Sunday, March 22, 2015

Paris ’15, Day 3 – Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party

I was planning to take a lot of pictures at this Tea Party, but since I am really into making videos these days I wanted to film a lot as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t do enough of both in my opinion since I was too busy, haha x) So I added lots of other people’s pictures. I hope you will enjoy this blogpost anyway. ^^

On Sunday morning I could have slept a bit longer. The Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party would start at 2 pm, so I had lots of time to get ready. But I was so excited and nervous that sleeping was impossible! Soon after me, my mom woke up as well. I took a shower and we went downstairs to have breakfast.
After taking things easy, I started to prepare and got dressed. I had put a lot more work into my Tea Party outfit than in my Saturday outfit. When I saw Misako’s bridal outfit in the ‘Time Travel Station fashion show’ I knew I wanted to wear an outfit that resembled hers, only with my own twist. *_* You can see a comparison of both outfits below.

First, here is a little story about how I created this outfit, since it is important to me. You can skip it if you like. ;) For this outfit, I needed a lot of items I didn’t already own: a blouse, shoes, a veil, a necklace and I also really wanted a walking stick/magical wand as well. I would wear my pink Millefeuille jsk and I bought a princess sleeve blouse and a beautiful pair of pink Lolita heels. I went to my mom’s friend Olga who lives behind us and showed her the picture of Misako, after which she drew a design and made the perfect lace head piece for me! It is so incredible gorgeous and well made, I adore it! ♥
The necklace I made myself: after looking at several Baby, the Stars Shine Bright necklaces, I created my own design and through much cursing I made my own necklace. It was more work than I had anticipated, but to be able to wear my hand made necklace totally made up for it!
The wand I wanted was a whole different story: my design consisted of a golden stick with a diamond on top of it, with a big tulle bow and lots of sparkles. The diamond I had purchased ended up not being right for it, but I found another one in the end. Even though I should have started earlier, I spent a couple of afternoons and evenings painting (although my dad did 98% of the work for me), sewing, gluing and again cursing. The result however was my very own magical walking stick wand! And it contained a little secret: inside, underneath the diamond, I placed a picture of the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright logo for extra magic! I also made matching tulle bows for my dress and my outfit was finally finished! I was very happy with the result. I can proudly say that it is one of my favourite outfits, especially because I handmade things myself for it. ^^

*zoof* Back to Paris. I did my make-up, my hair and got dressed, after which I was finished very much on time like the day before. We collected our things and went on our way. We took the metro, where I happened to meet a Dutch guy who was interested in the fashion and asked if he could hold my wand. That was interesting. XD
Fauchon, the café where the Tea Party would be held, was located at the Place de la Madeleine, right behind the immense Greek-looking church with the same name. My mom and I had decided to take pictures there, which turned out to be a challenging, but good idea! I had a bit of trouble with posing because of the wind and other things, but my mom managed to take such amazing pictures if I may say so! I can honestly say I love them so much. Thank you mom! ♥ So here are a bit more pictures of my outfit than usual, I hope you can appreciate them. ^^

Princess Bride One
~*♡ Princess Bride ♡*~
My outfit rundown:
Veil and head dress: Ollika
Blouse: Taobao
Jsk: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s Millefeuille jsk
Tights: Summer Tales Boutique
Shoes: An*Tai*Na
Hair pearls: off brand
Necklace: handmade
Bracelets: Primark and Six
Rings: Primark and Six
Wand: handmade

Princess Bride Two
I think this is my favourite picture that my mom took. ♥ I think I look really pretty on it,
which doesn’t happen often.

Princess Bride Three

Princess Bride Four
Fake lashes are for Tea Parties~!

Princess Bride Five
More detail shots.

Princess Bride Six
My secret magic Baby logo. Don’t tell anyone, ssshh!

Princess Bride Seven
Epic Madeleine background.

Princess Bride Eight
Second favourite close up. ♥

At Madeleine
Doesn’t Madeleine look impressive? *o* I am tiny!

Princess Bride Nine
Just strolling in my bridal outfit. :3

Do you like my outfit? Ugh I am just so happy with it. I’ve never worn anything like this, it’s really special to me. ;_;
So, a little bit up in this post, I wrote about Misako’s outfit being my inspiration. What do you think? ^^

Misako Comparison
As you can see, I drew heavy inspiration from Misako’s Time Travel Station outfit.

