Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are You In For a Candy Treat?

So, a little break between my Tokyo posts (they will continue, I promise)! I hope you all had a wonderful International Lolita Day on Saturday, December 3rd! In case you might have thought: ‘Why wasn’t there any post about ILD on Lolita Wonderland? Not even an announcement for this festive holiday?’ I have to confess: I had forgotten about it… Unbelievable right? When I came home from work and turned on the computer, I suddenly saw ILD posts pop up everywhere and I realised what I had forgotten that morning. So, Happy Belated International Lolita Day! ^^

Last Saturday, December 10th, was my 19th birthday! I had been looking forward to that day for quite a while, not only because of presents (come on, who doesn’t like presents?), but also because I had decided to wear Lolita for the first time! I guess that was also part of the reason why I forgot about ILD, since I would have my own Lolita Day the week after!
I invited my group of friends to come over at night, since I had to work during the day. I was glad I was allowed leave early, since I had a lot of work to do! I had put together a coord a couple of days before, which wasn’t too hard, since I had it all in my head already! ^^
I was only doubting about the socks.
I always imagined the first time I wore Lolita. I didn’t want to throw an outfit together with some pieces I had, but I wanted to create an outfit that would make me feel a complete and beautiful Lolita. I chose to wear my lavender Candy Treat Jsk, because it was the first dress I bought in Tokyo and I love it so, so much! I first did my make-up, including eyeliner. I have never worn eyeliner before and I only started practising the week before, but the result was more than great to me. After that, I curled my hair (which took forever. XD). Then, it was finally time to put on my outfit! My heart, it was pounding so hard as I slowly put on my bloomers, blouse, jsk and then my petticoat. My heart really filled with excitement! This was the moment I had been waiting for and I could only wish it would be as magical as I had hoped. I put my Candy Treat bow and Chocomint star in my hair and put my lovely wristcuffs on my wrists. Rings on my fingers and done (I put my socks and shoes on later)! And when I looked in the mirror, I could only feel so… incredibly happy! I just looked at myself from different angles and I just felt so pretty for the first time in ages!

So, I hereby present to you my very first Lolita outfit:

Candy Treat Coord 1
My outfit rundown:
Bow: Angelic Pretty’s Candy Treat
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Jsk: Angelic Pretty’s Candy Treat
Accessories : Angelic Pretty, Chocomint
Wristcuffs : Angelic Pretty
Socks : Angelic Pretty
Shoes : An*Tai*Na

It feels so awesome to write a rundown of my outfit! I so, so hope you all like it! I know I did, I was quite proud of myself!
When one of my friends arrived, her first reaction was: ‘So cute!’ Then we went downstairs together, where my parents were. I was a bit nervous about their reaction. My parents are really amazing, but I can imagine they would have to get used to their daughter dressing like a cupcake. But they were both so cool, as I should have known! My mom offered to take some pictures of me and I was glad she did, so I can show you some more pictures!

Candy Treat Coord 5

Candy Treat Coord 2

Candy Treat Coord 7

Candy Treat Coord 3

Candy Treat Coord 4

Candy Treat Coord 6

Although I prefer pictures taken with daylight, these came out pretty great. ^^
The rest of my friends arrived and their reactions were all very positive! But to be honest, the compliments my mom gave me made me the most happy. She was constantly saying things like: ‘You really have the face for this style!’ and ‘If you’re going back to Tokyo, you really should wear Lolita while walking in the streets!’ She said such sweet things! She always says sweet things, but these made me just so happy!

I cannot describe to you what a magical evening I had! I was afraid I wouldn’t feel comfortable in my big dress, but I actually felt the opposite. I had to get used to the big shape of the skirt, but the clothes felt quite comfortable on my body. And sitting down felt a bit like sitting on a cloud! I felt so pretty and happy that I had a smile on my face the entire time! These clothes really work magical! I even acted cuter than usual, haha. ^^

I also posted my first entry on Daily Lolita! It feels so amazing!

I am definitely a real Lolita now! And I definitely want to wear these magical clothes more! ♥


  1. I was smiling for this entire post! You look AMAZING! Seriously... you look perfect for lolita! I love your coordinate and how you've done your hair and just... everything!

