Monday, May 18, 2015

Videos and a Lolita Sleepover

Last week, I went to visit my friend Iris for the first time! She’s been at my house for my birthday before, but I had never been to her house. So finally, we planned a sleepover together! On Thursday I went on my way in the early morning, with my ridiculously large bag (Lolita problems much?) and finally arrived in Iris’s town, where she picked me up from the station. Together we walked to her house. There, we first just talked for a while. It’s funny: even though we don’t know each other that long, we feel so comfortable around each other!
Iris recently moved to an adorable apartment that is entirely her own, so she can decorate it however she feels like. Result: her house is slowly turning into a Sweet Lolita’s dream! There is pink lace, beautiful curtains, flowers and butterflies everywhere! Iris makes a lot of things herself, it’s truly amazing! ♥

Sweet Room
Some details of Iris’s bedroom. Isn’t it gorgeous!?

But the highlight of Iris’s apartment is definitely her Lolita room! It’s a special room where she keeps all of her Lolita clothing on display like a freaking Angelic Pretty shop.
It’s so cool! :3

Lolita Room
The entrance to the Lolita room.

Iris has a lot of beautiful dresses. She especially loves princess sleeved-one pieces and blouses. ♥ And cute things. Lots of cute things.

Pastelly Clothes
Some close ups of Iris’s clothes.

Not only does Iris’s closet look amazing, it’s also a wonderful place to take pictures! It is the ideal background for pastelly, Lolita-ish pictures. And you can also make great videos… :3

More detail shots because I like it. ♥

So as you might have noticed from my ‘subtle’ hint, we made a video together! No, even better, we made two videos together! We had already been planning upfront to make some videos, but it wasn’t until I arrived at Iris’s house we really decided on what to do. We decided to make two videos: one for Iris’s Youtube channel and one for mine. For Iris’s channel, we would answer 10 questions about Lolita we made up ourselves. For my video, Iris was super kind to let me try on some of her dresses for a Style Switch! A ‘Style Switch’ is an expression I have come up with to describe the process of trying on a fellow Lolita’s dresses and through that adapting his/her style in a bigger or smaller way. It can mean trying a whole new style (for example: a Classic Lolita trying Sweet) or just simply the same style you're used to but in a different way with different dresses! I have done it twice before with some friends. I was super excited, since Iris has some lovely dresses. ^^
This post will contain a lot of outfits, haha! Prepare yourself! First, I will show you Iris’s and my outfits from before filming.

A La Carte Tea Time Rose
I wore my Tea Time à la Carte jsk for the first time! I wore a fairly casual coord. I borrowed my mom’s fork and spoon ear rings for the occasion, I love them so much!

Melty Chocolate Iris
Iris had so many cute details in her outfit! Too much cuteness! ^o^

And then the filming and dressing process began! The dresses I chose were Sugary Carnival in the special set colour: blue, Melty Chocolate and my biggest love: Crystal Dream Carnival. That dress is truly a dream… ;_; It is so gorgeous. I loved it so much I ended up wearing it for the rest of the day to shoot the other video, so I wore the two other dresses the next day, but I will show them to you in the order of the video. ^^
First up: Sugary Carnival. Together with Iris we made an outfit of different shades of blue. I really liked the outcome, especially with the pony necklace as an extra eye catcher!

Sugary Carnival Rose
Isn’t this dress a dream? I love it so much… ♥

Iris put on one of her other Sugary Carnival dresses as well, so we could twin! She owns Sugary Carnival in sax, pink and blue! I am not jealous, nooo! ♥

Sugary Carnival Iris
Iris in her Sugary Carnival outfit. She looked too cuuute! ♥

Twinning with Iris was so awesome! It was quite a special moment for me. ;_; And in Sugary Carnival too! It was like a dream…

Sugary Carnival Twins
Twinning in Sugary Carnival! ✧

After Sugary Carnival, I tried Iris’s Melty Chocolate one piece. I really love Melty Chocolate, it’s one of my favourite chocolate-themed prints in the Lolita world. Maybe someday I’ll own it myself..? *_*
I also tried one of Iris’s wigs. I had tried it on briefly just for the fun of it and I quite liked the result, but somehow in this outfit I am less convinced. Oh well. ^^’ The overall outfit is really cute though! ♥

Melty Chocolate Rose
Me in Melty Chocolate. Do you like it? ^o^

So these two dresses I actually wore the second day. Now on to my absolute favourite dress of Iris’s collection: Crystal Dream Carnival in royal blue. I was so excited to try this on, I could barely contain myself! *o*

Crystal Dream Carnival Rose
I may not look like it, but I was glowing on the inside… ✧

Many people prefer the navy colourway of the Crystal Dream Carnival series, but this particular colour happens to be my favourite. And the one piece is just so gorgeous! Aaah, I felt so pretty wearing this! And I haven’t felt like that in a long time.
As I said, I tried Iris’s blonde wig just for the fun of it and I actually tried it with this outfit! I posted some pictures on my Instagram and some people didn’t even recognize me at first! XD

A Blonde Crystal Dream
Do you like this rare blonde look on me? I must say I do!

So while I was wearing this dress we filmed the video for Iris’s channel. This is the video we made, I hope you will check it out and that you like it of course! =D

We had a lot of fun filming this video. If I had included all our bloopers, the video would have been much longer! x)
And of course, here is the link to the video we made for my channel. It’s basically a portrayal of everything I wrote about in this blogpost, only this video is a bit special. It features my new special, small intro and… I talk in this video! This is the first time you can hear my voice! I really like the result of the voice over and will definitely do it more often. ^^ I hope you enjoy the video! ♥

I had a wonderful sleepover with Iris. We had pizza, played Mario Kart and talked deep into the night. It was wonderful. ♥ I am so happy to have her as my friend!
Thank you so much for reading~! ☆


  1. Aw >-< what a huge wardrobe she has :) There are some items I would also like to have, hihi xD

  2. Gorgeous photos and wardrobe!