Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Hi everyone!
Today marks the last day of 2016. I already made a 'year in review' for my birthday
(check it out here), so what is there to talk about? Last year, instead of coming up with New Year's resolutions, I decided to write down a list of what I hoped for the new year. Some things came true, some didn't. What did come true? Under the Sea turned out to be an amazing event! My singing project in May went well! I made more videos and I discovered a new, amazing anime (Yuri!!! on Ice anyone?)!

This year, I want to make a new list. Let's hope some things will come true again:
♥ I hope my singing will get better, that I will pass my final exam and graduate.
♥ I hope Omnia Vanitas will be an amazing event and that everybody will have fun.
♥ I hope I can meet up with my friends more often.
♥ I hope I can go somewhere on vacation and enjoy it.
♥ I hope I can make more videos.
♥ I hope I will be able to write more blogposts.
♥ I hope I will wear more Lolita and enjoy it.
♥ I hope I will regain some confidence.
♥ I hope I will become healthier.
♥ I hope to get better.
♥ I hope that 2017 will be a better year than 2016, for everyone.
Because it was quite a shitty year.

Yes, that sounds good.
Of course, thank you as always for reading! All your comments mean more to me than you know! And now, without further ado:



  1. Good luck in all of your goals and happy new year! I'm hoping to regain some of my lost confidence too... so good luck to the both of us :D

    Lizzie Bee //

    1. Thank you very much!♥
      Good luck to you too!

  2. I just want to say that you are one of the loveliest and kindest persons I know, please keep up being such a wonderful person even if life wants to hit you I wish you a happy new year and I hope we will meet again at one of the future events (probably an Angelic Pretty Tea Party haha)! Miriam~ <3

    1. Awww dear you are always so kind. ;___; ♥
      I feel the same way about you!
      Hopeflly we'll meet again soon! ♥

  3. Happy New Year and I hope all your wishes for 2017 will come true! ��

  4. Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and hope you continue in the new year! May 2017 be wonderful to all of us! Best wishes!

    1. Happy New year! ♥
      I hope you will continue to enjoy my blog dear!

  5. Happy New Year!

    I hope tor ead more blogs and watch more videos from you soon!

  6. It seems that 2016 treated so many of us rather badly, but I feel hopeful that things will be better this year ^_^

    Good luck in accomplishing your goals! I look forward to seeing more of your lovely blog posts, pictures, and wonderful personality! Happy New Year <3

    1. I hope that 2017 will be a good year for everyone! ♥
      Thank you for always commenting dear, it makes me so happy! ♥