    I'm glad your first time wearing lolita was a positive experience for you ^__^

    P.S. Did I mention you look incredible? I can't stop looking at your adorable smile! x

  2. you look amazing!!
    so happy for you to finally wear a full lolita outfit! :D xx

  3. You look so adorable!
    My first time wearing lolita was on my birthday too, as I got my first AP dress on that day. :3
    My niece literally squeeled when she saw me in lolita for the first time, she loved it so much! :)

  4. Omigoodness! I am SUPER happy for you!
    You look absolutely stunning, you're moms right, you do have such a perfect face for Lolita. :3 Waaah! I wanna pinch your cheeks! >u<

    Heh, I felt the same way when I put Lolita on for the first time. ^ ^;
    I remember being unable to stop myself from squealing madly at myself in the mirror. XD♥

    Welcome to loli-hood dear!

  5. Your outfit looks adorable! I am also looking foward to the first time I will wear a full lolita outfit too!

  6. You look beyond adorable! It is so nice to read this post, I felt exactly the same way three years ago, when I put on my first dress. It is still my favorite dress, it is so special :3

    Welcome to the loli-hood, hope to see much more of you!:D

  7. this is soo cute *__*

    I am looking forward to other outfits :D
    and you are right, when I were Lolita, i act cuter too, don't know why XD

  8. OMG you look so cute!^^
    I love your coordinate and your hair is also styled lovely!:D

  9. awww!

    you look amazing!!! ^_^

    great job!

    lindsey |


  10. I'm so happy for you!! This is the first time I've commented, but I've been reading your blog for a while now.
    I'm a beginning Lolita too, though I have already created outfits from things I've found locally, as well as Loli-inspired coordinates. I'm a classic Lolita at heart, but sweet is oh so cute as well!

    I really look forward to seeing more coordinates from you. You're a natural~
    Apsara <3

  11. Congrats are in order for your first Loli coord =) And a very Happy Belated Birthday~

    And I'm so happy that everything worked out! You look so adorable! And your mom was right, you are perfect for Loli clothes X3 So glad that everyone was so supportive! Definitely wear Loli when you go back to Japan!

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Kieli ~

  12. Happy belated!
    You look so pretty and wonderful, just as if you were born to wear this!

  13. Thank you all SO MUCH for commenting! You are all too kind! T___T

    @ Helene ~: Thank you so much! ^^

    @ Spiffykidd: Awww, you are so sweet! Really, thank you! <3 <3 <3

    @ HeidiFlowers: Yay, thanks! ^^

    @ ChocolateLiz: Oh, that's so cool! I kept my first Lolita parents and friends only. XD It turned out that the next day, a lot of family showed up for my birthday. XD That would have been a bit overwhelming. Your niece is so sweet! What was your first AP dress? =D

    @ HannahxLove: Thank you! =D Oh dear, you're such a darling! ^^
    Thank you so much!

    @ Kisshu: Thank you! <3 I hope it will be very soon! =D

    @ Josine.': I'm so glad you think so. ^^ I know what you mean. Candy Treat will always have a special place in my heart, even though it wasn't a Dream Print of mine. ^^ What was the first dress you wore?
    Thank yooouuu! ^^

    @ LynLyn-chan: Thank you! <3 Hihi, I was constantly jumping around and stuff like that. XD

    @ Mcduff: Thank you! I wasn't really happy with my hair at first, but loved it anyway. ^^

    @ Lindsey Bows And Arrows: Thank you! ^^

    @ Apsara: Thank you so much for your big compliments! You're a total sweetheart. <3 I hope you'll be able to carry out your love for Classic Lolita even more! I would love to see pictures!

    @ Kieli_Heart: Haha, thank you. ^^
    You're so sweet! I don't know more to say... T___T

    @ Hedgefairy: Awww, thank you~! <3

  14. I love this post of you FINALLY in Lolita! I am so happy to see you! And Happy Birthday!
    I hope to see more post of things you wear, and even non lolita things too!
    You look so cute! and you know you love Lolita when yo wear it and you feel... well normal! ^_^
    I made a little picture for you with the pictures of your post! You are so cute!! ^^

    Direct Link:

    <3 Sydney

  15. Awww, thank you SO MUCH! It's adorable!
    You're always such a sweetheart! Whenever you write something, wether it's aimed at me or not, you make me happy. ^^

  16. Hi there,

    would you mind if i quote this post in my university dissertation? I am writing about Lolita and i would like to quote how you felt when wearing your co-ord for the first time.

    please get back to me ASAP as i hand in on friday!! >w< I will ask you on tumblr too! XD