Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflecting On 2011 and Happy New Year!

I wore this star all day at work. ^^ And yes, that is Tinkerbell peeking out of my shirt!

Another year has (almost) passed. Many people say: ‘Oh my God, time just flew by!’, but I’m not going to say it. So many things happened, some wonderful, some sad, some long ago and some recent. I asked myself: What positive things will I remember of 2011 in a couple of years?

I will definitely remember the fact that I graduated from high school in 2011, which was one of the best days in my life. I was waiting for the phone to ring, somewhere knowing that the chances of failing were small, but not impossible. I remember the phone rang and I screamed, I picked it up and my teacher said: ‘Congratulations, you’re graduated!’ and I could only scream again. And I cried. I cried happy tears of joy.
I will remember that in 2011, I went to Paris with my mom for the second time and what a lovely time we had. It was different from the first time in many ways, but still wonderful. Sitting together on the grass of Champs de Mars, looking at the sparkling Eiffeltower was an amazing moment I won’t forget easily.
I got my first job in 2011. What a difference from school! Suddenly completely other things mattered. I received money in return for working! I still love helping customers and I have some lovely colleagues, but I’m not going to stay there forever of course. I will enjoy it while it lasts.
I went to Tokyo with my dad in 2011. I will never forget the amazingness of this journey. I lack the words to describe the awesome things we’ve seen and done and how my dad and I came even closer to each other.
In 2011, I was able to buy Lolita dresses and accessories in actual stores. When I close my eyes, I can walk around in them again. The feeling of actually going to the places you’ve only seen on pictures is unbelievable.
I wore Lolita for the first time, on my birthday, in 2011. I had been waiting a long, long time, but I was finally able to make a dream come true. For one night, I felt like a true princess. I felt pretty and I loved it.

Last year, I made some resolutions and I would like to look back at which ones I was able to make happen! ^^

1. Lose more weight! This one only partially came true. I did lose a little weight, but not nearly as much as I had hoped. 2012 will hopefully be better at this point. ^^
2. Graduate from high school! This one definitely came true! I studied long and hard and it paid off! I was and am quite proud of myself, especially because of my high grade in French.
3. Learn to spell the word adorable properly! Got better at it, but still not flawless. XD
4. Dress in full Lolita! Well, you all know this happened! I wore my very first full Lolita outfit on my birthday and was it great! I felt like a true princess!
5. Join the National Lolita Forum! This hasn’t happened yet, but will happen soon. ^^ I already spoke to a Lolita from my country on Facebook and if the other Lolitas are only a bit as nice as her, everything will be okay. ^^
6. Go to a place I’ve never been before! Hell yes this has happened! I’ve been to Tokyo, Japan and it was a-ma-zing. I’m still not done reporting!
I think I did pretty well on my resolutions this year! ^^ I’m quite proud.

Last but not least, I also made a little list of new resolutions! I hope I’ll be able to make them all happen.

1. Lose more weight! What can I say? I just want to pass the weight I am at now and I hope to reach my second dream goal soon!
2. Wear Lolita often! I loved wearing Lolita so much, I’m addicted now! Soon I’ll receive another Dream Dress of mine (I hope): the Jewelry Jelly jumperskirt in mint. I also hope I’ll be able to buy lots more dresses, blouses and accessories!
3. Find my dream study! I actually know what and where I would like to study, but since I don’t know wether I’ll get in, I used ‘find’ instead of ‘start’. Who knows? Maybe I’ll discover something even greater than singing? I highly doubt it though…
4. Feel less insecure! I really hope I will feel better about myself in the next year. I need to realise I’m a nice girl and not the ugly, stupid person I think I am now. I want to walk around with a little more pride!
5. Go to Japan again! I feel a little bad for this resolution, since I’ve just been to Tokyo. But I’ve had such an amazing time there! This is more a wish than a resolution. ^^ A person can wish right? If I go, I want to wear Lolita there! =D I would be so wonderful…
6. Join the National Lolita Forum (and thus the Community)! Ooold one! I’ve been sweetly welcomed into the Loli-hood already, but I haven’t joined my National Community yet. Time for a change there!
7. Attend the Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris! This is also more of a wish than a resolution. I’ve been dreaming of this for a long time. Looking at pictures of the last three Tea Parties made my heart jump. I really hope I will be able to attend the next one, in full Lolita of course!
8. Stop biting my lips! Other people bite their nails, I bite my lips. Difference is that biting my lips hurt! And it also looks terrible. I wonder if I’ll be able to make this happen…
9. Bake/decorate more cakes and cupcakes! I’ve found a new hobby! For my birthday I made adorable cupcakes and my white cake covered in green and red marzipan stars for Christmas was a great success! I definitely want to do this more often!
10. Take more pictures! I got a beautiful photocamera for my birthday (a Canon 500D with extra zoom lens)! I would love to expand my interest in photography.

I think that’s about it! If you’d like to share your resolutions, please do! I’d love to read them. ^^

I wish you all a wonderful, amazing and happy New Year! May all your wishes come true and may 2012 bring lots of happiness! Let’s have another great year! ♥


  1. Hey^^ I have afew resolutions too^^:

    1) Let go of the past and look infront of me. I want to do all the things I want and want to be a positive person.
    2) Eat healthier and do more exercise.
    3) Visit more lolita meets as well as conventions.
    4)Post more videos to my youtube page and blog on my own blog (god like it's ever going to change:P)

    Well there are a few more I'm sure but can't think of them right now:P

  2. Grats to all of your accomplishments and best of luck with your resolutions. And I don't think you need to worry about #4 in the resolutions. You're a beautiful and sweet person. And I'm sure you have the confidence, you just need to find it ;D And definitely dress more Loli! :3

    Happy New Year!

    ~ Kieli ~

  3. Reflecting with you:

    Looks like a great 2011! Graduating is very important and moving time of one's life - for me it was. Traveling is so important too! AND finally you WORE lolita! You did a lot and congrats on making it to 2012! ^_^

    I hope you wear lolita more! Explore it! wear it casually! XD It is a fashion but not for just special nights! Everyday is special! WHOOT!

    I think you should reach out to your community NOW! I made a quick friend at the Baby Store in Paris and she invited me to a meet up (dream come true)! I was so happy and every girl took me under their wing once they saw I was just like them (and a bit goofy) but American! You will make great friends!!!
    I hope to blog about this sooooooon! :D <3

    And for the AP tea party- you have to buy 100 Euros at the store. Not my cup of tea. I hope to go to the Baby tea party in Feb or July! :D So try to go to this one too - and if you are in PARIS YOU MUST TELL ME! XD I will run to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I bit my lip too.... it hurts... when I was tiny I would make my lip bleed a lot... O_O

    As for you dreams: follow it. I did- study in France. I might go to College one more year because of it, but it is my DREAM! With dreams you can grow! :D Find your bliss----

    “The way to find out about happiness is to keep your mind on those moments when you feel most happy, when you are really happy — not excited, not just thrilled, but deeply happy. This requires a little bit of self-analysis. What is it that makes you happy? Stay with it, no matter what people tell you. This is what is called following your bliss.”
    — Joseph Campbell

    With a lot of love - Sydney