wait for the next one and sat down, but other people didn’t and literally squeezed themselves in. Since there were so many people, the doors couldn’t close and the metro didn’t depart before several tries of closing the doors!
We arrived at our station and we bought huge macarons in the cute bakery close to our hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon reading and chatting on Facebook.
Both my mom and I wanted to eat at McDonald’s (somehow we had cravings XD) and I had looked up where the closest restaurant was. It was only one station away, so we decided to go look for it. When we exited the metro station (after shaking off a man that started talking to us in English about him living there for quite some years) we were shocked! We were only one station away, but this seemed like some kind of bad ghetto! After walking a few meters, my mom said: ‘Ok, I recall my statement that every part of Paris is beautiful. I want to go back, I don’t feel safe here!’ and we went back to the metro. I suggested to go the McDonald’s on the Champs-Elysées and my mom agreed, so we went on our way!
After looking at some shops at the Champs-Elysées, we walked into McDonald’s. It was very crowded, so we waited for a while. The staff was very slow, wow. It was almost interesting. In the next line there was a man and sorry, I must say it: he was a real pig! He was waiting for the rest of his order, but he was already stuffing his fries into his mouth. And when I say stuffing, I mean stuffing! Ugh, disgusting.
We found a place to sit outside, so we could look at the people passing by.

Fries at Champs-Elysées
Somehow I can totally imagine this being a meme, like a ‘rich girl meme’? XD ‘Only eats fries… at Champs-Elysées!’ would be the caption. XD

After we finished our dinner, I went to to the toilet (looong line), while my mom went to get some desserts at the McCafé. She bought tiramisu for herself and cheesecake for me. We decided to eat it at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe.

Dessert at Arc de Triomphe
'Only eats tiramisu… at Arc de Triomphe!' XD

The sky was turning darker and we finished our dessert.

Yay, my very own Marilyn Monroe picture! ^^

We decided to go the Eiffeltower and we took the metro after taking some together pictures.
We arrived at Trocadéro, but when we arrived there we found one of the many obstacles in Paris: more gates. There was no way of getting through, so we walked all the way around Trocadéro. Well, at least we saw a new side of Paris again. -_- After somehow getting around the big building, there were more gates. Luckily we could walk around them and continue our way. We could finally see the Eiffeltower again! The tower started sparkling while we crossed the river.

Tour Eiffel
Perfect picture is perfect. ♥

We crossed the street and set foot on the square underneath the Eiffeltower, but we quickly realized this was not going to work. The line in front of the only elevator was very long. We asked a member of the staff if the top was opened, but she told us it would close in 45 minutes. Standing in line for the Eiffeltower itself would take about an hour, so I didn’t want to go up anymore. We decided it was not meant to be this time in Paris.
I suggested to go to Tour Montparnasse instead: the second highest building in Paris with a panoramic view on top. I had thought of it before, but now was the perfect moment! We went on our way to station Bir-Hakeim.
We took the metro and arrived at station Montparnasse Bienvenüe, but to my disgust it was super quiet! This station is so big, why was it so quiet?
We followed the signs that said ‘Tour Montparnasse’, but when we walked around the corner the metal fence was down! For a moment I got really angry and upset: was this really happening again? But then I remembered the Tower would be open until midnight, so we decided to take a different exit.
We exited the station and immediately saw the blue lighted tower in front of us. We walked up to it and entered through the front door, but there were only security guards. Luckily they told us the entrance was around the corner, but the last elevator ride up would be at eleven. It was 15 minutes before eleven, so that was okay. We bought our tickets and entered the elevator. We were together with a couple with a young child. I was a little worried about the time, since I didn’t want to end up missing the last train again. I asked the man if he knew at what time the last metro would depart and he looked it up for me in his phone. The last train wouldn’t leave anytime soon, so I felt okay again.
We arrived at the top, where a photographer took a picture of us in front of a green screen. They put a panoramic picture of Paris behind us later. We walked through a hall up some stairs to get to the roof. When we arrived there, I let out a sigh of amazement. The roof was surrounded by glass windows, so you could see everything perfectly! The view on the Eiffeltower was wonderful too! The building wasn’t very big, so you could easily walk around.
My mom had been acting a little strange ever since we had exited the metrostation. It turned out she wasn’t feeling comfortable at all! To her, the building seemed supersmall and way too high. She had a lot of trouble with her vertigo and she couldn’t enjoy the view. At least I did enjoy it, otherwise the little trip would have been for nothing. ^^’
While I looked at the city, a bunch of people was yelling every time the search light of the Eiffeltower hit the building. Then I realized it was almost 11 pm, time for the Eiffeltower to sparkle! We found a little spot in front of the glass and waited. Finally, it started to sparkle again!

Paris by Night
I loved the view so much! Paris by night is really gorgeous!

As soon as the Tower stopped sparkling lot of people left and we decided to follow them. They were probably returning to the metrostation, so at least we wouldn’t be alone there. We checked our picture first and then went down with the elevator again.