The moment I saw Misako’s outfit, I knew I wanted to wear something like that. I am happy I managed to find a good balance between her outfit and my own taste. ^^
After we were done taking pictures, my mom and I left the church grounds and walked to Fauchon. It was really just around the church, but on the short way there, two things happened. One fun, one… not so much. ^^’ As we were walking, a little further away a small group of homeless(?) men was standing and of course they spotted me (I mean: how could they not? ^^’). They started shouting in a cheerful and not at all aggressive way and I felt save anyway, because I had my bodyguard mom next to me. Suddenly, a man with a grey bushy moustache left the group and walked up to me with his hands stretched out. ‘Un bisou, un bisou!’ he yelled, which means ‘A kiss, a kiss!’ He came quite close, but I ducked away and said something like: ‘Uh non, merci!’ and we quickly walked on. Even though my mom was right beside me, it happened so fast I had to explain to her what had happened afterwards. x) A little further away, another group of people was standing (men and women) and they spotted me as well, but they said I looked very beautiful and asked me where my groom was. I said: ‘I don’t know, I am looking for him!’ which made them laugh. That was a nice experience. ^^
We arrived at Fauchon, where a small line of girls was already waiting. I recognized some of my friends, like Saltje and Pom. ♥

Waiting at Fauchon
Waiting in line for Fauchon.

I talked a lot with Pom, she looked absolutely stunning in her Charleston outfit (pictures later)! We even danced for my video, hihi! ^^
We were joined by more Lolitas and many people wanted to take our pictures (not always by asking for permission though). We received quite some compliments, but some people were also annoyed they couldn’t enter Fauchon because it was reserved for us. x)
At a certain point, the venue was entered by the special guests: we spotted Babi, Kaie and Masumi Kanoh. A group picture was quickly set up on the sidewalk for Gothic&Lolita Bible as well. I can’t wait to see the final article soon! *o*

Sidewalk Group Picture
Posing on the sidewalk for Gothic&Lolita Bible.

More and more Lolitas joined us and I spotted more and more friends. I was hoping we could enter the venue soon, since I was dying to see what the inside looked like!

Fauchon’s colourful shop window.

Finally, there was some movement in the queue and people were starting to enter the venue. I said goodbye to my mom, who was going to spend the day alone yet again (isn’t she the sweetest? ;_; ♥) She had a really nice day by the way. ^^

Waiting in Line
Ready to go inside~! I look like John Lennon with those sunglasses on, hihi…

The girls in front of me entered and I had to wait for a few minutes before I was allowed in as well. I entered what was the shop part of the café. When the café is opened for normal occasions, this was the room where you could buy pastries. I joined the queue to leave my coat at the garderobe, where some familiar faces were helping the attendees, like Claire from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Paris, Ludwig and Mila. I was very happy to see them again and even happier they were happy to see me as well. ♥

Entering Fauchon
Entering Fauchon.
Picture by Chung Hee Jee

I received a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright bag (containing the special Tea Party gift!), my badge with my number (#57) and walked up the stairs surrounded by pink glass walls, which fit the ‘La Vie en Rose’-theme quite well, since it made everything look pink!

Stairway to Heaven
The stairs up to the Tea Party room.
Picture by Chung Hee Jee

When I arrived at the top of the stairs, I was welcomed by the entire French Café and Street Fashion Europe team plus the special guests, who all waved at me and welcomed me to the party. It was quite overwhelming. ;_; ♥

Greeted by Guests
The staff greeting the entering guests.
Picture by Lunie

I arrived in the Tea Party room, which was absolutely lovely! There were tables everywhere, mirrored walls and a lovely view upon Place de la Madeleine. I don’t really have great pictures, so I borrowed some from Lunie so you can see the room back when it was still empty. ^^

Tea Party Room
The Tea Party room from different angles.
Pictures by Lunie

I joined a table with Pom, Lucie, Camélia and two other lovely ladies close to the head table where the main guests (Isobe-san and Kanoh-san) would be seated.. All the tables were pink (yay, more pink!) and every guest received a lovely card made by Loputyn. I also took the present out of the bag to see what it was. It was a lovely sticker set of some of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s own dresses. Such a cute gift! *o*

Cup and Card
The table seen from my seat.

I stayed close to my table and chatted with some people who passed me by. More and more people entered the room and it soon became clear that with all those big petticoats and chairs and tables, moving around would be quite a challenge. But it didn’t spoil the mood at all for me. ^^
After a while, I decided to sit down at my table and talked a bit with my table mates. I was very excited to talk to Camélia and Lucie again, I hadn’t seen them in a very long time.

