Wednesday, January 06, 2016

A Very Bunny Birthday

On Sunday the 20th of December I celebrated my birthday with a special Lolita party! I have celebrated my birthday with fellow Lolitas twice before, however this time it was even more special, because I celebrated it together with my friend Iris! Our birthdays are only one week apart and since it’s been years since she’s had a proper birthday party, we decided to throw one together!
Since Iris had just received her amazing and rare Wish Me Mell dress and I had bought a bunny-related dress in Japan as well, we decided on a bunny theme for our party.
During the weeks we didn’t really prepare that much together. I had a lot of school-related things to do myself. However, Iris crafted some cute things as decorations. On Friday we met up and took the train together to my house. During the train ride, we decided on some things and talked a lot. ^^
The next day, on Saturday, we spent the whole day preparing for the party! We cleaned the extra table, picked up the extra benches, came up with a table setting and decorations, glued adorable bunny garlands together, went grocery shopping, picked up the cake etc. We were so tired in the evening! x) But it was worth it, because the house looked lovely! Especially the table, which was covered in flowers, glitter and bunnies.

Table Setting
Our table decorations. Do you like them? ^^

We had worked so hard all day and everything looked so cute! Our colour scheme was mainly pink and white, which tied the whole thing together. I had also designed a cute bunny cake, which you will be able to see a bit down this post.

Table Deails
Some details of our decorations. Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies!

Saturday morning came and Iris and I prepared the last things, like preparing sandwiches and making everything ready to be served. Then, it was time to get dressed! Iris had come up with an amazing and princess-like coord with her wonderful and rare Wish Me Mell dress (feast your eyes a bit further below)! She looked so amazing, aaah!
I myself went with a more cutesy outfit with my new Fancy Paper Dolls dress, with a maid-like head dress, beaded bunny ears, bunny wristcuffs, flowery socks and pink heels. Sorry for spoiling another Tokyo purchase haha!

Me One
♡ Birthday Bunny ♡
My outfit rundown:
Bunny ears: Claire’s
Head dress: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Jsk: Angelic Pretty’s Fancy Paper Dolls
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: An*Tai*Na
Flowers: Claire’s
Necklaces: Moon Bunny and Dolly House (gift)
Bracelets: 6% Dokidoki, Paris Kid’s and offbrand
Wristcuffs: Angelic Pretty
Rings: Noor’s Closet and Dolly House (gift)

Me Two

Me Three

Me Four

Me Five

Me Six

Me Seven

My mom took many pictures I like, so yay! ^^ Of course we need some outfit pictures of the lovely Iris too. Isn’t her outfit amazing? ♥

Iris Outfit
Iris in her lovely outfit. ☆

Iris’ outfit had so many lovely details! The print of this dress is also super cute, it even has a kawaii turtle (even though it’s a bit of a strange turtle, but that’s our little secret…).

Iris Details
Some of Iris’ lovely details. She made the hat for her bunny herself!

Finally, it was time for the girls to arrive! Some arrived by car, others came by train. My sweet parents picked up two girls who ended up arriving late because of delayed trains and some girls arrived late on their own, but eventually everyone was there! XD Everyone looked incredibly pretty! Here is a group picture, which we actually took way later when all the girls were there, but let’s pretend I didn’t say that~! ♥ Also, I could have just not told you… Oh well.

A Very Bunny Birthday
Our Very Bunny guests! ^^

Once everyone had sat down it was time for tea and… cake! We lit our ‘2’ and ‘3’ candles and quickly took some pictures of the cake before the candles melted all the way down. Isn’t our cake super cute!? I absolutely adored it! The pretty flowers and the bunnies along the border… so cute! ♥

Our super cute birthday cake. ^^

When we carried it to the table, inevitably everyone sang ‘Happy birthday’ for us, haha. ^^ It was very nice. Then, it was time to blow out the candles! I already forgot the wish I made, whoops!

Candle Time
Since ‘blowing-out-candles’ pictures are never very charming, I deliberately chose the picture right BEFORE we blew out the candles. XD

Iris killed the cake (aka cut the cake) and everyone enjoyed their pieces, except for Eveline who doesn’t like cake (hehe). I have to admit the cake was the same taste and structure as last year: I just really loved that cake so much!

Killing the Cake
Iris murdering the cake while I filmed. XD

Of course, after everyone was filled with sweets and tea, it was time for presents! As the birthday person it’s always so awkward to be at your own birthday party, since you know presents are going to happen and you don’t want to ask for them but you also don’t want to let your guests wait! Luckily, everyone was very enthusiastic about giving presents, that was so nice! ;_; ♥

Table Shot
Ready for the presents round!