Tour Montparnasse
Tour Montparnasse, I really recommend it! The view is great!

The metrostation was much more crowded now and we felt a lot safer. We took the direct metroline to our hotel. Two guys with a violin and a saxophone walked into our train segment and started to play music, which was a lot fun!
We arrived our hotel and went to bed.


  1. You look very happy! i love all your trip pictures!! :OO

    1. Haha, but tired too. ;)
      I'm glad you like it! ♥

  2. Oh so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I really love all of your Paris report posts. :)
    Are you going to do an outfit or "All the things I bought (and won)" post afterwards? I'd love to see one!


    1. I'm so glad you like it! ♥
      I'm going to do an 'All the things I bought (and won)' post. ^^ I already wore two of my items, so they'll be in a post too soon. ^^

  4. Such a lovely day you seem to have had! ^_^ I got back from Paris just a couple of hours ago (silly me can't go to bed if I haven't checked my e-mails and favourite blogs) and good heavens am I tired!

    Mum and I really managed to do a lot in the two days we were there: Eiffel Tower check! Montmartre check! Marais check! Croque Monsieur check! Fancy shops at Saint Honoré check! Ladureé check! Yummy crépes at Princess Crépe check! Riding the Metro a million times (and not getting lost a single time) check! We "had" music in the stations too; a lute/harp thingy, the pan-flute, cute hippie guy singing, the accordion, and my personal favourite: an asian man playing the erhu! Of course there were some unfortunate things as well: out and about on an evening promenade we ended up in the red light district, a creepy alcoholic transvestite having hiked up her skirt and thus showing of her (well, HIS)... things through his nylon stockings in Marais o_O and my greatest dissappointment: not only was Boddywood closed (no Angelic Pretty) but "Baby" as well! We even attempted to go the next day, but after asking the two adorable shop people at Princess Crépe we were told that "Baby" wasn't open... so no Lolita at all for me. :(

    And oh, your dad is a fan of Wallace & Gromit too?! My dad loves them and Shaun the Sheep as well!^_^ Now it's really time for bed for me, so Good Night and keep up your lovely posts, and a big hug to you!

    /Emili. (umekyuuri)

    1. Thank you so much for this message! I loved reading it!
      I'm so glad you were able to do so many things! Did you go up the Eiffeltower too? Were the elevators fixed again? That was sooo annoying when we were there. -_-
      Ah yes, every visit to a place comes with a strange encounter, brrr!
      Oh I am so sorry for you they were both closed! :( I hope you'll be able to return some day!

      Ah yes, I likes it, and I'm the Shaun the Sheep fan. XD
      Goooooooooooood night! Big hug back! <3

    2. Bless you for saying that! ^_^ We didn't go up the tower as we are both suffering from vertigo, and we had a slightly bumpy flight to Paris so mum preferred to stay at the ground. I saw the elevators going up and down so I guess they were working as they should, but there was a big sign saying that one of the pillars was closed for renovation. We did enjoy a spectacular view of Paris however by taking the tram up to Sacré-Cœur - so beautiful! In Montmartre we also had the most expensive Coca-colas we've ever had - a glass each ended up costing us a total of 10€. -_- But I was so hot and thirsty that it was worth it. ^_^

      Yes, I am a bit saddened by the fact that I never got to shop Lolita things in person... but there is always the Internet! ^_^ We did go to Librairie Japonaise Junku (have you been there?) where I suffered such an overload from Gothic Lolita Bibles, Keras, and other magazines to buy that I ended up not purchasing a single one because I couldn't make up my mind!

      Before we went to Paris I ended up finding a skirt with my dream print - Sugar Pansy - so now I actually own a piece of Lolita clothing, and I wonder where this is going to end... So imagine my happiness when I found a scarf with pansies and macarons at Ladureé! Of course I had to buy that, and a scented candle as well (violets of course) - and three macarons for me and three for mum. I chose violet, rose, and orange blossom - which was my favourite. (Which is your favourite?) It was our first time trying macarons and mum who thought they were going to be all sickly sweet ended up being absolutely mad about them, and so dissappointed when we couldn't buy some more before we went home, as we never found the Ladureé shop at the airport.

      All the best to you, and have a lovely weekend!

      /Emili. (umekyuuri)

    3. Haha. <3
      Oh well, then it's good idea to stay down! Ah yes, the view from Montmartre is gorgeous, but the drinks are terrible! Always as for a 'petit' and then hopefully they'll bring a small drink! XD

      No I have never been there, it sounds great! BUT WHY DIDN'T YOU BUY ANYTHING? XD

      Ah I'm so happy for you! <3 And that scarf sounds amazing!
      Hm, my favourite kind of macaron is probably raspberry! ^^ The shop at Ladurée is a bit hard to find, we found it by accident!

      I'm so glad you had a fun trip! <3 <3 <3

  5. I love these photos! It really feels like I was there too! Your posts are always so informative and it's good to know certain things. I'm glad you get through everything without incident though!♥ Can't wait to see the rest of your trip~