Table Girls
A picture of my lovely table.
Picture by Marie Tuonetar

It took quite some time before everyone was inside and even though I was quite eager for the party to officially start, I wasn’t bored one single moment. At a certain point we were offered juice, which was really delicious and made the waiting less long. ^^

Beautiful Camélia
I think Camélia looks so gorgeous in this picture, I couldn’t help but post it! ♥

Finally, everyone was shushed and Mila welcomed us to the party. She explained how the voting for your favourite outfits worked (everyone has a number, you can vote with a small paper, you know the drill) and also told us about Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Paris’ anniversary. I mean, I knew the shop was celebrating its 8th anniversary (it was in the event’s title, hello?), but what I didn’t know was that it was exactly on that day, February 22nd, that the shop had come to life! How special! ☆ Mila also told us about the special Valentine bags that were in a room further down, where you could leave your personal Valentine for someone. The French Café team had already introduced this idea at the
Garden Party back in July 2014. It was a great success and I was happy they decided to redo it at the Tea Party.
When Mila’s speech was over, suddenly there was an ‘Oooh!’ coming from the other side of the room. Soon we understood why, because on our side a man holding a tower of macarons with lit fireworks entered as well! It was quite spectacular.

Macarons on Fire
Macarons on fire~! ❇

After everyone was done applauding, we were supposed to enter the room where you could get food and leave Valentines table by table, but we ended up just going and standing in line since people didn’t want to stay at their tables anymore, haha! I walked into the ‘food room’ and went to stand in line.
Some people had already started writing Valentines! It warmed my heart to see so much love already being spread. ^^

Valentine Writers
Writing Valentines is such a cute idea for Lolita events!
Pictures by Philippe Gressien

We could choose two macarons and an éclair from the beautiful towers that were displayed on the table and I was happy I could calmly think on which to get while standing in line. Some macarons were shiny, so I knew I needed one of those of course!

Choose Your Food
Beautiful éclairs and macarons.
Picture by Chung Hee Jee

I ended up choosing a sparkly caramel macaron, a bright pink raspberry macarons and a chocolate éclair. The three of them tasted really good! *o* I had never eaten an éclair before, but my late grandma loved them. I understand why now. ^^

Sparkly Macaron
Isn’t the sparkly macaron just glorious?

After my food, it was time to walk around and take some pictures. I didn’t take nearly enough pictures again, but thank God we had amazing photographers walking around as well. ^o^
I was very happy to get pictures of Pom and Lunie, who both looked amazing in very different styles. I already told you how amazing Pom looked and Lunie looked like a fairy princess. ;_; I also got to meet Maja and Imogen, who were twinning in the most amazing outfits with lace capes!

Four Outfits
The first batch of beautiful outfits. Aren’t these ladies looking gorgeous? ✦

I walked around and some people complimented me on my wand, like Ludwig and Spiro. When I showed them the secret inside, they almost lost it, haha! I was so happy! *o*
I am glad I managed to take some pictures with other people again this time. Sometimes it can be hard to quickly explain my camera to someone, so I always feel lucky when some good pictures come out. ^^ I am very happy to have a picture with Alice (who looked stunning in her black x purple Maleficent outfit) and Spiro (galant and awesome as always). Spiro wanted to hold my wand in the picture, haha. x) I believe she even knighted Ludwig with it. *o* Kyaaa!

With the Russians
Together with the Russian Alice and Spiro. ♥

I walked around for a bit and suddenly I wasn’t feeling very well. I cannot really explain it, but it was probably the amount of people together in a small room and another small thing that happened that isn’t important. I felt very overwhelmed and started to tear up, but luckily it didn’t last long. Never before have I felt bad at two events right after each other, so I was glad I managed to tackle it. And some sips of delicious orange juice helped. ^^

SFE Table
The people at the staff table enjoyed themselves as well. ^^

I continued my walk around the room and took more pictures. I met a lot of awesome new people that day and I feel like I didn’t even talk to half the guests! There were so many people.

German Girls
Lovely German girls. ♥ I met so many wonderful new people!

I noticed the waiters had brought some new and adorable bites to the tables. They were small and so delicious! Apparently I had missed out on the hot chocolate (though I might not have dared to drink it wearing a light pink dress), so I was happy I could have some of these treats. ^^

Tiny Foods
More food! *o*

Lots of people were writing Valentines outside (I say outside, but the Valentine room actually had a roof over it, haha), so it was a bit more quiet inside. This gave me the chance to talk to some people, like Kyra, Marlessa and my dear Marina and Mila. ♥ Kyra was wearing a stunning outfit with lots of red and gold. I couldn’t stop staring at her (from a respectful and not too obvious distance of course XD). Marlessa looked her usual awesome self with a boat on her hat! Marina and Mila both managed to bedazzle me with their adorable and magical outfits, I have no words. ♥

Lovely Ladies
Such beautiful ladies… ✦

I walked up to the part where the French Café staff was sitting with some of the other special guests. I asked for a picture with Babi and Kaie again and I am very glad I did, because they were just getting their things together because they had to leave for the airport!