Since Iris and I celebrated our birthdays together, our guests all brought presents for the both of us. As we understand this might a pricey business, we said we were happy and grateful with anything, the smallest thing! However, we both received such lovely, kind and thoughtful presents! I can’t believe everyone went out of their way to give us such amazing things. Thank you all so much girls, you are the sweetest! ♥

Iris and I both received the most amazing gifts! ♥

Then it was time for outfit pictures! Everyone looked really nice and had tried to incorporate a bunny element somewhere, which was really cool. ^^ So now I present to you our lovely guests~!

Eveline, in her adorable snow bunny outfit.

Astrid, who looked lovely in Sugar Dream Dome.

Pichi, dressed as a sweet pink bunny.

Michelle, who turned her amazing Merkator into an amazing bunny outfit somehow.

Katie, looking like a princess still with bunny elements.

Dieuwke, who came straight from work and therefor dressed a bit more casual but still looked so sweet.

And Rowie, gorgeous as always.

After all these solo pictures, we also took group pictures. We decided to take them in front of my house in the street. It must have been a lovely sight for our neighbours once again. x)

Lolita Group Picture
I am so happy with this picture. All our lovely guests and us together. ♥

We did several poses and even made jump pictures! They came out quite interesting, haha! I won’t bother you with too many group pictures (although I can never post enough pictures of these lovely ladies). However, just two more~!

Group and Group
I love how many different colours we’re wearing!

Back inside, in our garden we took some more pictures of the guests with the birthday girls. I picked only a few, because otherwise this post would really be flooded with pictures. These are my favourites. ♥

Triple Pictures
With our lovely guests~! ♥

After our photo fun, it was time to play a little game! Iris and I had asked our guests to send us two ‘Lolita secrets’ about themselves. This could just be a little fact like ‘I would like t wear more pink’ or something more secret like ‘I actually really Angelic Pretty’. All of our guests sent in two secrets and we made them into a quiz! Iris and I had lots of fun matching Kira Imai pictures to the secrets. Here are a few of them.

Four of the questions of our (exciting) quiz.

Question 4 reads: ‘I would like to be a lifestyle Lolita’, question 9 reads: ‘For years I have been waiting for an Angelic Pretty dachshund print. With short haired, long haired and wirehaired dachshunds!’, question 13 reads: ‘I rarely like the look of a salopette on someone’ and question 16 reads: ‘I have a secret love for the brand Mary Magdalene’.
Iris and I had both put in two secrets as well, one of the above is one of Iris’ secrets actually. ^^
Unfortunately, while I gave out the answers Iris had to go get changed since she had to leave early to attend a concert of her favourite band. Super cool of course, but a bit of a shame nonetheless.
Anyway, the winner of our quiz was… Pichi! Iris and I also chose our favourite dresser and that was… Eveline! We had two winners that evening, isn’t that lovely? ♥
After Iris had left, we spent time just eating and talking. It sounds dull after a party, but it was actually so nice! I am very happy to have such a good time. Eventually, everyone left and I got changed back into Muggle clothing! Aaah, that felt great… Anyway, it had been a great party.

A big thank you to my dear Iris and to darlings Eveline, Astrid, Pichi, Michelle, Katie, Dieuwke and Rowie for such a wonderful day. I am so grateful to call you my friends. ♥


  1. That sounds like a really fun and pleasant birthday party. I really love how cute your outfit is (and Iris' too, of course).

  2. Everything looks so cute and your birthday party sounds amazing, like a real tea party *o*

  3. Happy belated birthday! Fancy Paper Dolls is so cute, I think is the only super sugar sweet dress on my wishlist! I hope to get the lavender colorway in the future <3

    1. Thank you dear!
      It's such a cute dress and looks so nice even though high-waisted dresses can be so tricky! I hope you will be able to get it! <3

  4. The table looks so nice <3 Also all of the outfits (yours and your guests) are very cute <3

  5. Happy belated birthday, Rosalynn!

    I don't think I've ever really commented here much, but I began reading your blog back in 2010 when you first started and I kept up with your posts until about 2013 when I left lolita. I've been browsing through blogs lately out of loli nostalgia and here you are! I'm so happy to find your blog again, you've come such a long way since 2010 and you look so pretty and wonderful in all your outfits!

    I hope 2016 brings you everything you want, and best of luck for the new year!

    1. Thank you so much! Also, sorry for my late reply!

      Wow, you're such a long time reader then! *o* Thank you so much! Aaah you really are too kind, thank you so much. ;_; <3

      I hope the same for you!