Babi and Kaie
The love I feel for these two… *o*

The only thing I regret is that I never asked for a Kabedon… (If you don’t know what that is, I recommend to look it up. It might change your life. XD) But well, I probably wouldn’t have known how to act. I might even have fainted, haha! Oh well, I could still enjoy other people’s beautiful moments… ♥

Room full of People
Guests talking and enjoying their drinks.
Pictures by Lunie

Babi, Kaie and the Gothic&Lolita Bible people left. I was very happy I got a chance to give them my gifts right before they left. ^^
I started walking around again and admired people’s outfits. I swear: even the best pictures don’t do them true justice. Buuut the photographers came pretty close. :3

Happy Faces
Beautiful close-ups of beautiful people. ✦
Pictures by Philippe Gressien

I walked outside into the Valentine room, where the special guests Isobe-san and Masumi Kanoh were taking pictures with guests. As you might have read at the end of my previous post, I didn’t know Isobe-san, the founder of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, was present at La Vie en Rose as well! Thankfully I had the chance to meet him at the Tea Party after all. ^^

Isobe-san and Kanoh-san
Akinori Isobe and Masumi Kanoh, ladies and gentlemen!
Pictures by Philippe Gressien

Isobe-san was wearing a cool outfit with badass shoes and Kanoh-san looked like a princess in the white version of the dress I had adored so much back at the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright fashion show the day before. Of course I had spotted both guests earlier at the party, but now I had a good view of their outfits. ^^
I joined the group of waiting people and took some pictures if anyone asked.

Girls waiting to take pictures or taking pictures for their friends.

The background in the Valentine room wasn’t spectacular, but the light at least was very nice and good for pictures. ^^ Isobe-san and Kanoh-san patiently took pictures with whoever wanted, giving lots of guests the opportunity to pose with them.

With the Guests
Posing with the special guests. ^^

I don’t remember when exactly, but I asked Sawada-san (the owner of BtSSB Paris) to thank Isobe-san from me for creating Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. It was really important to me to let him know this small thing. It made him smile. Thank you Isobe-san and thank you Sawada-san for translating! ^^
I started walking around again and admired everyone’s outfits. Every time I spotted more details. Just small things that enhanced the outfit even more. It’s such a shame you don’t always see everything, because some people are just so damn creative!

Cute Couple
A small moment to take in the beauty that is the matching outfits of Thibault and Bloody… ♥ Aren’t they amazing!?

After a while, I noticed Kanoh-san was inside again. Claire, the BtSSB Paris shop girl, was close by as well. I wanted to give Kanoh-san her present and Claire quickly taught me a sentence in Japanese to explain to her what it was. I was very happy about that. ^^
Claire and I talked a little and when I showed her my wand, she was so excited about it she thought Kanoh-san needed to see it! And she loved it as well! *o* She liked it so much, she wanted to take pictures of it! It was such a happy and overwhelming moment for me. ;_;
So, if Baby, the Stars Shine bright comes out with a walking stick or magic wand with a secret Baby logo hidden in it, you know where the inspiration came from! ^^

Magic Wand
Claire and Kanoh-san with my magic wand. ❇
Left picture by Crazy Spork I Am

From this point on I pretty much only walked around and took pictures of and with people, haha! x) That’s the main activity at every Tea Party: taking pictures and talking!

With Saltje
Selfie with my dear Saltje! ♥ Thank you for this picture darling!

I always wait for ages until I vote for my favourite outfits, but this time I had an exceptionally difficult time. I mean, the pictures in this post speak for themselves right!? I finally managed to get my votes down though. :3

Different Styles
More awesome people!
Pictures by Anh Binh

Keeping an eye at the time I knew the Tea Party was coming to an end soon, so I took pictures wherever I could, like with the lovely and incredibly kind Hitomi Nomura from Grimoire, with Ludwig (♥_♥) who looked incredibly amazing and gallant as ever and with the lovely Tuulia from Cloudberry Lady (we wore the same dress but in different colours, how wonderful!).

With Amazing People
I am so happy I have pictures with these amazing people!

I am also very happy to have a wonderful picture together with Mila and Marie. ♥ These two girls are so special to me, I can’t find the words. ;_; They both looked fantastic as per usual and they (and the other members of the staff of course) worked so hard to make this event the best it could get. You are amazing girls!

Mila and Marie
With Mila and Marie. ♥
Picture by Chung Hee Jee

Finally, everyone was summoned back to their seats because it was time for the raffle and the outfit contest! There would be ten prizes (I believe five BtSSB and five AatP) and if the number on your badge was drawn you won something. The raffle started and I was very excited! I am always so happy for the people who win something! Some of my friends (like Josine and Cindy) won a prize and they were so happy! Of course, even though I was happy for the winners, I was hoping I would win something too. At Angelic Pretty Tea Parties, you can always see what the prizes are. But here you couldn’t see what was inside, just the colour of the bag. Then, it was time for prize number 3, hidden in a BtSSB bag. I really focused all my attention on my number (‘Fifty seven. Cinquante-sept. Fifty seven!’) Then, the number was announced: ‘Fifty seven!’
I couldn’t believe it! My number was drawn! My number! I believe I said something stupid like: ‘Are you kidding me!?’ (I am such an idiot!) and got up, only partially realizing I had won a prize! I was so happy, I almost cried. ;_;

Some pictures taken during the raffle.
Pictures on the left and right by Marie Tuonetar
Upper and lower middle pictures by Lunie

Then, it was time for the outfit contest. The winner of the best Baby, the Stars Shine Bright outfit was… Maja! So deserved, she looked stunning! And the winner of the best Alice and the Pirates outfit was… Marlessa! Also so deserved~!

Contest Winners
The two winners of the best outfits! ✦

After the contest was over, some of my friends came up to me to ask what I had won. ‘The prizes are really big this year. It might be a dress set!’ someone said. I didn’t believe it until I opened my bag and almost started crying again (I also let out a squee, I hope I didn’t scare anyone). It was indeed a dress set! Oh my God, I still can’t believe it! The set looked really pretty and I hoped the items would have shirring, but I would have to wait and see… :3 Pictures of my prizes all the way down this post.
We all tried to take a group picture in the Valentine room, but it didn’t really work out. So instead, we all left Fauchon and crossed the street, where we took pictures in front of Madeleine.

Group at Madeleine
The guests of the BtSSB Tea Party 2015.
Picture by Marie Tuonetar

The Tea Party had finally come to an end and we walked back to the café to get our things. I already spotted my mom at the entrance to Fauchon (together with these incredibly annoying tourists who tried to get in even though Alex repeatedly told them they couldn’t. Weirdoes...)
I went to pick up my bag of valentines, collected my things and said goodbye to whoever I could. I switched shoes and together with my mom and some other Lolitas we walked to the metro and returned to our hotels.
Back at the hotel, it took me a while to shake off the magic of that day. Luckily, I had my prize to help me. ;_;

My ‘Oh-my-God-I-can’t-believe-it’-faces. XD

My mom and I were very hungry and decided we wanted to eat at... McDonald’s. x) So we went on our way to l’Opéra, because we knew there is a McDonald’s located there and it would probably not be very crowded. Opéra looked wonderful at night, wow!

Opéra at Night
My mom in front of Opéra. ^^

The McDonald’s was indeed not very crowded, so we ordered our food (en français) and went to sit upstairs at the window. It was nice to talk quietly about our day. ^^ And our dinner was so good!

Sometimes going to McDonald’s can be so nice. :3

We went back to our hotel and went to sleep. It had been a truly magical day… ♥

Gifts of the Day
Gifts of the day

I really hope you liked this blogpost despite all the borrowed pictures. If you want to get a bit of a feeling of the La Vie en Rose weekend, please check out some of the videos on my YouTube channel! ^^

Bonus picture: when we took pictures at La Madeleine, it was quite sunny, so I ended up really needing my sun glasses before I started to tear up. Here is a badass gangster Loli picture of me, enjoy!

Gangster Loli
♫ Because you know I’m all about that lace, ‘bout that lace… ♫

Thank you for reading~! ♥


  1. Wow, that patisserie looks really nice! Too bad it looks to expensive for me but WOW!

    And I really like your veil and can totally imagine some guy holding your magic wand, it must have looked funny.

    1. It was a very nice place. ^^ The pastries are quite expensive, but for us it was included in the price for the Tea Party. :)

      Thank you very much! He was very funny, haha. x)

  2. What an amazing event ^^ and you looked gorgeous (but you always do really)! I hope I can attend a tea party in Paris some day as well...

    1. It was a great day! ^^
      Oh dear, thank you so much! ;_; I am happy you think so. <3
      Someday! =D

  3. Your post is amazing and so detailed ! I wish I could have come.
    And lucky you the prize you won is perfect !

    1. Thank you so much! What a shame you weren't there dear. :( Maybe next time..?
      Thank you so much! I think so too. ^^

  4. Such an awesome post! Omg and you won! Congrats, dear! You deserve it! And a beautiful dress too <3